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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Greening

~Almost Azaleas — Taken outside from my Front Lawn~

~Left View~Middle View~Right View~
Print: Back Porch Gathering~John Rossini

Yesterday, I noticed the change in light and color. Everything beyond my windows was glowing and greening. Once again, the views can be enjoyed because of the new neighbor who cares for his yard. You see, I am nearly completely dependent upon my neighbors for the view. These narrow windows are great for the level of privacy — I want no curtains — and for the way they frame these small views.

 ~Left View — Trees~

 ~Middle View— A Big White Barn Through the Trees~

~Right View — Same blue roof as in first photo~

Hopefully, we're coming into a week of rain where the drought, both inside and out, will be addressed. There's much to do in the house that I've not felt like doing and the lawns and plants certainly need some rain. 

If I am a bit scarce over the next week, think nothing of it. (You're all a bit scarce, too. ☺)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I know what you mean about the 'greening'. We experienced that a little before you did. However, our weather has turned heavily overcast (no needed rain) and it's been cold and windy. No good for my newly figured planters!
    Well, how do we know when to do these things! I love your view. So hard to get those here in the 'hood'! :D

  2. I continually read how important it is (as a gardener) to create a picture outside your windows. I love the pictures you're able to see outside yours. You've seen what I have outside my windows (which I can do nothing about). It truly makes a difference in how one feels about the view. I'm so glad your neighbor has helped create a welcome view for you.

    Have you recovered from the day with Sam? I'll bet he's still going "90 to nothin'"!! Is he making up for lost time?! (Interrobang!)

  3. With all of the construction going on at our house,we have some pretty scary "window pictures" lol. Yours looks great though!

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first PA 'greening' in 9 years! It started so early, in march this year with just the faintest pea green haze over the brush, and now the trees are in full bud promising a wonderful summer. Oh, and this sounds crazy but when it rains it no longer smells like winter rain, but is now that sweet fresh rain of spring. hallelujah for spring!

  5. I noticed the difference in the light here as well. We are having a full on rain here, thank goodness. Wish the same for you, (both inside and out :)

    Have a lovely Saturday,

  6. We too are in the mercy of our neighbors for a good view. Even with a fence around our whole backyard, it is nice to have someone who cares about their own yard when looking out an upstairs window. And towards the front, where there is no fence, looking across the street it's nice to see one tending their yard. Especially since at one time we owned that very yard/house and put alot of time and effort into making it pretty! Yes, we moved to the house across the street. After living first in Indiana....long story! Views out our windows are also pictures in our Homes!

  7. Those azaleas will be beautiful in a few days! Your have lovely views out of your windows....

  8. Beautiful views through your lovely windows, Vee. We have had 3" of rain this week and we are enjoying a lush, green yard now. Hope you get the needed rain and enjoy your weekend.

  9. Vee,
    The greening. Perfect. Enjoying it too, a bit ahead of you, of course.
    Love it every year.

  10. This time of year is wonderful with everything coming to life. I love those huge trees in that first photo. I need to get busy fixing a birthday dinner today for our son, my mother, and my sister.

  11. Lovely! I'm so happy for you, about the new neighbor and his cleaning up.

    Yup, snow and rain due here. Eeeeek!

    Hey, I have not been being SCARCE! -grin- I'm even doing 2 posts a day. Well, yesterday I did. And I probably will today, too.

    Oh I should be scarce, now and then. Like yesterday, had to be spent washing/drying/washing/drying/washing/drying. I had let our laundry get ahead.

    Unheard of. No reason for. -moan- Don't intend to do it again, either. Good grief! Only 2 people in the house! ,-)

    Gentle hugs,

  12. i know you are happy to have some green and
    better neighbors. sorry to hear about your
    drought. :(

  13. My azaleas seem to be at the same stage. I really like that blue roof. My views are all about my neighbors yards, too. Hope your Saturday is going well...

  14. Our trees are leafing out too! So green and pretty! I love your windows and I wouldn't do curtains their either! So glad your new neighbor is keeping the yard so nice!

    The blue roof is pretty also! Striking!


  15. Hi Vee

    I love all the greening that happening! We've got tons of sunshine right now, but the rain is headed our way tonight.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Hi Vee, things are blooming here too, I saw my neighbor's azalea this morning, it seems to have blossomed over night. I am waiting on my lilacs (3). So far nothing but green! I love that blue roof. xo

  17. It's so nice to see everything greening up again! Your azaleas look beautiful already! It's that time of year when so much inside and outside demands our attention! :)

  18. when am i ever going to learn that my words
    unwisely chosen send the wrong signals!
    your kind comment showed me that i 'mistold'
    the story at my place.

    the lady was very kind to me. i felt the shame
    from myself.

  19. I love this time of year when everything turns green. It is a special Spring Green.

  20. Hi Vee!

    I love it when things start to green-up! Your views from you windows are so pretty! I can't wait to see pictures of your Azaleas when they are in full bloom - just gorgeous! Have a wonderful week-end!


