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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Planning for Easter

Over the weekend, my daughter and I had the following conversation:

Me: It's not my turn to host Easter, is it?

She: Yes.

Me: No, I don't think so. I would remember. I looked it up on my blog and I remember hosting last year.

She: No, you didn't. We had everyone over later in the afternoon for activities, not for dinner.

Me: Well, I do remember seeing the photo of the dinner table and that's how I remember.

She: Show me that photo!

And, thing is, when I showed her that photo. There were three place settings. Three not seven. Good going, Vee Sherlock.

So that means that I have had things to think about this week, which is always a good thing. I have been kept busy doing some spring cleaning, lots of laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping.

My family tends to be a bit fussy. Yours? This one doesn't like ham; that one does. This one loves creamed corn; that one not so much. No lemon cake here; lemon's my favorite there. It can be a challenge. A good challenge.

So how're things shaping up to celebrate Easter in your home? Abby at Little Birdie Blessings helped me a lot with decorating meaningfully. She sent the most beautiful cards and graphics with wonderful, inspirational messages. You may find many of these very images at her site.

~A Sweet Note of Encouragement~

~*Easter Subway Art*—Love It!~

~Alstroemeria Still Going After Two Weeks~

~Carnations...not the usual Easter flower, but long-lasting ones~

Wishing you sweet times of preparing both home and heart.


  1. Vee
    Your memory sounds about like mine. Hubby says I have a selective memory!
    Abbey's gifts are perfect for Easter decor. I like the vintage cards, they were so much prettier back then.
    Enjoy your Easter with your family!
    God Bless.

  2. Good morning! Believe it or not we have checked my blog more than a couple times to remember what we have done the year prior, haha. Can't seem to remember anything anymore. I am going to check out your recommended site now. Enjoy your day!

  3. I had to chuckle at the foodie talk. This one likes....this one doesn't. Oh, I relate! We'll eat at Georgia's again this year. I'm bringing a vegetable. Probably crock pot corn since Sunday will begin with our Sunrise Service and Easter Breakfast. Quicker and easier is better. Another option would be a bean or broccoli casserole. We'll see.
    Happy Easter to your family!

  4. Vee, I can't believe you got busted by the photo on your blog, that was funny. Our youngest daughter usually hosts special occasions as they have a bigger house than us. I'll be taking coleslaw and a blueberry coffee cake for the dinner, so not a lot of prep work.
    Make sure you take a picture of the table this year with all the place settings. :-)

  5. This used to happen when my brother was married and my parents took turns coming to each of our homes for the different holidays. Now that he's no longer married I do all the holidays so my parents always no where they are going:)

    Lots of food and prep going on here - as in your family everyone has their favorites!


  6. It is a good thing we have these blogs to sort of act like a journal or diary. It helps us older folks (me) remember things-lol. Easter dinner will just be Mr. Comforts of Home and me this year.

  7. I love it, I use my blog to help me remember things that happened ;) Since moving to Wisconsin gatherings are much quieter and I don't run into too many food problems anymore. Have a Blessed Easter with your loved ones.

  8. Funny story--these blogs are helpful aren't they? I love the search engine on them. I don't think I realize how I am recording history. I would love to be a guest at your Easter table in your beautiful home with all your special touches. In fact we aren't even having an Easter dinner as we are all "on hold" waiting for this baby who has given us false alarms several times ... i even slept in my clothes last night as it seemed imminent. So we'll see, but we'll celebrate the important part of the holiday, however it works! Have a blessed Easter!

  9. Thank goodness for blogs as records of family life!
    I'll bet your Easter meal will be wonderful.
    We're invited to our daughter's in-laws' to share their family dinner. I love it when family gets bigger!

  10. Gracious, I hope you finally get to rest! No fussiness here at our household with just the two of us. Relatives from up north never venture this one. They think that the road only goes one way and that it applies solely to us. Needless to say, we're enjoying a peaceful Sunday at home. Mr. Jim is fixing up a ham. Not sure what else is on the menu, LOL!

  11. Funny! I am glad that I am not the only one who has to check her own blog to jog her memory! Just yesterday, I peeked at my post from last year to see what desserts we had! What did we ever do before we had our blogs to refer to for photo evidence?

