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Friday, September 19, 2008

1939 Saturday Evening Post

Visiting Nan yesterday afternoon, I noticed this old magazine and, after chuckling my way through it, requested permission to borrow it so that my readers might have a few chuckles, too. Nan's parting words, "Okay, but I want it back!" Not surprising since she's been saving it since she was thirty years old. She's too cute.

Here's the back cover...

Now doesn't that just sound appetizing filling one's tummy up with a bunch of air?

Hmmm, oatmeal never did that for me!

Isn't this ad for Cornflakes bright and cheery?

A fairly straightforward approach in advertising. Ha!

Hmmm, a bread diet never did that for me!

Eat all the hot dogs you want?!!! Oh boy!

Right, just what I've always wanted to do.

Ominous and disturbing...

I want this fridge! I'm not kidding! I love it!

I've saved the best one for last. This one had me laughing so much that my grandmother was worried about me. Maybe I was just tired.

Socially acceptable? Hahahahahahaha...

Have a great Friday and thank you for not reminding me that yesterday was Thursday when I told ya'll to have a good Wednesday. I love Bloggers!


  1. It's always fun to look at old magazines. Thanks for sharing this one! All your comments made it even funnier!!
    I love your blog!
    Make your day a happy one!!

  2. LOL~~~~~~~~ I spent 25 years in the advertising business. I wonder when the ads I created will become obsolete like these! Too funny!

  3. Hi Vee

    Blogger is playing *nice* for me today! Now I learned to write on a WORD document and copy and past so I don't lose what took me hours to type! Thanksfully my San Diego zoo post did finally appear last night...I'm not sure where it went for so long...lol.

    This post was so funny! I love how the ad called it "The Menopause" like it was an evil entity, and the socially acceptable bathing suit (?) was hysterical!

    I'm ready to try that bread diet --
    maybe that is what I've been doing wrong all these years? LOL!

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. That is too funny! I'm going to check out the bread diet...that's my kind of diet. I'm already on it...actually.

    And those socially acceptable 'shorts' are to laugh at.

    The Menopause...yikes.

    How fun that she saved that all these years. Hope it is yours some day.

  5. Hee!Hee! How much of a threat, indeed!!!! I needed a good chuckle and you provided it today. Thanks to Nan. I'm glad she saved the magazine and allowed you to share it with us! ~Kathy

  6. How fun! Tell Nan thank you for letting us enjoy her paper treasure! That last ad sent me over the edge of my chair in a fit of giggles. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. yup...women have been dieting forever and still haven't got it figured out....

    .. menopause IS actually ominous and disturbing in many ways for a lot of women..., but nobody figures that out either til they reach it and find out the horrible truths for themselves because you can't get reliable information out of anybody (including and particularly doctors) 'til it's much too late.... .. Sadly, even then most of them won't discuss the problems and just suffer in silence because they think they are whiners if they don't.

    and..yes indeed...those are very socially acceptable compared to the bright yellow nylon, almost see through thongs that we encountered on the beaches of Mexico....ick.....

  8. Now that was a fun trip down memory lane...I wasn't yet born, but I remember those magazines in my Granny's parlor...they were rather racy for the times, weren't they? I had a fit of the giggles over the socially acceptable "girdle for the bulge"...my heavens, I won't even go there, I'm starting up again!

  9. I love to read old mags. Have a great weekend..m..

  10. Too funny - leaving to start my two-week "bread and pastry" diet. Stay well, xo Terri!

  11. This was priceless.
    Weatherproof wrapping for the corn flakes - did you eat them in the rain?!!!!!
    We just called it greased proof paper and it was good for wrapping sandwiches in.

    The Gantner Wikies - what can I say! 4- point suspension. Sounds like a bridge.

    Glad you likes the arches.

  12. too funny. . .no wonder she wants it back. . can't blame her.

  13. It's so fun to see those old ad's!

  14. Hey! I think I have a picture of my father in law in a pair of those winkies when he was a young man! LOL! Not kidding! I'm thinking that menopause add scared me a little! Hope no little kids saw it back in the day! :<
    That was great Vee...thanks for sharing! Now get that magazine back to Nan!

  15. What a fun trip down memory lane...wikies, hmmm. I often wonder what older (older than I) folks think of how times have changed in clothing...

  16. LOL ~ Oh my gosh those are too funny !!! I love looking at old magazines like that ~ thank you for sharing !


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