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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pilgrim Girl Found

Not that I ever knew that she'd been lost... Mother was digging through paper piles when she came up with this one. I couldn't deny it for my name is scratched on the back in a typical six-year-old font.

Had to smile at my much younger self and my great average coloring abilities. Love the attempt to create color on the face. Now I was a brunette with brown eyes (still am, if one doesn't count the gray streaks ;> ), but I chose to color this little girl as a blue-eyed blond just like my little sister. Interesting. And why oh why didn't I match things up (brown cap with a blue dress)? Still being a rebel after all these years.

Yesterday, Mother and I went to visit Nan in tandem. First, we stopped at our favorite store...

where we practiced the fine art of frugality and...

What? Buying snowmen ears for Molly isn't frugal? Pshawww!

Where was I? Oh yes, and I twirled about the baking goods island set in the center lane for the holidays like a kid at a candy store. I want sugar and flour and raisins and chocolate chips and butterscotch chips and corn syrup and dates and spices and... Do you feel that way when you first see that special section?

(Wasn't going to do it, wasn't going to do it, wasn't going to do it, but oh well here goes. We went to bed last night with mounting dread because our illustrious {tongue firmly in cheek} news team was predicting that none of our candidates had won. This after less than twelve per cent of the vote had been counted. By morning's light, we find that our candidate is running neck and neck with six thousand more votes than the closest runner. Funny thing how dark a night can feel and how differently things can look in the morning. That's my giving thanks item for today.)


  1. I had to give in to sleep before I knew the outcome of our hard fought senate race. The right guy won...in my humble opinion (smile).

    Cute ears on the pup! Seriously!

    Have a superb day, Dear Vee.

  2. How fun to see a picture you colored as a child and hear your grown up voice explaining it...

    Molly's snowman ears are cute!

  3. I, too, had to wait until morning to find out who won in our state. I was just to tired to stay up that late. Lucky your mom saved the drawing you did in school. You should frame it and display it each Thanksgiving.

  4. I see you were a very exacting six year-old...doing a fine job of staying within the lines! How fun to have something of yours from way back when.

    Somehow the things that keep us awake at night, often look much better in the morning light. So is the final count in...with your candidate the victor?

  5. my husband didn't come to bed until well
    after 1:00, and your races interested him

    quite a message sent to our president,
    who will think we are all just simple
    minded drones.

    oh well.

    your pilgrim is just adorable, and i think
    it is very sweet that your mom searched
    for it. my prayers are with nan.

  6. Well, did your candidate win? Enquiring minds want to know! We kept ours in place, but Texas is mostly a Republican state anyway. One note of sadness is that some of the town around our area decided to have mixed drinks in restaurants. Our county has been fighting this for years, but little by little, they are giving in. At least they are still holding off the beer/wine sales in the grocery and gas stations. I guess that's next.

    Yes, you should display your pilgrim girl at Thanksgiving! Glad your mom kept that sweet little picture.

    And Good Golly, Miss Molly! Those are some cute Christmas ears!!!

  7. What a wonderful blast from the past to find the pilgrim girl you colored! I have an old coloring book of mine in the attic somewhere and my mother saved my sixth grade autobiography. They are fun to look at and think about those times.

    The snowman ears are a hoot!

  8. Vee,

    I can see that you love your baking supplies every bit as much as I love my crafting supplies and I feel your joy at filling your home with the aroma that only the holidays can bring and you are so good at it! We will be enjoying your great chicken recipe for dinner tonight a fast family favorite and I just dream of your perfect pies and sweet treats as I have not one urge to bake anything.

    I am not touching that election stuff...much - yes I voted, no I did not stay up late to see who won, and I am satisfied that at least my one political nemesis was ousted!

    Love your little pilgrim and hope you have a thanks filled day!

  9. Your little pumpkin girl is so sweet. Now that she has been found, what special plans do you have for her?
    Molly's snowman ears would fit perfectly with the decor in my family room at Christmastime. I think I may have to visit Walmart to see if I can find some for Peanut.

