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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Odds and Ends Post

Thanks for all your comments on True Grit. It was interesting to read them. I'd just like to add that the scenery from the 1969 version was beautiful as it was filmed in the Colorado Rockies in autumn. The 2010 version was filmed in Texas in winter. (It was supposed to look more like the Arkansas setting of the book and was not quite as stunning with all due apologies to my Arkie and Texan friends.) And I'd like to say that John Wayne made me love Rooster Cogburn while Jeff Bridges did not, though I could admire his true grit.

We've moved on to another movie with incredible scenery and that is Owd Bob (movie clip here) about an orphan sent to live with his maternal grandfather on the Isle of Man, an island between Ireland and Great Britain. It was filmed on location and I'd say that the scenery is one of the greatest delights of this film. Exquisite! So if you're needing to see some green this week...


Tossing in some photos taken after our errand running yesterday...

Bundles of colorful, good and fresh Alstroemeria are in the market with all different hues available and the price at $5 was right. The bundles of tulips were very tempting, but they've gone over $5 and that's my limit.  This little lamb belonged to my grandmother. I just found him in the basement recently (I think he was heading to Goodwill—I've changed my mind.) Gave him a good wash and dry and he's as fresh as ever and looks very darling beneath the flowers.

These yogurt covered pretzels were in the bakery.  They are orange-flavored and there were also strawberry, blueberry, lemon, among other flavors available. I do love a sweet and salty combination. I hope not to purchase them again — too good!

Someone had a birthday quite awhile ago now and his fondest wish was to have strawberry shortcake. This was finally accomplished. It's not easy finding good strawberries just now. He looked through multiple packages to find one where most of the strawberries were ripe. So it was a strawberry shortcake supper last night...those are always wonderful.

Turning the floor over to you...


  1. I love strawberry shortcake!

  2. Good morning, Vee, I need to look for some yogurt covered pretzels, they look pretty and sound delicious. And that lamb.....pleae do keep it, it is so adorable. xo

  3. The little lamb is just precious! I wash everything...as you know...and it gives things new life. I'm looking for book recommendations this morning. I'm going to the library and then to get my hair cut. A good day for me! Sweet hugs!

  4. Thank you for keeping us posted, on the DVD's you are renting/watching. I love film suggestions, as well as book suggestions.

    Perhaps if I get enough film suggestions, I will finally re-up with Net Flix!!! Another one of those "Gonna-Do-Things," which don't get "done." -grin-

    Lovely photos. Precious little (rescued) lamb. :-) All you needed was to "find" him again, at the right time of year. :-)

    You have posted fun stuff. And I posted another one of those Warnings, which I found elsewhere. Bahhh-humbug... People are probably getting tired of my moaning. But then, I wasn't even going to post at all today. And I am BWO!!! :-)


  5. Love the pretty pink flowers & the adorable lamb! Of course, my mouth began watering when I saw the pretzels & the strawberries. : )


  6. Good morning! Now I am hungry for some yogurt pretzels, haha Love sweet and salty too. Got some strawberries last week and will admit mom and I and hubby ate the whole box in a couple of days...soo sweet and good. I need some more! Enjoy your day...

  7. Belated happy birthday to 'someone'! :) I'm all for strawberry shortcake as a birthday cake...but finding berries that taste like strawberries at this time of year is a challenge.

    Keep the lamb...very cute!

  8. Finding the lamb now is perfect just in time for Easter. So cute!

    Strawberry shortcake sounds just delightful!

  9. The lamb is perfect for your spring decorating. Glad you kept it!

    Strawberry shortcake for supper. Sounds like my kind of supper, LOL. We've been in strawberry heaven here for about 3 weeks, and there is no end in sight. A new Publix store opened up back in January and they have been featuring strawberries on sale. First, they were 2 cartons for $5. But then the price quickly dropped to $2 each. They are fresh from Florida (where Publix has their headquarters) and beautifully delicious. Nom, nom, nom...

  10. Growing up in southern California Strawberry shortcake was perfect for my middle of March birthday as that was when the first of the field strawberries started selling at the farm stands...yum. Love it.

  11. If you like that type of scenery, you should watch "A Shine of Rainbows". I love the colors and the way this is filmed. It's at the top of my favorites list! I need to make a run to the store for strawberries now!

  12. Yummy!! I love Strawberry shortcake with whip creme!!! Happy belated birthday Vee!! eat a slice for me.. LOL

  13. I love Strawberry Shortcake meals! The strawberries aren't good here yet. I love yogurt pretzels but have never had flavored ones--looks yummy.

