A Haven for Vee

Friday, November 12, 2010

Giving Thanks List 2010

30. A Living Hope

29. Modern medicine

28. The opportunity to "prepare the way"

27. A slower pace

26. A wonderful Thankgsiving

25. All travelers are home safe and sound

24. Cherished family recipes

23. My husband's prayers

22. Cozy mornings reading blogs

21. Happy planning

20. Time with a grandson

19. A good hot cup of coffee

18. Christmas music

16. and 17. Mild weather

12. to 15. Sweet Memories

11. Those who have served and who serve

10. Poetry

9. Music that soothes a restless spirit...

8. For the comfort of family and friends...

7. For Nan being safely home...

6. The normal, everyday things of life...

5. This red plaid flannel nightgown...

4. Quality Conversation...

3. For the difference a new morning can make...

2. Giving thanks for the great privilege of voting...

1. Thankful to be looking forward...

This is a way for me to share what has been on my sidebar. I'm going to need the reminder!