    Yes, we have some fussy eaters in our group too, but with everyone contributing to the meal, we usually have enough variety that even the fussy eaters get enough to eat. (One grandchild who shall remain unnamed has been known to have a plate of bread and applesauce. Of course, he usually has a more substantial dessert plate. But his parents normally save food battles for the home front, which makes meals at Gran's house pleasant.)

    All of your Easter vignettes are lovely!

  12. I am doing the decor for our tables at church, with the help of my friend Amy. I can't wait to show you. We are doing a version of what we're doing at church, for our dinner table.

    I don't decorate much for Easter, just brighten things up for Spring. I love your sweet touches with your little chicks.

    We are not too picky as eaters. We are having ham, potato salad, fruit salad, broccoli salad, deviled eggs, and a pasta salad! Lots of yummy food and yet casual too. We will be hosting another family along with our crew so I am going for pretty and casual ease.

    He is Risen!

    Happy Easter to you and John.


  13. Oh I am laughing...some how I am on the list of all holidays at my house...never been asked anywhere else or anyone else doing them...so I have no idea what I am doing this year or who is coming...I didn't send out invites...I am in overload! LOL
    I love the subway art...and I will rejoice in the Lord with or without a table full!!!

  14. I'm hoping that it's warm enough outside for Keith to grill this Sunday. I'm not sure what the menu will be, but if he can grill it will be a wonderful meal no matter what the side dishes are.

    Carnation and mums last such a long time which makes them favorites of mine.

    Happy planning for a wonderful Easter Sunday!

  15. I just found out yesterday that Mr. & Mrs. Christopher are coming for Easter dinner. I told them to let me know as soon as possible and that was "as soon as possible".

    So, yesterday morning I went to the grocery store to purchase everything I'd need. Our menu is pretty much the same every Easter, similar to what my mother-in-law served each year.

    The one change is my daughter-in-law's green bean casserole replaced my brocolli casserole. My husband loves green bean casserole but Christopher and I do not care for it. Mrs. Christopher makes sure she brings it to every family dinner just for her father-in-law, isn't that sweet? (Her family always served it for special meals.)

    So... I'm serving asparagus on the side for the two of us who aren't so crazy about it. I like casseroles but never got into mixing green beans with Cream of Mushroom.

    Have fun getting ready for your family!

  16. Oh Vee, this could be me. Checking the blog for what really happened! Too funny. I really like the printed cards Abby sent to you. You'll have fun with them.

    I'm hosting Easter dinner here - children (minus the two in Vancouver), grandchildren, and my parents are coming over from the mainland. There will be 10 of us. I'm doing a turkey since I did a ham for Christmas. But I haven't sorted out the rest of the menu yet, although I did some looking and thinking last night. Now I'm off to the grocery store and the cooking will begin. I'm hoping to make paska tomorrow. Did you get some made?

    Enjoy this time of preparation.

  17. We are going to Easter Dinner, to the same son/family, who have been having Thanksgiving Dinner. So a lovely time will be had. :-)

    I have not yet heard any words, concerning what kind of dessert I should bring. So I will just hold-my-breath. And maybe squeak by this time, without having any "ordered." ,-))))

    Mmmm, I think most families have "likes" and "don't likes," when a group dinner is planned. But, they just can't alllllllllllllllll be catered to. (Doesn't that sound like a good plan????) -smile-

    Gentle hugs,

  18. Well I had to look up my Easter post from last year to see who came and what was for dinner. Tonight our small group is coming over for spiral cut ham and fixins. On Sunday so far I know there will at least be the same number as last year (6 of us) and possibly more. Time will tell. We are barbecuing lamb for Sunday and I'll put out the leftover ham if there is any after tonight. Have a lovely weekend and Easter celebration, Vee!

  19. Do what my family does. Eat what is put on the table with no groaning/moaning. Because, the groaner/moaner gets to cook and serve the next meal all by him/herself - and we "ain't" talking hotdogs and canned pork and beans. LOL (In the case of food intolerances, that person or parents brings their own.) Mean, I know.

    Your decorations look lovely. :)

    1. Sounds like the logging camp. ☺ Since I, too, can be a fussy one, I wouldn't be that arbitrary.

  20. Have a lovely Easter no matter who is hosting. ;-)

  21. The conversation between you and your daughter had me laughing. Glad you gals got that all figured out :D. Your little Easter touches are so pretty and the gifts from Little Birdie Blessings (love that name) are so thoughtful and fun. I really like the subway art. I may have to head over and check that out.
    Our Easter has become predictable in a nice kind of way. I always host it and the group ranges from 9-12. By now we've figured out who likes/dislikes what.

