Monday, September 15, 2008

Window Washing and Traction

This morning, after a blueberry pancake breakfast, we (I) decided that the bay window needed to be washed. John says that "we" decided this having a week of spare time to devote to it. Wry grin.

Can I just say that Pella windows stink? They may look beautiful, but they are so poorly designed that the average housewife would n.e.v.e.r. be able to operate them to clean them herself. So, if you are considering new windows, may I suggest Harvey ones? I love my Harvey windows!

Back to the Pella bay — see all those microfiber cleaning cloths? See the toolbox? Why would one need a toolbox to clean windows? Exactly! One should not need a toolbox to clean a window, Pella People!

So the morning begun so beautifully with devotions and blueberry pancakes has become funked up with the blue air of my fussing and fuming. Gentle groom is discouraged, but not utterly downcast. That would be moi.

Yup, it's enough to give one a pain in the neck. If I need traction, though, I know where to find some. John's interfacet injections didn't work so the doctor suggested traction twice a day. So far that seems to have worked the best.

Oh, for those who worried when John's picture was removed from below the Schmoopy Playlist...John hated that picture. He always complained that it looked as if he were sleeping. Sigh. I loved seeing it. It's okay, though. I've found another that I like pretty well.


Hope that you are having a far better start to your week than I!


  1. This looks interesting!!! haha -

    Much better than my hubby in undies and socks! :^) Vickie

  2. Also a great way to contain your hubby when you want to go shopping!

    Or, to keep him quiet when your favorite TV show is on!

    But of course, you're still a newlywed, so you'll want him along to shop or watch TV... sigh...

    Perhaps you could put that contraption on Ebay when he's done with it - the rest of us who've been married a long time might get into a catfight bidding war to have it for our hubbies!

  3. Windows...don't remind me. The bright morning sun revealed that my windows are far from clean!

    Your window cleaning sounds rather complicated...what are the tools for?

    Sorry to hear John needs traction sessions. How does he pass his time while 'strung up'?

  4. Vee,
    You are a nut! And John is a great sport!

    I am so sorry to hear about your window washing woes. Mine are very easy to clean if you are in the mood for cleaning!

    I hope your week is wonderful!

  5. Oh Vee, so sorry to hear that your windows are so disagreeable when it comes to having a bath. . .
    oh but the picture of your new groom is great. . love it. . poor guy, but what a good sport. . not that he could have ducked. . .snicker

  6. There is nothing I hate to do more than washing windows! UGH! That is a very lovely photo of your groom! Can I borrow that????



  7. I LOVE my Pella windows.....easy to clean...easy to remove the little Venetians problemo. No tool kits required here..... except for an occasional set of pliers to help hold the clips whilst wrestling a few of the inside panes off .... becuz Mr.Greg decided to use the wrong paint on them and even after 12 years it is still kinda sticky on the rubbery weather strip....

    my side openers even open wide enough that I can do both sides at the same time...which is much better than climbing on ladders outside.

  8. Oh my! Guess we would rather wash windows than have to wear such a contraption!
    Very entertaining, though!
    Karla & Karrie

  9. LOL......

    I would rather wash windows than wash mini blinds...I so long for the windows with the blinds BETWEEN the glass......

  10. OMGoodness Vee, he is so cute!! I bet you can just yap your head off and he can't say too much back...and if he starts to, well just increase that traction! Hope you get all those windows cleaned, ugh...have a great week Vee, xxoo, Dawn

  11. OK... So how much did you have to pay John to do that. LOL He is such a good sport. You are funny. I have Pella windows, and your right, they are very difficult to clean!

  12. LOL! He looks adorable! I just haven't figured out how to open the windows so I can clean from inside!


  13. Oh, my! Poor John. When my husband installed our new Pella windows, he wanted to make certain they were as energy efficient as possible. They are so darned tight that I can hardly raise some of them.

  14. I thought we had progressed further in the medical field. Did the dr suggest bleeding him too? That looks like torture. But if it will help then that is grand.

    I made sure when I built my new house that the windows would be easy to clean. I feel for ya.

  15. Window washing - one job that I hate to do. I did mine not too long ago.
    That is an odd looking contraption that John is in but at least he feels better.

  16. I have never enjoyed cleaning if they are a pain in the behind to boot....well I feel your pain!

    And speaking of pain...John does not look very comfortable in that picture - lol...

  17. OMG! That pics is so cute! I need one for my hubby. I'd be sure to get some shopping money with that as a torture device!

  18. The down side of the sun shining is that one can see just how disgusting the wondows are! Sigh. I did laugh at the photo - that man is a gem. I have a suspicion he may prefer the old one!

  19. LOL That poor man! Quit teasing him, so!

    I do hope that traction helps him to feel better.

  20. Ok Vee, does John know that this is the picture you now have posted, lol? My heavens, funny. My sister decided against Pella windows after spending about an hour "messin' with em...don't know which she finally went with, but Pella was not it! Hope John gets out of the rigging's so good to be back! Enjoyed this, would love a bit of powdered sugar on my blueberry hotcakes!

  21. Ah, pella....John looks like he's having a good time! I didn't realize they still used traction like that.


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