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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have been tagged by both Nanatrish and A Woman Who Is to share 6 small/unspectacular quirks about myself and to tag 6 others. If you're reading today and would like to play along, please consider yourself tagged. Then please let me know so that I can visit and read your responses!

Okay then, here are mine:

1. This doesn't strike me as particularly quirky, but my groom finds it unusual. I usually pick up dropped items with my toes.

2. I refuse to mow my lawn in neat, tidy rows. There's always some sort of undulating pattern going on.

3. My hair is looking mighty unusual these days.

4. Clothes are not kept in closets around here. They are hung up in the laundry room. The laundry room is also used as a dressing room of sorts.

5. Apparently, I've given up television as I haven't watched more than an hour or two in four months.

6. We drive a mile and a quarter to the cemetery to walk a mile and a quarter and then we drive back.

7. We have been known to drive into an ice cream shop while still holding the cone from the last ice cream shop a few miles up the road.

8. I've fed my groom
slop/goop almost every day since we married.

9. I'm partial to flip-flops as footwear. I wear them right through the year. (See item #1.)

10. Rosemary (the plant) gets many caresses from me every day.

11. I'm worried about the tree across the street falling on a pedestrian or on my roof, but I won't call the town about it.

12. Variety is very important to me in meals and decorating. (Don't look at item #8.)

There! That's six for Nana Trish and six for A Woman Who Is. Thanks, Gals, for tagging me. :D

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now I'm off to make those Apple Bars from Mennonite Girls Can Cook (and how!).

Have a great Wednesday, Everyone!


  1. Good morning Vee!
    It sounds as if you have a busy day planned. I love the photo of your big bowl of apples. I think it is worth framing and hanging in a kitchen! It evokes home, coziness, and beauty all in one. Happy baking!

  2. I used to pick up thing with my toes all the time! My family thought it strange. :)

    I'm not as flexible as I used to be these days.

  3. You wear flip flops in the winter? I'm always freezing...so it won't be long until I'm looking for my nice cozy socks and slippers.

    I'm in this game of tag as well...so I better get going and run with it!

  4. Vee, this was just such a fun post.. .I loved how you wrote it. . .so fun.
    I'm with judy . . I'm wearing slippers now and it's not THAT cold out. . .I think you would be the funnest neighbor. ..oh .. could we see the tree? and the slop? and a demonstration of the toe pick up?

  5. First of all, it is lovely to be missed. I will catch up on blogland probably later today...life has just been busy, busy good though.

    Your slop/goop dinners sound like me :0)
    Number 1,9,10,&12 ditto
    Number 7 too much fun!

  6. Hi Vee, I'm glad I'm a long time reader of your blog so I know about the slop/goop! I eat a variation of that very thing every morning--except I like Stonyfield Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt. Yummo! Your quirks make me smile. I just wonder how you can stand flip-flops when the weather turns below zero and the snow flies? (I've been known to pick things up with my toes too--but only in the summertime!) ~Kathy

  7. I also pick up things with my toes. I am barefoot most of the year (indoors in winter!)

  8. Hey-thank you for visiting my blog today! Sounds like you have the "home & wife" thing going on! So what does your hair look like, I am sure it is fab!

  9. I also have monkey-toes, as my dad used to put it, and I pick up things with my toes. Used to could (is that a real word?) pick up a dime with them. I go barefoot year-round myself, and flip-flops are an important part of my wardrobe!

    My husband says I have gecko toes... SMiles - great post Vee!

  10. Hi Vee,
    I must wear socks in the winter as my toes are always cold. I love walking in cemetaries. It's beautiful and quiet there. I also love the photo of your bowl of apples. I hope you and the groom have a great day!

  11. I live in flip flops all summer but once fall comes, I'm back in my Crocs which I live in the rest of the year! :) Love your new blog header Vee ... at least I hope it's new and that I just haven't been very observant.

  12. We're glad we're not the only ones getting dressed in the laundry room! Enjoyed your "quirks!"
    Karla & Karrie

  13. Hi Vee

    I am having blogger trouble and can't publish a post unless I cut and past it from a word document. That eliminates any photos so I guess I have to wait till the Bloggerbug is fixed --seems others have it too.

    I love your facts! You must be very flexible to be able to bring your feet up to your hands :-)

    Wow I read your "slop" post from last year -- was that slow, but nice, contractor John? tee hee!

    My hair is a mess and I use my laundry room the same way -- I knew we were separated from birth ...lol!

    Hugs, Pat

  14. My daughter picks up things with her toes all the time! She even opens drawers sometimes LOL!

    That was a fun post!


  15. Oh now that was great! What is sloop goop? Or slop goop? Sounds might unappetizing, bet it's scrumptious!

  16. Fun little quirks...I especially like the ice cream one :-)

  17. Hello Vee,
    Those apple bars sure sound scrumptious, I'll definitely have to give them a try. I would hardly call your cooking sloop and goop. I have always been in awe of your sense of adventure in the kitchen. Your groom is a lucky recipient of all your good kitchen fortune and I'll bet he doesn't call it goop either.
    Happy cooking,

  18. Hahahha, Shanda. That was a good chuckle for me. No, I actually prepare a thing that I call slop/goop. If you click on the words in my post, it'll take you to the recipe. It's wonderful by the way and the groom is partial to it.

  19. My sweet friend Phyllis from http://shabbyinthecity.blogspot.com gave me some really ggod apples and I have been making Applesauce. My hubby loves it.Have a great weekend ..m..

  20. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wear flop flops all year too. I can't stand real shoes lol. I was in a Christmas parade a year ago after dark in the freezing cold wearing flip flops.

  21. I once lived in a house with no closets, not one. We had hooks around the perimeter of the bedrooms and we had free-standing wardrobes. I hope the new owners kept this old-fashioned arrangement but they probably didn't.

  22. Alice, I have closets, I just don't use them for clothing. I even have the wall to wall variety. I still don't use them for clothes. It's about having upstairs bedrooms when the laundry is in the basement...too many stairs to climb. Your former home sounds charming!

  23. Oh my your quirky things about you had me laughing several times. And I've also been known to pick things up with my toes. I thought it was because I had been a dancer when I was younger...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment about our kitchen transformation.


  24. I love your number 2! I have not cut the grass very many times but I too like fun shapes. I can remember cutting the yard many years ago when my husband was away. I cut it into a great big heart. The neighbor just kept watching me over the fence and finally said, "Sue, it would be much easier if you just went straight across and back and forth." I replied, "But not as much fun nor nearly as beautiful as I am making it." He just shook his head and walked away. My husband loved it! But he has never returned the favor- he is more the straight line, up and down kind of mower.

  25. You make me smile Vee! Thank you :D

    Kathi :)


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