  14. Vee
    I absolutely love the John Wayne version of True Grit. Last Christmas I had my son buy it for his father. I had to take it back 3 times before we finally got a working copy. But it was worth it.
    I can't tell you how many times I've played Glen Campbells song-over &over and over! The only problem is I have to put up with Tim calling me 'little sister' in John Wayne style for a few days until he finally gets it out of his system or I put the fear of the devil in him with my scorching look.
    Please don't get rid of your little lamb! He is in such good shape for being so old and it will make a great heirloom to pass on to all of the g'children that follow. And he looks so happy sitting there under your Spring flowers.
    Take care-Kimberly

    1. He is not old. He was a gift to my grandmother in recent years. There's a doll someplace, though I've not run across her yet.

  15. An hour and a half ago I read your blog, and now I've just finished watching Owd Bob! Thanks, Vee. There is a slight chance my sil might work on the Isle of Man for a while (his employer has a factory there and he's an Industrial Engineer) and now I'm really hoping for it.

    Love the flowers, the lamb, the thoughts of pretzels covered in yoghurt and the strawberry shortcake. I can't have either of the last two, but I have Florida strawberries on the counter, very fresh and ripe. Yummm.

  16. Vee
    Wow, I really messed up my commenting days. Sorry!
    I started here and worked backwards...Oh, well!
    That's me-little Miss Backwards.
    Owd Bob sounds like something Tim and I would enjoy.
    I've been searching the library for good DVDs to watch
    lately, but I'm having trouble finding anything new.

  17. Love the odds and ends at your house. Pretty flowers, a movie recommendation and strawberry shortcake! I'll wait awhile for mine since those crunchy imported strawberries just don't do it for me. Belated happy birthday to the someone who hangs around your place.

  18. The lamb is darling. I love strawberry shortcake. Have to ask, do you normally buy/make the sponge cake kind, pound cake, or sweet biscuit shortcake? Just curious. :) Happy belated birthday to "someone".

  19. The movie scenery is so lush and pretty. It looks like it might be a good one to watch on St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Good job on rescuing the lamb from the Good Will bag. He looks great with the pretty flowers.
    Belated birthday greetings to your special someone. Strawberry shortcake sounds heavenly right about now.

  20. Vee, I'm glad you didn't send the little lamb to goodwill..he is so cute!! Strawberry shortcake..yummy, so spring like!

  21. I'm always happy to hear about rescued pets! :) Your little lamb is so cute. The pretzels and strawberry shortcake sound too yummy, so I'd best put them out of my mind...if I can!

  22. I love your odd and end posts!!
    Did you make homemade shortcake for the strawberries? I found a good recipe in a 1948 Betty Crocker cookbook and I use it every year!
    That fil clip sounds like just my kinda movie!

  23. this IS a difficult time to find good strawberries.
    so glad you were able to oblige your loved one
    with the short cake.

  24. I was thinking the lamb was a childhood toy of your grandmother's too but see you explained otherwise. A good wash did make it fluffy and cute again. The strawberries we get in the store are from Plant City Fla.
    and sometimes they're good, but often soft and have to be eaten right away.
    Yesterday we went out for lunch and to the show to see 'Snitch' based on a true story, hubby likes action flicks.
    It is snowing out right now, big fluffy flakes. Did you remember your post on 'green' at Mary's for tomorrow?

  25. I like your new(ish) header. Thanks for another movie rec. Will have to check in to it. We're watching a series from Scotland right now. The little lamb looks quite refreshed after a bath!

  26. We're getting some really good strawberries from California and shortcake sounds wonderful! I have a lamb I made from real lambs wool that I will have to pull out for show & tell one day; yours is adorable, XOXO

  27. Strawberries!

    I like your lambie! So cute.

    I'll check out your movie recommendation - sounds interesting. We are lovers of Scotland so it sounds like it will be worth watching for the scenery.


  28. Great, a "new" movie suggestion. Just added Owd Bob to my netflix instant que. So very glad you rescued your grandmother's lamb from the goodwill pile. Happy that spring is coming, and your blog is always a delightful place to visit with all the signs of spring that you give us. Blessings to you dear Vee. ~ Abby

  29. Never saw True Grit - at least I don't think so. If I did it wasn't something that stuck in my mind. I really love your photography lately. Orange would be my flavor of choice too. I love orange flavored things - popsicles, soda, candy.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  30. I have seen neither version of True Grit, although Ron has seen both. I am somewhat averse to cowboy movies. Shame on me, as Ron (mostly cheerfully) watches so many chick flicks in this house of females. On your recommendation, I may give it a try. I will definitely add Owd Bob to the viewing list. Oh...I picked up Cross Creek today from my local library. :)

    Yay for strawberry shortcake and pretty yogurt pretzels!

  31. Strawberry shortcake is my favorite birthday cake! Since my BD is late spring, ripe strawberries are easy found. My husband does not like whipped cream at all (weird-- I know!) so he si always trying to get me to chose another cake.

    The Isle of Man sounds very scenic --I'll have to look for that movie!

  32. Belated birthday wishes (John?)!

    Sounds like an interestng movie. I've not seen it.


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