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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Small Chew

Voting is brisk in my community today. The polls opened at nine this morning; John wanted to be there by 9:30. I didn't want to go alone so tagged along with him.  You never know whom you'll see so I was busily getting ready so that I could pass muster. The last thing I did was to grab a half stick of gum to chew... discreetly, of course. Good thing, because I ran into many people I know and hugged and chatted with them. Really, voting places should serve coffee and donuts and set out tables and chairs. ;>

When we got home, I told John to stand by the deck so as to take a picture of the ubiquitous "I Voted" sticker. Instead I sneezed. Violently. Without a chance to cover or even stop, drop, and roll. (Say, have you seen the proper way to sneeze? It's well worth the watching at Colleen's Main Street Memories. Anything to not spread cold and flu germs this season!)

So this is a picture of John looking for the wad of gum.

What are the chances of finding it in all those pebbles? We both looked and looked. Nothing. I knew that it was going to wind up on someone's shoe.

I gave up and took this nice picture of the "I Voted Today" sign over the top of a clipper ship emblem on
John's jacket.

Then he insisted on taking my jacket from me...it's 34F this morning...and slinging it over his wrist.

Two votes!

And a wad of gum stuck to my jacket. I am not much impressed by wads of gum so I have altered this photo.  

And that's our voting story for the day. It was well worth having to park in the back acre behind the town hall in the mud to have the opportunity. (I do love a prepositional phrase.)

Happy Voting out there!


  1. Oh that is funny Vee, at least you found it. Now to get it out.
    All the best with your elections down there. .we're excited it has finally come. .and will soon be over.

  2. hahaha!!! Love the gum story! And so glad you guys got out to vote, but then I knew you would! Now we can sit down in front of the TV and watch the returns with hope and prayer....

  3. That's such a cute post Vee. Don & I early voted in NC before we headed down here to Florida. Didn't want to miss out on out local elections. Take care.

  4. LOL!! I have to cross my legs when I sneeze....darn this aging thing!

  5. Yay YOU! I voted too..after seeing what our women ancestors had to endure to vote..I would have crawled on my knees to vote today if I had to!

    The gum story is hilarious!

  6. You make me laugh. Funny story. Glad you found the gum...

    Thanks for voting! Warren and I will go later.

    Becky K.

  7. Cute story, Vee. :) You found the gum! I'm so glad this day has arrived, just praying that I'll still be happy when the votes are counted!

    Have a good day,

  8. I'm impressed that you tried to even look for the gum. I've had sneezes like that but thank goodness my mouth was empty. I'll be voting today too.

  9. LOL on the flying gum!

    I will vote tonight before dinner so my husband and I can go together. Do you believe that my 88 year old Mom is a poll worker? Yes, she is! She has been doing it for years and years and does not want to give it up. NYC has new voting machines this year so I'm worried she will find it confusing, but she'll have lots of others workers to help her. They gave her little jobs to do during the primary.
    We live a block away from where we vote (a public school) so we can walk.

  10. Now this is funny. But chewing gum on fabric is not. Peanut butter works well, seems to break down the fibres or something.

    We'll be watching the election results on the news this evening.

  11. good for you! i ran into my husband
    at the voting site, too! his face lit up
    just as it used to when we were b/n
    classes in high school.

    my reward for voting!

  12. Hi Vee,
    that's a great story. Sneezing can be tricky....should you try to hold it in or let it go. SO glad you found it:)

  13. Good Evening Vee,
    Love the voting, gum story, it tops mine! lol. You and John remind me of dh and I in those escapades of yours, I used to think that things like this only happened to us, Oh well, at least we are in good company.

    I really like your voting sticker, I am sitting here wearing my pjs and still wearing my sticker while watching the returns and smiling all the way!!!
    Thanks for your very funny comment. I really got a good laugh. Yes I am a miser, just ask dh?
    Hope you are as happy as I am tonight!

  14. Hi Vee,
    Your always post the cutest things, you must keep your husband laughing all the time. How nice that he wanted to find that wad of gum. He's a keeper for sure!

  15. What an adventure for a half a piece of gum! And on voting day no less!
    Love your spirit and am going to be following along!
    Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have you!

  16. Oh ny goodness. That's funny. Yes, we voted and voted early. The polls here open at 6 a.m. and the Farmer wanted to be there bright and early. Well, it wasn't bright - it was still dark outside! The polls were packed at that hour.

  17. Enjoyed your story - it sounds like something that might happen to me. It's terrific to hear people talking about voting. It's a privilege and a responsibility.

  18. I'm laughing. I would be scowling if I had stepped in your gum...


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