Saturday, May 5, 2012


The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. ~Albert Einstein

Perhaps I can come in for a landing with my deep thoughts of the day. This morning I was thinking that I would not leave this page looking like error messages in quadruplicate for another day. No, no, I would toss in a pretty picture making everything a little brighter and better. Then, as things so often do, one thing led to another and pretty soon I was thinking about quotes themselves instead of quotes on beauty.

I have a nice selection of quotes in my home. Three journals of hand-written ones gathered over my adulthood and a book known to many — Familiar Quotations by Bartlett. Bartlett once said, "I have gathered a posie of other men's flowers, and nothing but the thread that binds them is mine own."

A tiny little journal of John's quotes sits nearby because he has a way with a phrase that makes me laugh. Now I see that I am going to have to keep a journal of the grands' quotes as well. Do you love quotes? I know many bloggers who do because they incorporate them into their posts often and some even on a daily basis. Perhaps now is not the time to say: He who trains his tongue to quote the learned sages, will be known far and wide as a smart ask. ~Howard Kandel (with minor changes...what a difference an "s" makes...see what I mean?)

Note leather bound journal to the right above given, *as promised,* to my son on his birthday. I would like to suggest to him that if he has no words of his own, which I know is not true, it would make a handy spot for collecting other men's flowers so he, too, can be thought of as a smart ask.

Is that plane anywhere in sight? 

Love Vee

ETA: If you have some time, please visit Quill Cottage where you can see the art of quoting taken to a whole new level. No smart ask there! It took my breath away...

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Bit of a Grumble

Missing my Shabby Blogs backgrounds something fierce on both blogs this morning. I had to jettison them after repeated warnings from Google that malware was present. I could go forward at my own risk said the warning. I did, but couldn't move around in the blog at all without the warning popping up repeatedly.  Then I put out an urgent message to Shabby Blogs. From the responses, I don't think that they read their emails. So it's back to Hot Bliggity Blogs for now. (I am not a fan of the new dynamic views available on Blogger. They're much too tailored and streamlined for me. Some of you wear them well, but I'm short.)

Edited to Add @ 10:18: You'll think I'm nuts, but I returned to Shabby Blogs when I discovered that there's no more error message. Either they've corrected things or Google Chrome's and IE's knickers were in a knot. If you ever see a problem on my blog, please feel free to notify me. Thanks so much!

Just so no one will think that I'm decluttering all day long every single day, I'm not. I have had to curb it back considerably because I am old and the body does not cooperate as it once did.When I overdo it, and I have overdone it, I pay with a wonky back and shaky knees. Lorrie asked how I truly felt about this purge — I mostly feel as if the weight of the world is lifting from my shoulders. Sometimes, however, I feel frustrated by having to make so many decisions and I climb into my bed (its being so handy and all) and pull the covers over my head.

This morning, I am thinking of two grands whose parents set up their playset over a long weekend. They came home from school on Monday to find it ready to go and spent their afternoon having a blast. Every day since it has rained. The sun will surely return someday...

Off for morning coffee! I so need some.

Love Vee

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Toe In and Barely

Barely, get it? Hahahahahahaha...sometimes I crack myself up.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. ~Thomas Edison

John really likes this quote. A lot. Me? Not so much. Both John and I are up to our elbows in culling projects. He is working at his place; I am working at mine. He's hauled lots and lots of "stuff" to the Transfer Station (a.k.a. the town dump) and I have hauled lots and lots of stuff myself.

I recently read that, when ideas for blogging topics feel stale, a blogger can create a list. Create a list? How stale lame is that?! But, in an effort to lay some words down, I'll list my accomplishments doings since the last time I mentioned I had to be doing. Here goes...

1. Stair clearing 
Massive mounds of stuff lined them. I don't worry about this too much because no one ever sees the stairs except for John and me and a little grand who has no hesitation about declaring truth and loudly: "Nonni, this is a big mess!"

2. Paper shredding
This was the most challenging. I just wanted someone to hold my hand and say
that everything was going to be all right. I was ruthless. I saved nothing. No old bills from 1982. No manuals for vacuum cleaners that no longer exist. No old insurance papers. All gone. (And, yes, a lot of old letters, too. I read them for the last time. I made the decision to let it go. There's no going back after things have been shredded.)

3. Books 
Every book has been touched and every book has either been given the boot or a reprieve. Each book had to be justified. I was almost ready to purchase another bookcase when I came to my senses. Another bookcase is not the answer...fewer books is the answer.

4. Crafts 
This was tough as well because I could think of a project for every stretch of lace, every snippet of fabric, every extra shirt. In the end, I asked myself how much time on this earth I have left. Even if I had a hundred years, it wouldn't be enough time to use all that I had accumulated. Out, out, out. Someone else may be blessed and if I need something, I know that it will come to me again.

5. Jewelry 
I passed some along; I took some for myself; I am getting rid of the rest. Period. Case closed. My family can bite me. I don't care. Where are they? Not here, that's where.

This photo is a gift from Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys who thought "A Ride on the Byte Me Boat" would be just the right touch for # 5. =D  It's a little less offensive than "bite me." I love it! Thanks, Donna!

6. Sheets and blankets 
Save my favorites, boot the rest to Goodwill. Enough of this. If I ever have a houseful of people again, we'll double up. ☺

7. Dishes 
Cabinet and cupboard space is at a premium around here. If I don't use the dish or like it, out it goes. That includes all those plastic containers from the convenience store. Going, going, gone.

8. Sheet music
Someone may have to hold my hand for this one, too. I am not quite ready for this.

9. Old clothes, shoes, purses
Two gigantic bags full are gone with more waiting in the wings. I can't justify keeping a pair of high heels I only wore once a minute longer. 

10. Old makeup, cosmetics, lotions, medications
When we cleared my grandmother's home a decade ago, we found the morphine used during my grandfather's final illness sixty years before. I don't want that happening around here.

And so, the tip of the proverbial iceberg has just begun to fight. Now there's a terrific mixed metaphor! Next up...old pictures. I think this one ought to go. (Where did our eyes go?)

~Sister, Nan, Moi in 1987~

If anyone is still reading this, you deserve a medal. How shall I inscribe it? 

Hope that all is well with you... 

Love Vee

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Azalea Sky~Azalea Door~Mosaic Monday

~Mosaic using Photoscape~

~Mosiac using FotoFlexer~
Path to EZ Collage
1. Click on link above
2. Select language
3. Allow to load and select "start flexing"
4. Make choice. I use "Edit From My Computer"
5. EZ Collage is last option on the right
6. Menu opens and asks about the photo you've uploaded.
7. I select "do not save" because I'm going to have to start from scratch in Fotoflexer anyway
8. Select your layout from the left side
9. Upload photos
10. Choose decorative options. Play and have fun!

While visiting Shabby Blogs this week, I found another online photo editing program called FotoFlexer. Unlike Photoscape, it does not require downloading to your computer. It has a simple mosiac program that allows the addition of graphics such as the little butterfly you see above. Kid stuff! Love it.

How I wish that azaleas lasted for weeks instead of days... The blossoms are already spent and making a pink carpet in the garden.

Linking to Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. A pleasant week to you...

Love Vee

Not by Might nor Power

Love Vee