  10. Oh Vee...that is so cute! Do consider having your picture framed for use during the holiday season. It would become a family heirloom! (And if it is colored on non-acid free paper, consider color copying it on acid free paper and making a couple extra too. There are lots of photo "tricks" you could do with this, like making collages for name plates at the thanksgiving table.)

    My sympathy to your dog!

  11. That Pilgrim Girl is so precious! It brings back memories, just looking at her picture, does. I can feel how it feels to put pen/pencil to that paper. And how it feels to color in. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    I has a special box [old Whitman's Candy Sampler box] chock-full of all my holiday [kind of] stencils. I'd take it out, sit myself at the dining room table and be in kid's Heaven. :-)

    Thanks for the memories. Mmmm, thank Mom I guess, since she's the one who kept it. :-)

    We got 3 'local' good guys in here, so we are pretty happy! :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  12. I love coming across my childhood things at my Mom's. She saved some good ones.

    Would you believe not one Wal-Mart exists in NYC? There are some in the suburbs of course.
    Thankfully I still have some "Mom and Pop" stores to shop in locally, even some independent food shops, pharmacies and book stores. I love the small town feel
    of that.
    I've also loaded up on baking goods before the rush hits and all the ingredients I use are gone. It will be cookie time soon! :)

  13. What a cutie in those ears. I definitely feel that way when I walk down the aisles of baking goods. I just love the holidays approaching so I have an excuse to bake up a storm.

    As for the politics of things, to be frank I have lost hope in any politician. I am at a point where I doubt their motives. When we had Bush in office the Democrats insisted they could save the world. Now we think the Republicans will save the world. When are we going to start to understand that the only one who will save the world is the Lord, and if we brought prayer back into it, we might be able to put all the kings horses back together again. Peter Marshall used to conduct prayer sessions asking the Lord to give them His wisdom beforehand.

    It seems to me that neither party knows what they are doing or we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. It's sad but I don't care who wins today. I just know I wish we prayed more for our leaders instead of always tearing them down.

    I envy you that you still BELIEVE!


  14. I think you did quite well on the picture and coloring when you were a kid!!
    I must feel like you do too, because I came back with all kinds of baking stuff from the commissary today! :-)

  15. Awww..Molly is aDORabLe! ANd how fun is that pilgrim coloring?! Too too funny! I love your "take" on it now..

  16. Glad to hear good news in your elections. I would think that conservative politicians in your neck of the woods might face stiff opposition. Southerners say they are conservative more than they actually are in my opinion. Oh yes, and Judge Fox did NOT win election to the state supreme court, though I think he probably had more name recognition!

  17. So. ..did your candidate win then? I do hope you found your day growing increasingly more positive.
    Oh ..you were quite the artist even as a 6 year old. I venture a guess that I still would not do something that artistic.

  18. I went to WalMart today... and bought two packages of pumpkin spice cookie mix from the HOLIDAY BAKING GOODS DISPLAY. Betty Crocker makes the BEST pumpkin spice cookie mix, husband and all family gobbles them down!

  19. OK, there is nothing wrong with embellishing your pup. And you did practice frugality, you bought it at that dreadful Helmart!
    Don't get me started.
    I've also been squirreling away baking items, the holiday are fast upon us my friend:)
    And I cannot effectivly express how glad I am the elections are OVER!

  20. I'm right there with you dancing in the isles my friend!

    As I told Aunt Amelia - the house cleaning on Tuesday was long overdue!


  21. The little Pilgrim girl is precious Vee, and Molly is simple adorable:-)


    BTW it was 1:30am before I crawled into bed Tuesday night/morning. I was tired... but very happy.

  22. I love Molly's snow man ears LOL Sooo cute!!! Isn't it neat when you find something you drew or made years ago? It is a great picture. Your coloring skills were good.


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