Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Enough Memory

Oh-oh! I'm getting a "Not Enough Memory" message every time I plug my camera into the USB cord. Am I saying that right? Probably not. Am I uploading or downloading? I have no idea. I only know that I have too many pictures. Not good. Wal*Mart, here I come for some disks!

The thing is, I already have disks...lots of 'em. But where the heck are they? I don't know! Guess that I'm having some "not enough memory" troubles, too.

Anyway, until I get this picture thing resolved, I'll be plugging in something I've had on standby. Let's see, what do I have that's suitable for today? Oh, here ya go...

I've been meaning to share my two-year old grand's first painting. Don't you think that he has a future in art? What colors! What bold strokes! His Auntie L and he had a great time I'm told. Auntie swears that she didn't help; she painted her picture and he just went to town on his own.

Don't the simplest things take on importance when we honor them? This little painting has been "honored" with a frame and it looks fabulous in his parents' living room. (When Auntie L was a little girl taking entrance exams to kindergarten, she was asked what a refrigerator is for. Her response was that refrigerators were for hanging up her pictures. Things have progressed a great deal since then in our family. Yup, now we actually use refrigerators to keep our food cold and we use frames to honor the young'un's art.)

Have a great Monday, Dear Ones!


  1. The "masters" don't have anything on the precious art of your grandchild! I love the story about the refrigerator. It's a place of honor at our house too. When the girls got a little older we would put "good" grade papers on the fridge. Right now it's a "save the date" for my daughter's wedding (now completed!) and a photo of her sister's college graduation. The framed art is very dear and will always be treasured I'm sure!

  2. Now, you can't mention "new husband" in a comment and not expect me to come rushing over here to find out about THAT HUGE NEWS! Vee! Congratulations! This is what I get for not keeping up with my blog friends. Oh, I'm very very happy for you and for John. I sure hope Nigeria has cheap internet so I can soak in all of the news I've been missing...Take care and big hugs to you and your groom!

  3. Definitely you have a Picasso there on your hands! I should know! How precious are those little masterpieces! Our fridge is still covered with photos and a few little masterpieces that I just couldn't put away in a box. Have a great week Vee - Vickie

  4. Good luck with the memory! When you get it all figured out, perhaps you could share your secret with me. I'm always in need of help.

    Boy oh boy do I ever LOVE that painting. Those colors are absolutely beautiful! He's a born artist and so happy to see that precious piece of art framed.

  5. Lovely colors in that picture. I believe you have a brilliant artist in the making! So sorry about the memory problems... of all kinds... unfortunately, I can relate.

    ;-) Christi

  6. Hi Vee! Adorable painting!! I still have a picture framed that my son did when he was 2 or 3. It's so darn cute!
    Have a great Monday!

  7. Please... Every time you leave computer, clean out Cache & History. Or Private Data. Or whatever your computer calls those two things.

    If you don't know how to do this, find out.

    EVERY place you "go to," on your computer, leaves a link to it, IN your computer. Plus lots of sites leave their own 'stuff' in your computer. See how your hard drive gets filled up? See how you get to "Not Enough Memory"?

    Plus I think you're on a Pc. I remember that on a Pc, one has to do some *evil* thing called 'Defraging'! Ever do that? It's like-horrid but necessary. Yish.

    -grin- What do I say now? I say get a Mac the next time you need a computer. -repeat grin-

    Precious painting, of course! :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    'Smilnsigh' blog

  8. Ah, I'm with smilinsigh - I love my mac!!!!!!

    Great little painting there!! It certainly deserves a nice frame. :-)

  9. You already know how I feel about children's art - it's the best stuff to "honor" on your walls, on your tables, etc., etc. My granddaughter gets such a kick when she sees that we still have some of her older "artwork". She giggles and tells us she can't believe we still have it out for all to see. :)


  10. Wonderful picture, and such fun memories!!!

  11. You could probably go through some directories and toss a bunch of junk and plenty of old pics Vee. Clean things up and regain plenty of space.... also..when you are taking pics on your camera ...mostly for use on email and the computer...just use the VGA setting for resolution....change it on your menu if you want higher resolution for pics that you may want to print out...

  12. I agree my fridge is covered in masterpieces.....Smiles >>>>Mary

  13. Perhaps you have a budding artist in your family Vee? I think the picture looks fabulous framed. Your grandson must be thrilled to see it when he comes to visit.

    Hope you solve your memory problems!


  14. Personally, I'm having a lot of "not enough memory" issues in my brain.

    The camera is working fine!


  15. I do believe your grandson's art work is as good as anything Jackson Pollack ever made, Vee! It definitely earns a frame and a place of honor by proud Grandma.

    I had to do a big "delete" from my camera's memory card recently -- it hurts to do that even though I have all my photos downloaded and backed up. I'm still getting used to having a digital camera as you can!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. What a cool picture from your little guy. It doesn't look babyish at all. I do think he has an artist's eye that will carry him through life.

  17. Oh Vee...I love precious...I confess, I still use the refrigerator(side) for children's art...and when they come over they always look to see if it is still there....they are so proud and pleased..