  21. oh, the greening is a wonderful event. it is just starting here. i think we must be even colder than maine. we are still a good month away from apple blossoms and lilacs but i see a lot of buds on my evening walks..

    i love your narrow windows - they do make the best views. i once read an architecture book that talked about using many window panes even in a large piece of glass as it creates this sense of tiny views which is very charming...

    so glad the new neighbor is tidy.

  22. so very different to think of 'greening'...and wanting rain. But then, round about August that is the same here...for a very short period of time. Love love love your gentle home views.

  23. Love all your views and...I don't do curtains much, either.
    I know I have been scarce....been so busy, my nose is flat from running into my butt but summertime is ALWAYS busy for us...and I am thankful. I am thankful that all 10 grands live here and we can be a part of their fun.
    xoxo bj

  24. I never did curtains out here until we went away and left our daughter alone for 3 weeks. She felt exposed, even though we're in the woods. I'm happy with the curtains, although they're never closed.

  25. Azaleas blooming already! Wowsa.
    And I'm so glad you have a new neighbor now, so you can enjoy your views.
    I don't close my curtains, except when we travel that is.
    I've been scarce lately too. But just think you'll have so much to share with us all when you get back!

  26. I just love your three narrow windows! And the bookshelves between them...and the lovely books on the shelves. And I wouldn't cover them with curtains either.

    Ah yes, the green does come upon you all of a sudden, doesn't it? I know that the trees have been budding and that things are growing here, but this week it seemed as if everything was green and leafy and bright!

    I will miss you if you are scarce this week, but there are times when it is right to be doing other things. Hope you have a productive week, whether here or there or a little of each!


  27. I'm so glad to see that spring has arrived in your area! We got to enjoy spring twice - once in Tennessee and again in Indiana. And we were amazed at how vibrant it got in our backyard woods during our absence!

  28. I'm going to probably be more scarce, too. It's just that time of year. But I just had to get my blogging fix tonight, so here I am. Hope you get your needed rain and be sure to take lots of pics of the azaleas when they are in bloom.

  29. April 22...

    Thankfully, that silly weather report of snow in these parts, was just that... silly.

    That weather person must have been out too late, the night before! ,-)

    Rain... Rain... Rain... Which I will try to consider as wonderful. But I do dislike a week of no sunlight. Oh well.... No snow. :-)

  30. Your views are stunning, Vee. We are getting some much needed rain today, and I will send it your way.
    Enjoy this time to catch up, hope you feel better!
    Love and prayers.

  31. It does look bright and cheery there, Vee!

    My lilac bush bloomed this weekend so I have been enjoying my view of that from one of my kitchen windows. My side and front windows have other house views ...not interesting at all.

    I am hoping for a good rain soak today..it is gray and overcast outside so we may get one.

  32. We had a lot of rain this past week but we really needed it too! Green is a good thing :)

  33. You do have lovely views out your windows. We are finally getting rain today, much needed rain. Lovely post and photos. Thanks for sharing.

  34. I love seeing the views from your windows. We've been plunged back into winter weather here today. Right now it is rainy and windy and our wind chill is 29 degrees!

  35. wow..the views from your window is absolutely scenic beauty..
    new to your space..
    awesome space you have with lovely posts
    happy following you..;)
    do stop by mine sometime

    Tasty Appetite

  36. I am so happy YOU are happy with your new neighbor! Neighbors can make life sweeter or a little bitter at times. Tonight we have been out in the gazebo with our firepit burning. The back neighbors kids are into some weird music. I think they were actually playing the drums and such but it was not pretty. I was playing country music and when LD finished his project and settled in the gazebo with me - he turned OUR music up LOUD!!!! I turned it back down some but high enough that we heard OUR music first!

    Perhaps I should take them some cookies this week. You can catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar......or so they say!

  37. Hi Vee!

    Oh how I love it when that spring green haze is on everything! Love the pics of you youngun! How adorable!!

    Have a grand week! I'm keeping really busy with the wedding coming in a month! Hugs, Sherry

  38. Hi Vee,

    Yes, isn't it amazing how overnight everything turns green and Spring announces it has arrived. The rain was a welcome sight yesterday and it continues today.

    I've been scarce too. I got away for the day with a friend to Martha's Vineyard to recharge. I shared photos today. I just can't seem to go full speed ahead all the time lately.

    Now I have learned to take some time to catch my breath. I love your photos.


  39. Yes it looks like spring there...but I wonder if you got snow today like so many places further north of us.

  40. I love the view in the first picture - along the azalea path to the blue-roofed house. Like you, so many of us are dependent upon our neighbours for the view!

  41. Now that hubby and son cleaned up the back yard, I may start taking photos from my windows! There's still some junk to haul off, but at least it is on a trailer! My son has kept all kinds of stuff, so I finally put my foot down! He doesn't even live here anymore!
    Your grandson is quite the handsome lad! Have a lovely week!

  42. The greening is so uplifting. I love the views from your windows and I'm with you about leaving them curtain-free. I have curtains on the windows that face the street but none in the back of the house.