  22. Easter at my house is just like every other Sunday. Walking, church, and an afternoon of who knows what. : )
    My family pretty much eats anything. Ex daughter in law is a vegetarian so my two youngest grandkids can't eat meat but my son does.

  23. Hi Vee, what a delightful post. Love to hear the banter between you and your daughter. Glad you were pleased with the goodies I sent you, who doesn't love happy mail. Thanks for the link back and the way you beautifully portrayed them. Have a delightful Easter. We'll be going to my daughter's house this year, a first for us. ~ Abby

  24. Oh so funny!! Great post Vee! I hope you get all the necessities done and are able to enjoy your guests. Our family is doing a simple dinner this year with Pineapple Trifle for dessert. We love trifles on holidays. I make ours with angelfood cake to make it a bit lighter. MMMMM good!

    Blessings to you and yours, Sherry & Marie

  25. Well, you almost got out of Easter dinner :) Good luck with the menu. I'm off the hook this year.

  26. I too use my blog to go back and see what I have done.. bad memory...I hope you have a blessed Easter.. and I love carnations they last forever!!

  27. I am doing Easter this year. Our crowd is abbreviated this Easter. Xanti is married, oh my...and in KC. Xanti's mommy, daddy and baby brother are in FL. One son in law is working. So it looks like 6 or 7. Not doing a lot. Ham and mac and cheese, some veggies...and chocolate of course.

    I've been clearing and dusting.

    Oh...and this tablescaper bought the cutest paper plates napkins and cups in happy Easter colors at Sam's, yesterday. Yep...easy on the dish washing and pretty too.:-)

    Happy Easter, Vee!

  28. As my family ages my sister and I have made a pact that we will always have a holiday spread. We share the task and it works out well.
    I get to do the polish sausage and kraut this year she will cook the lamb.
    We share the sides.
    Since mom's gotten so old I bring my food there 'cause she lives with sis.
    I love your vase!! The one with the pink flower and the green saucer. I love love love it!!!

  29. It's so good to be reading your interesting and thought provoking blog again..... I've missed you!!!

    My family is coming for Easter.... but I'm not 'doing' the regular menu. I'm going to throw them for a loop.....Everything is going to be different, but ...for me life is different right now....I don't want the same.

    Hoping you have a blessed Easter!!

  30. I am invited to an Easter brunch and asked to bring deviled eggs, I am also making blueberry scones. It is good to be busy for holiday get togethers, the best kind of busy. Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family. xo

  31. We now have a plan Vee! They (son and girlfriend) are coming for ham dinner tomorrow even though they are on the 17 Day Diet and aren't to eat anything other than white meat or fish, no potatoes but veggies and salad are okay and no dessert! Ha. Well, they will eat dessert I'm pretty sure (lemon chiffon cake). I'm sure not going to eat it all! (grin) The note cards gifted to you are really sweet. I like the subway art style one in particular. Have a wonderfully blessed Easter!

  32. My newlywed daughter and SIL are in Japan on vacation and will not be home for Easter, so we are taking our other daughter, her boyfriend, little daughter and his mom out for dinner after we visit them and have fun with the Easter egg hunt. Jim and I are going to a special Good Friday service tomorrow night.
    No cooking this year! YEAH!!!
    Love your card your friend sent to you.

  33. We don't have the discussion because we always spend the holidays at the same place, the Duchess's home. This year, we are realllllly stepping out of the box, though. We are having turkey instead of ham. I'm OK with that... just so long as we don't get a wild hair and have ham for Thanksgiving.

    I'm planning something for here on Saturday, though.

