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Friday, November 26, 2010

First Snow

With widening eyes, I watched as one after the other of my blogging friends, living in far more temperate climes than my own, displayed their winter wonderland photos. I knew that it was just a matter of time...

To say that I am less than impressed would suggest that I don't enjoy snowfall. Okay, on this my little sister Molly and I are in complete agreement.

What is this?

If you guys think I'm going to my usual "spot," forget it!

May I come in now?

He isn't so blessed...

One took photos

And congratulated herself on getting the outdoor Christmas decorating done early...

Hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving; we certainly did. My mother just called from the living room,"Say, you know the family that rented the Congregational Church hall for Thanksgiving? They have over 70 members and served 15 pies. We had 12 members and made eight pies. What's wrong with this picture? " She made me laugh! At least we have plenty of leftovers so that today we can do it all over again!


  1. Why is it we make to many pies? It's the same with our family. Snow looks pretty but I like it if it melts the next day.

  2. Thank you so much, for posting, just before I'm going off line. How is that for timing???? :-)))))

  3. Oh, that is so funny. Well, too many pies is way better than too few. I wonder if that family group ran out???

    Your snow is pretty...but I am not quite ready for it yet. We had sleet first thing yesterday morning.

    Becky K.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful Family Thanksgiving. We did too.

    We did not get snow though. Mmmmmm, and I'm really not sorry, that you and others, have beat us. -giggles-

    Your outdoors decorating done! Excellent! Not here, but it's rainy today. And 43 degrees this morning. -ducking, running and hiding-

    But I do have lots of indoors done and now it's time for the tree. New, shorter tree is in store, for this year. They use Tree Rings for showing Trees age. For people, I guess it's the progressive changes in our Christmas trees.

    They went from:
    -All going out to cut down a tree...
    -To freshly cut, but not need to cut it ourselves...
    -To artificial.
    -To shorter artificial.

    But thankfully, we aren't ready for a table top one, yet. :-) Although that'll be fine, when the time comes.

    Pooooooooooooor John!!! >,-)

  5. I love your 'person to pie' ratio!

    How nice to have things all decked out for Christmas today...outside that is! We are still white this morning as well...but things are warming up...and the rain is on the way!

  6. Three cheers for leftovers! We went to friends' house for Thanksgiving and we are totally missing those leftovers right now!

  7. Leftovers are one of the best things about hosting Thanksgiving dinner. No need to cook for a day or two.
    Your snow is arriving, ours is melting fast. Lots of rain in the night and blue skies this morning. Not very Christmassy, but it's what's in the heart that really matters.

    Love the pie to people ratio.

  8. I just had a small piece of the chocolate meringue pie that I made! OH MY! I love pie! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  9. So glad to hear that you had a nice Thanksgiving. Of course, how could you miss with all of that delicious pie :).
    Your outdoor decor is lovely and looks really nice with your snowfall.
    I laughed when I saw the doggy's thoughts on the snow. Reminds me of our little dog when we get a rare snowfall.

  10. I love snow, I would have been out there making snow angels even if it were only a dusting! We will not speak of thighs, I mean pies, or how many or how pieces were consumed, K? Luckily I have another crew coming in this evening so I am hoping they will be finished off. Have a sweet weekend!

  11. We had a bit of snow on Thanksgiving too. I do love a good pie and they say variety is the spice of life:)

    So glad that you had a wonderful day!


  12. Dear Vee,

    Oh, you had snow! Didn't reach us yet, but the skies look promising. Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful.


  13. Oh Vee we have snow too in Ky. I mad your cranberry recipe just because I had never used fresh cranberries before. I loved it and will be eating it for a few more days. I can't but celery in it due to all the celery haters so I will now add it for me.

  14. The first snow always has a magical feeling. I'm always so nostalgic...thoughts of white Christmas and winter wonderland. I wish that I enjoyed winter sports, but I enjoy the scene from the warmth of my recliner!

    Love your Christmas decoration and the puppy paw prints in the snow. I wish that I had your artistic eye because yesterday morning I held the front door open to show Keith the bird tracks in the snow. I didn't think to take a picture. As I always say, you inspire me!

  15. Wow that is a lot of pies! I only made my one but it sure was good!
    No snow here for us yet and I hope it never comes. We had such much snow last year to make up for the next 10 years! :-)

  16. Vee,
    I like your pie-to-person ratio the best!

  17. Vee, for what it's worth... Sat. 11/27 about noon time... I can see Comments on this [last showing] post of yours.

    I comment this, in case it will help with your can't-see-comments-Blogger issue.


  18. Enjoy the leftovers Vee, I say one can never have enough pie! We have snow too and are not as accustomed to having it as yourselves, therefore our airport closes, we dont have snow ploughs and things get very difficult. Not to worry, I am sitting by a warm fire with a mug of tea, travelling all around the world via blogs. Hugs, Margie.

  19. I can leave a comment. =)

    I love pie. I ate some peach, some pumpkin, and some chocolate chip this weekend. I splurged, and now it's back to business.

    Such a pretty blog header you've got - a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting. And what are you serving with the cup of coffee up there? Pumpkin dessert? Why don't you come over, and bring some with you!? =)

    So when are you getting together with Dr. Phil? Haha!

    Hope all is well with you!

    - Leah

  20. I love the post! I'd rather have too many pies than too little! I did a post on pie, too. Great minds think alike.

    Love the snow!

  21. Such wonderful cooks as you and your Mom must be - the more pies the better! We enjoyed a crowd of 17 and had so much snow in the last couple of days that my grands and daughter-in-law made 6 snowmen in our front yard! Enjoy those leftovers and blessings to you all!

  22. Loved your first snowfall pics. Vee, And the pie calculations, Priceless!
    beautiful header,my cactus are doing well too.

  23. Hi Vee
    The first snow is always the most magical! It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did too! With V home for four days I did not get much time on the computer but we took a few nice local trips and did a lot around the house we've been neglecting. All our leftover are finished except for the big pot of turkey soup I made the day after. That will be finished with tonight's dinner. Now on to the Christmas season! :)

  24. ummm...we love pies, too. I get all mine done and then find out we are going to have one more for dinner and I make ANOTHER pie...just in case. :))

    May I ask where you got the light fixture you are showing here. I am looking for one like or nearly like it but no luck as yet.


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