    Have a wonderful week.

  43. You've got a pretty view no matter which window you look out of- have a nice week Vee!

  44. Such lovely views! I love the greening of spring. So fresh and lovely. While most people look at New Years day as a clean slate, I feel that way about spring. With everything else coming into new life I always want a new start as well. Enjoy your week! =)

  45. I was just wondering what Vee was up to...so quiet out there. And then I realized I had missed your last post...where you threatened to be scarce. Hope you are ebing deluged with rain!

  46. It's so nice to have neighbors that care about their property! It looks like things are greening up and your azaleas will be in bloom (mine are done and the flowers are now brown). We had a bit of rain but it's not been like previous springs. I think it'll be a hot dry summer for the South.

  47. Hi Vee - I love the view of the barn with the blue "lid". Pretty color of blue.

    Glad you're getting some green. It's been here for awhile now. Were you affected by that great Nor'Easter of 2012? Hope all's well up there...

    I think it's neat when you can actually SEE and FEEL when the light changes. I always thrill to that feeling in the spring!

  48. I like your view, nothing like a barn.
    At our previous home we had a lovely view of the moutains to the East. Every morning I would sit at the counter and sip something warm while I read the paper.
    Then the stupid a double s to the East built what he called a "love nest" for he and the Mrs. It went up 1 1/2 times his roof line.
    They wanted to make whoopy to the sunsets, completely took away the view and all could think of every time I looked out that window was........
    Two years later he had prostate cancer, and well, I hope they found a new hobby ;)

  49. Totally agree about the no curtain thing. I think of my windows as picture frames for the out door view. Yes a bit scarce for sure =) Have a lovely week!

  50. Next to blue and yellow spring green just may be my favorite color. There is something so fresh and pretty about it. That azalea is going to be gorgeous and the blue roof in the background is lovely too.
    So glad your new neighbors are improving the view for you. I think it looks so pretty from the inside and out.
    Hope you are enjoying your scarce week.

  51. I love the painting in your 2nd photo... what is it called and whom is it by?


  52. First I have to say that I'm glad the new neighbor is giving you a better view than what you had just recently.
    And second? I'm enjoying the greening here too. I love the way it makes everything more lovely.

  53. You are so right, It has been quiet around blogland....pretty typical for this time of the year, I think.
    Miss you, though. Deanna and I keep checking for a new post. You are mentioned in my post today. :-)

  54. Lovely, lovely, lovely! That green just glows through the windows.

    I am sending a rain prayer for all of Maine. People always think that Maine has plenty of water, but on our island there are many wells that went dry a few years ago. I also worry about fire in Maine. It doesn't only happen here in California.

    I am dreaming about our little island cottage and wishing I could be there (without black flies).

    Sending love,


  55. Great views out your windows. Quiet, tranquil, peaceful. I bet you're thankful for your new neighbors. ~ Abby

  56. Oh, things look so bright and cheerful at your place - at your blog AND out your windows! I've got a lot of catching up to do here. Sorry that I've been "scarce". That comment just made me laugh out loud!!

  57. Green....bring it on. It brings out the best in the garden.....especially after a good rain. Your azalea will be gorgeous in full bloom.

  58. Hi Vee, I have been missing you and just wanted to say "hi" and that I hope everything is ok. Praying that you will have a very nice weekend. Mildred

  59. Oh Miss Vee, the greenin' is great isn't it??? My Azaleas have come and gone but they sure put on a show this year.

    I adore that beuatiful paintin'. It reminds me of the old farm house I was raised in.

    Yep, it's a busy time of year for sure...I'm feelin' the pinch.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  60. Lady you have to read a whole book by the time you get to my comment..LOL

    Well I missed this...I must have been killing those worms..LOL

    This is just beautiful...I so love trees and the green of this time of year...the blue barn roof is just wonderful...how relaxing to look out your windows

  61. Your windows have some interesting sights beyond them. i don't like covering up the views either. today the snow was big and flaky - it would have been magical if it were closer to Christmas...

  62. Well Vee, you know I've been scarce but I was wondering where you've been as well. I had to scroll my sidebar to see when you posted last and I see that I missed this one. Love the views from your windows. And love that barn with the blue roof! It's great to see the trees greening there. It's so dull and brown here in Alberta (northern) and I'm longing for sunshine and green as it's been cold and rainy off and on all week. Only 3 more days here until I head home. Time went too fast. Way too fast! Blessings, Pam

  63. The greening....I love it. The greening has begun around here, too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful views and reminding me that I need to get out and work in the yard today!


  64. I love the blue roof! What a nice surprise when you look out your window.

    It's greening here too and I'm enjoying it cuz before you can blink in Texas, we are 'browning!'...

  65. I've been noticing the change in the view too. Love it! All of the green... my daughter commented the other day, "I don't even care if it rains now that everything is green!'

    Blessings, Debbie

  66. I love spring and the greening so much, but it won't be green for long if we don't get some rain.
    I love your windows and the view of the big trees.


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