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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

And I know that you all are, too. It's a happy kind of busy, though, and I hope it's the same in your home. Mother is the list-maker and so has kept busy making them; I am kept busy following them.

This morning, Molly got a bath because, while we can stand many things, we cannot stand a stinky dog. I understand that Bailey, the Black Labrador Retriever and Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix, who'll also be in attendance for Thanksgiving, is getting her bath today as well.

Here they both are begging for food. My sister is fending them off with her sneakered foot while she grips her drink and snack. I'm a bit concerned about Thanksgiving and what we'll do with these little beggars. Obviously, they're not going to be trained not to beg before then; we can't put them outside; there's no room that closes off where I trust them both together. Oh dear! I know, if this is the biggest conundrum I have, life is good. So, tell me, if you have dogs, what do you do with them when the family gathers for a meal?

Edited to Add: Hmmm, I may have just come up with a good gift idea for the dog lovers in my family...


  1. No pets here, but I'm sure someone has a solution. These busy days are filled with anticipation and purpose - a very good thing.

    Thanksgiving blessings to you, Vee.

  2. Yeppers, Braxie and Lulu are headed for the bath tub tonight as well!

    If I fail to say this...

    Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!!!!!

  3. Impractical for you, but we have invisible fence remotes for use in the house. I just place one under the dining room table and Isaac has to stay away.
    Or under the Christmas tree at that time of year, or in Chickie's bathroom.....you get the idea.
    Get everyone to exhaust their dogs before coming so they are tired out.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. Our darling dogsons are beggars, too. We kennel them while we eat, but then they just WHINE!

  5. We were wondering the same thing about Rowdy. Problem was solved because after Thanksgiving on Friday we are going out of town and was going to have him boarded. They close Wed. at noon and don't reopen til Mon. So he has to go in Wed. instead of waiting til Fri. He won't be around to beg after all.

  6. Don't know, Vee. Our little chihuahua just sits by the table, but never says a word. Our Lab, Jake, was trained enough that we could tell him to leave and he would go lay down on the entry way rug.

    We had a brittany spaniel one time that we bought a toddler gate for and shut her out of the kitchen in the laundry room. I would suggest crates in the bedroom or something...Know someone you could borrow crates from???

    Do they pull on leashes? Mom used to leash her Pom and attach the other end to a closed door knob across the room. Another idea - put each one of the dogs in separate cars...

    Ok, there's my 2 cents! If I don't talk to you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!!! Hugs!

  7. I don't have any pets now, but my Lab Sammy was so good. I trained her from when she was a puppy to go lay down on her beanbag whenever we were at the table year round.
    I miss still miss her!!!

  8. pets are a dilemma during the holidays.
    people don't seem to be able NOT to
    gve them treats. it tears up my little
    westie's stomach.

    what to do? if you think of something
    let me know. i'm not boarding him. :)

    i liked "mom makes the lists, and i just
    follow them."

    i have almost 30 on thursday and have
    made a pile of lists. just hope i can make
    a turkey!

  9. First, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Our two little "dogters" don't get to eat people food so they don't beg for it. If they did, I would tell them "NO" and put them in their crates until the meal is over. Do your 4-legged visitors bring their crates for visits?

    If you can put them in another room with a baby gate across the doorway so the dogs can see you, but not beg, it might work.

    Good luck! I do have to say that they look as cute as can be sitting side-by-side...even if their motive is a bad one!

  10. You and your mom sound like an efficient team.
    We will be away from home on Thanksgiving so our chihuahua will have no idea what she is missing. We will bring her a piece of turkey, however. I hope you are able to find a solution to your little beggars.

  11. LOL, those dogs have been spoiled rotten! Our pooch (who passed away 3+ years ago) never begged at the table. We never gave him any "people food". He was a big and strong dog (Belgian Malinois), so it's a good thing that we were strict with him! I once had hamburgers in a sack sitting next to him in the car and he never did a thing except sit there like a perfect gentleman.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear!

  12. Bailey and Molly are adorable,and I vote to let them stay. lol
    Loved the list maker and the list maker's daughter, I know you two together are a good mix.

    Thank you for the link to the music. I have enjoyed looking over their music,and have embedded it on my blog. You have always been so helpful.
    Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.
    HUgs, Sue

  13. Oh! Vee I forgot to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your thankful list.

  14. I am mostly acquainted with farm dogs...that have no idea how to behave inside a home. So, I'm a little short on ideas. Maybe if they behave themselves you could send them to Tim Horton's for a treat afterwards. Smile!

    Hope you have time to enjoy yourself in the midst of the busyness.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving, Vee!! Both dogs we've had have been beggars but they are the 'silent' beggars - just watching intently with the occasional lip smack..... Sometimes to alleviate our guilt we'll just put them in our room while we eat.
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  16. All of our pets are with us for Thanksgiving. They are all spoiled and go just about every where with us. Peeper, Sofie, and Charli are pretty good. They do try to mooch but everyone knows not to give them to much. after dinner is over. They get their own special plate of turkey. Not to much, but we all gather around and wish them a happy thanksgiving. Now I do realize we are a some what nutty family but how can we not include them :>)

  17. Thank you for such great suggestions! The one that really worked? Putting Molly in the car with her little coat on and a nice warm blanket. She did famously and so did we. Bailey? She was so well behaved that a simple, "Go lie down" worked.


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