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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Card Making with Pressed Flowers

Followers? I have three? And here I thought that I had hundreds, nay, thousands. Hahahahaha. I know, I know, Get a grip, Vee. You know, I have prided myself on knowing what's going on, but I have obviously missed something important. (Howdy, Followers! I'll check this out more carefully some fine day.)

Awhile ago, you may remember my receiving pressed flowers...oodles and oodles... from BumbleVee. My grandmother was fearful of trying this one and so was I, but it really went very well. I spent a very pleasant evening sitting at the dining room table creating a few cards using this wonderful glue:

The beautiful card with the delicate lavender colored flowers is BumbleVee's creation. I try not to compare design with hers for obvious reasons. Her creation is so artful and delicate. But I had a lot of fun and now she tells me that she's doing flower pounding. My interests are wide and varied and, as you can see, I'm giving the pounding some serious thought.

For more information on pressing flowers, check this site.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Now these are so beautiful Vee.
    Followers - you have lots, like me they just have not registered yet. I have 3 too (officially).
    Frames - I do not know but I guess they are for something to climb up.

  2. The cards are beautiful. I love the delicate look of pressed flowers. I was startled by the FOLLOWERS, too. I read your blog every day, but, as Barbara said, unofficially. Have a wonderful day!

  3. OMGoodness Vee, I LOVE these!!! You both did a wonderful job ~ now I wish I had a few pressed flowers lying around here...xxoo, Dawn

  4. Beautiful cards Vee!

  5. Oh that looks like so much fun. You have lots of followers Vee. I've done some of these cards with a couple of different techniques. I'm off to see how you made these.

    Have a great day.

    - Suzanne

  6. I think I'm too clumsy and impatient to try something so intricate.

    What's this about followers? I love you, Vee!

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  7. Beautiful cards! I have an encyclopedia full of dried hydrangea blooms from about a dozen years ago...just waiting for me to get crafty. You are an inspiration.

  8. Vee what a fun thing to do . . the cards look really wonderful, and the perfect craft for a nice fall day out on the deck. . not too hot .. not too cold.
    I laughed at your follower comments...I haven't yet added any to my dashboard, I don't really see the point when we already have the blog roll with the new posts noted. . . am I missing a benefit?

    Oh and I only have 2.

  9. That looks like a very relaxing activity for a late summer day. Your results are very pretty, Vee.

    I have some pansies pressed somewhere. I might have to give this a try.

  10. Lovely cards and flowers Vee!

    I'm a follower. But what are you talking about? Oh well. I'm always out of the loop.

    Happy day,

  11. I love the cards you are making!! They are beautiful....easily as good as mine.... how does that glue work? holds them down enough so the static doesn't lift them off? just need a tiny bit? does it show at all ? ... sure nosy aren't I??

    way to go you and Gran.....

  12. Beautiful! Pound away and be sure and try colorful leaves on muslin, it is a great effect! I did some and turned the fabric into napkins for my holiday table! Oh, and by the way, I am a follower too!

  13. I missed the followers thing..don't know what you mean...

    Anyway. Love the pressed flowers. It is such a long lost art thing. They turned out beautiful!

  14. These look great! You are talented. Count me as a follower too. I'm down here always wondering what you are up to. I love your new manner. Isn't fall so wonderful?!!!!

  15. I had to go and see what you meant by "follower". I'm a follower too, just slow in signing up! I read your blog daily! The pressed flowers are beautiful. You certainly have a variety of interests--which is what makes your blog so interesting! Oh, and your new blog banner is so pretty! ~Kathy

  16. I love pressed flower cards, the only ones I've ever had I purchased. Yours look beautiful. I do put flowers in some of my books and never get any further...LOL, someday someone will open one of those books and flowers will fall all over :).

    Have a wonderful evening!
    Kathi :)

  17. I am glad to see you have had some time to craft again. You do beautiful work...I am off to figure out what the follower thing is???


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