    ....and I do think you have a promising artist in the family :)

  18. Vee,

    Your standby is a hit with me! I love the contemporary style and the dark frame just sets the piece off. Did you know that I recently viewed a similar painting by a full grown man that was selling for $1,200.00! Maybe this could be the start of a college fund :)

  19. A treasure indeed! Just don't sell it...regardless of the offer. This grammy needs to go out and buy some grandkids' works of art are flapping in the breeze on the fridge.

    Hope you are enjoying your time with Nan.

  20. Every family needs a boy who knows about these things. I always am glad for my boys and their computer knowledge. .it makes up for not having had a daughter. .till recently.

  21. Oh it's a wonderful painting Vee, one you may probably be asking a lot of money for one day! Go look at San's paintings ( and you'll see what I mean. I love her work...I think the grandchild may have been channeling!!

  22. That is awesome, Vee! I love that you framed it

  23. Just popping in to see what you've been up to miss Vee.

    Hope you got your camera all figured out, that happen's to me too, I just need to download all my pics onto the computer and put them all in folders, all organized, then I burn the photo's onto a cd for safe keeping...I never do the paper copies any more either.

    Be blessed, I hope you've had some sunshine today....

  24. I framed my children's best art when we left SA 18 years ago, and it is still on my wall in the family room. I just never got round to framing any of David's. Oops. He has noticed. Note to self - frame David's art today!

  25. Well I can see you do have a little artist in your family. How sweet that his painting is framed. We always hung our children, and grandchildrens art on the walls. Aten't the little ones fun?

  26. Um, Vee, I'm supposed to are plugging your usb into the computer too, right? Okay, just wondering...

  27. Sandi, what wise guy wanted to know? Would you please smack Mac for me...make it count! :D

  28. Hi Vee

    Of course you need to frame that first pic! Delightful!

  29. Oh, I love that painting. How proud the artist must be to have it framed and on display. The colors are great!

  30. My dear Vee, you must get some memory back!

  31. Hi Vee!
    I LOVE the artwork! It looks like an impressionist painting of 2 red flowers with leaves and a blue sky in the background. Do you see it? I do!
    You could make color copies and sell them for $ towards the college fund!!
    I'm serious!!
    Big hugs, Sherry

  32. Thank you for reading my blog.You have blessed me so much,I feel as though we are already friends.


  33. What a beautiful painting, I look forward to seeing future artwork :).

    I hope you get your memory figured out, it's always hard to put your photo's on a disc, they're hard to find.

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

  34. Little artist. Oliver has done some real strong paintings like that too. They start much younger these days I think. Nice frame for it.

  35. Try getting an external hard drive for your pics. My external drive holds probably four times as much as my computer hard drive.

  36. On the subject of my "should stop flirting" entry ~ I never stopped. I just felt that I now *should* stop. >,-)

    Still not enough memory, hu? -sigh- Orrrr, your muse *drowned* on the way to your shoulder. Been lots and lots of rain in the NE! -sigh-

    But today, here, sun! Yikes!

    Then again, I know why. Full Moon is on Saturday. :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  37. I LOVE children's art!!! That is so special :)

  38. What a wonderful tribute to your sweet little artist! We love personal touches celebrated in the home, especially crafted with loving little hands!! Yes the photo today is one of our father-he was quite an outdoorsman-hiking and traveling all over the world. That was one of his all-time favorite poems. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers- they have been treasured!

    kari & kijsa

  39. You didn't really think you could keep anyone from commenting on your "Fobbed" post, do you?

    By "Fobbed," do you mean 'Fractional Orbital Bombardment System'?

    Seems to fit with "one of those stinkin' weeks." Which was the general sound of your post. -sigh-

    But do you also mean to ask, Is it your fault? Oh come now, Girl... Let's not be silly here. All "luck" is random luck.

    "Good Luck" is random luck.

    "Bad Luck" is random luck.

    To believe otherwise is to hit your own self over the head. And geee, with a week of rotten stuff happening, which you sound as if happened, what possible good can it do you to now, hit yourself over the wondering if YOU DID SOMETHING TO BRING THIS ON?



    Little children do such. You know how they say that little children think they are to blame if their parents divorce? Of course, the kids aren't to blame! Mom and Dad, who picked the wrong marriage partner, are to blame if anyone is. Not the little kids who were born from this union.

    Wouldn't you comfort a little child of divorce, this way???

    Well, please do the same for your self.

    Now repeat after me... All luck is random luck. Repeat it nice and loud. Please. Let me hear it, over a couple of states, please. Please.

    And after you shout it out, then write it down about 50 times. You know how they say that to put something in writing, kind of cements it in our brain? Well, it's worth a try.

    And if you still don't believe me, go do a Google Search of who ever said and proved that bad luck {or good luck} is the person's fault. -hehhhh- Betcha' you can't find that! Not on any site which a reasonable thinking person would listen to anyway.

    And after all that.... I send gentle hugs. 'Cause I also bet that's what you really need. Some time to decompress {when are your parents coming home?????}, and a nice hug.

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  40. Sweet Vee, I'm so sorry about your bad week. Wish I could give you a big ol' (((hug))). Please know I'm thinking of you and praying for a week full of blessings to come...xxoo, Dawn


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