  34. I love the preparation for large family occasions and I'm sure your Easter Sunday dinner will be very special!
    You are so lucky to have your family nearby Vee.
    The cards are wonderful - when I looked here for one to send my 90yr old aunt, the choice was very limited...
    Shane ♥

  35. Whatever the occasion, isn't it wonderful to have the family all together around the table. Easter Blessings sweet Vee. xo

  36. hahhaaa...I KNOW I was host last Easter...we always have it at Sweet Nothings. HOWEVER, this year is all screwed up...Open House at 1 doesn't allow for lunch , which is what we always have here...dinner is at kids other parents....so daughter is hosting an Easter Brunch this year and I am elated. :)
    The notes and flowers are beautiful. I need to buy another large bouquet today for open house and you've given me tips on the longest lasting...thanks
    xo bj

  37. Good luck with the supper Vee. Goodness it sounds a little complicated for you. My children are at that age where they are all over the place and it isn't possible for all of us to come togather this Easter. I'll have to love them from afar. Alstreomeria and little carnations are such grateful flowers, aren't they? They just last and last. I hope you have a wonderful family time. Huggs. :)

  38. Mar. 29th

    -chuckle- Nope, that classic old red barn, which I pictured, is not right next door to us. 'Tis across the street from the Fresh Fish place, where we had our Birthday Dinners made for us. I was waiting, while he went in and picked the dinners up.

    And had camera with me, in hopes of finding SOMETHING out side, to picture. As you can see, I didn't find much. lol.

    Happy taking-of-a-break, in your preparations!!!


  39. I always have to cook meals for every holiday, and have since my mother died 40 years ago. This Easter will be no different. But, since the family has dwindled in size from the earlier years, I don't have quite so much work. I'd frankly rather have those loved ones here again and have much to do. His relatives are another story, we rarely see them. This year, our son has a big date Saturday night, so he won't be driving in just for the day. We got to see him last weekend.

    So, what is on your menu this year? Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones!

  40. I've had to cook every holiday meal since my MIL first got sick which was years ago. When she passed away everyone sort of took that as an opportunity to do their own thing so I don't have tons of people to host any more. When she was alive, people used to fly in and stay for a few days etc. Now we're lucky to see everybody maybe every two years or so. On one hand I miss the crazy fun of seeing everyone on the other it's waaay less stress and much more mellow with just a couple of people coming.

    Have a wonderful Easter Vee!

  41. That discussion never seems to happen over here. It's always my turn. :) We have this traditional menu that never changes from year to year...so I'm not spending to much time planning 'dishes'...just cooking them. And we are hoping to move things outdoors on Sunday.

    Beautiful cards by Abby!

    Have fun hosting your gang. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  42. Vee,
    this is funny..
    I don't even know what my daughter and her family are doing for Easter. that's pretty sad...There will just be the 2 of us and we will celebrate...and have a good Easter...
    Enjoy getting everything ready for your family celebration...

  43. That is so funny Vee as my mother-in-law and I were having a similar conversation today at lunch. We figured out that I did Easter dinner and they were out of town visiting family. So, my sweet MIL is doing the dinner this year. I love your flowers and decorations! Carnations are one of my favs as they last so long :) Have a beautiful Easter!

  44. You sound like me... remembering things that maybe didn't really happen :) But looks like you are getting it all together.

    Sending wishes for a very blessed Resurrection Sunday!

  45. I'm thinking about you tonight and wishing you a blessed weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  46. Happy Easter Vee. I am having the girls, their guys, my husband, little RJ and me. An easy bunch.


  47. So cute Vee, I do hope by now you have your Easter menu and plans all sorted out...and next year we'll all help you remember it is not your turn!
    Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

  48. I am happily making Easter dinner this year, Vee. My son-in-law is contributing some favorite dishes to the meal and I'm doing the rest.

    I have the challenge of making most of what I cook gluten free ...ham, lamb,lots of reasted veggies and a pavlova for dessert.

    Have a very happy and blessed Easter!

  49. We celebrated Easter with our kids on Saturday. Instead of working hard in the kitchen, we decided to take them out to eat. Good decision! We came home & chowed down on Easter cookies & later grilled hot dogs.

    Hope you Easter celebration was a good one. Happy Easter, Vee!


  50. I'm sure you had a great time. Food - well I am having the Grands to stay next week (school holidays)and if all the other visits are anything to go by, so often it is I don't like that any more. Last visit daughter said "they are enjoying Tuna, pasta and Broccoli bake just now. (With cheese sauce of course) I dished it up. Bekah - I don't like broccoli with it any more - Oliver - I don't like Tuna any more and on it goes. One visit - Blackcurrant is my favourite drink - next visit - lemon is my favourite drink!!


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