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Friday, March 15, 2013

Time Well Spent in the Sewing Room

Though a thing of beauty was not created, I did learn something and that is the most important thing.

I have been floundering (floundering? flopping? flipping?) trying to figure out how to properly join binding. My face burns with shame that some of you have items from my sewing room where this joining has been improperly done. Please don't hate me! I'll do better next time.

~Lesson 16 Craftsy Block of the Month 2012~

It has certainly helped to have the iPad, which goes with me all over the house. It used to be that working on something in the sewing room that I had seen once was a real challenge because I don't learn well seeing it once. I need to see it over and over and over again before it gets knocked into my crowded brain. And those up and down trips on the stairs got annoying...very.

2. So here I have some green polka-dotted binding that I have made the easy way...no more binding tutes for me thank you very much.

3. Oh-oh. The connections are going to be way too close! Better try to slide the left one down a bit.


4. Here I am finding what Amy Gibson told me is the "critical point." After all the nasty joins I've done, I think critical point is a good term.


5. I used a straight join as all other connections are also straight. Diagonal joins are also an option, but who cares? Not I!


6. Okay, that's better...not great, but better. This post should not be considered a tutorial because many important things have been left out. I gave you all the important info in the caption on the first picture.


7. What is it? Hmmm...good question. It's a sample something or other. I've worked on piecing, machine quilting, and binding. 

~8. blanket backing instead of batting~
8. It's made on a washable blanket rather than a piece of batting. I was able to purchase this blanket for a mere $10 so it's much more economical than purchasing quality batting (especially when practicing). This idea comes from a quilter from way back, a family friend who has made hundreds of quilts over a lifetime. I have not included a fabric backing because this blanket fabric is grabby and so works well as an ironing pad.

Oh. There I go! It's become a mini ironing pad for use on my work table so I don't have to go back and forth to the ironing board. 

Gosh, just stick with me here. You never know what you're going to get. Tomorrow, I may show my experiments in food photography. This blog is nothing if not eclectic.

Have a wonderful weekend and, if I don't see you before then, a Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Well, I for one and impressed! I am so untalented when it comes to sewing. It is all I can do to stitch straight lines to make a curtain! So quilting, binding etc are way beyond me! Have a wonderful weekend Vee.

  2. My sewing machine is in a box in the closet. I keep thinking one day I'll take it out ---- still waiting and enjoying watching you and your quilting! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I try to do it on the diagonal and it is a brain buster every time. I agree that the iPad really does help out in the studio!

    And yes, I always tune in to Vee TV (LOL) to see what you will come up with next for a blog topic.

  4. Got to give you credit for trying, and it seems you're doing a pretty good job Vee. My sewing is pretty limited and although I have my granddaughter's machine in the basement, haven't a clue how to work the newfangled thing. My old machine was a straight stitch.
    Happy sewing.

  5. What a great idea to use a blanket as a quilt backing!! I just got my machine out the other day and it took me 1/2 hour to figure out how to thread it - obviously not used much. I keep dreaming of retiring someday and getting back to doing some quilting - sigh!!! Love your fabric choices BTW.

  6. Vee, you are just a wealth of information and teaching today. Good for you to practice until perfect on your sewing. I'm glad the iPad is such a convenient tool for you as well. It saves a lot of steps! Did you know that iPads are now an aid to band members at our church? Oh yes, they use them for their music, words etc. No more pages of paper flying off the music stand to the floor mid song! I've seen singers approach the stage, iPod in hand and preachers too. What would we ever do without this new technology??

  7. Oh me too! I never "get things," on the first-go-round.

    OK, you solved your up-and-down-the-stairs-need (for viewing tutorials), with your portable iPad.

    But it sounds as if, use of an ironing board, is still an up-and-down-the-stairs-thing. So, why not get a 2nd ironing board, for up in your sewing room?


    1. I have an upstairs ironing board, but a small place to iron at the sewing machine (so one doesn't have to get up and down from the sewing machine) is a great blessing. Trust me!

  8. Vee, actually there's a little tool that makes joining binding so easy. It's by Simplicity Studio and called the "Simpli-ez Bias Ruler. I use it when binding my quilts. Love the idea of a "portable" ironing board and yes, I love that your blog is eclectic! Happy St. Patrick's Day, XOXO

  9. It's so great that that your blog is :eclectic" and never boring and always interesting. It reflects the personality of its writer.

  10. Oh, you're so much closer than I am at getting that! I want to sew beautifully, but so far it's only in my dreams! (and now I want an ipad, also only in my dreams right now, heh-heh)


  11. Eclectic is good! Eclectic is fun! Eclectic is enlightening! Maybe I like it because, I, myself, am eclectic. (And I'm not just speaking about my blog.) But isn't everyone?

    I love the fabrics you used for your experiment-turned-ironing-pad!

  12. Somewhere through the years I learned to do that, but it's been more than a year since I've done anything that required joining binding pieces. I'm so glad that you've reminded me to look to You Tube.

    The fabric pieces you've used are so pretty. I really like those colors together ~ happy colors!

  13. Real life is nothing if not eclectic. That's why it's so fun to come and visit here. Joining binding pieces has always been a bugaboo of mine. The amount of information on the internet is truly astounding.

    A portable mini ironing pad is a great idea and the colours are cheerful, something good to have when ironing. As to using an old blanket - I remember my mother doing that years ago. Most blankets are now microfibre, which wouldn't be the best for ironing, I think. It's almost impossible to find a cotton blanket these days.

  14. You're far ahead of me. I really don't know how to sew anything. Zig-zagging the edges of these afghan blankets I make it all I know how to do. I wasn't in line when the craft gene was passed out. I sure I must've been in the bathroom.

  15. Always entertaining if not tut-ing (short for tutorial)! I can so relate to the quilt binding dilemma. I'll just tell my husband that Vee says I need an I-pad. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. Thanks Vee. I have pinned these tips because I need to remember them. I have a quilt to make fr my 3 yr old grandson and now maybe, the binding will look better...

  17. Thank you! Both for the sewing assistance and the inspiration. I like the idea of using a washable blanket instead of batting.

  18. Sorry Vee, I can't help you, I am allergic to sewing. :-)

  19. Eclectic.....is one of my favorite words. Describes me and my home perfectly. I need to be shown things over and over until I get it. As long as I can get it, I am OK! xo

  20. I think it looks wonderful...wish you could give me a one on one tutorial. I do best with those. I am making my rag quilt from an on-line tutorial, but it was soo easy. Other things I need someone there I can speak to, haha. But I am like one, once I have got it, I've got it! Enjoy your week-end Vee!

  21. It looks great. You have certainly impressed me and inspired me to try and fill the bobbin on my sewing machine again. ;-)

  22. This is why we love your blog! Always something new!

    I've been itching to sew...Emma is starting a skirt for Easter and I am going to give her a hand I think!


  23. Love the idea of using a washable blanket, but Pleeaaase pre-wash and dry before using it in a quilt. Even though blankets shouldn't shrink, some do, beyond all recognition. Sigh. (No, the store wouldn't take them back, either. Accused me of not following the washing instructions! Really, how hard is it to wash warm and tumble dry. I even used delicate cycles. grrrr sorry.) The fabrics you are playing with are so fun. Have to love tutorials available on the web. I like the straight binding seam. :)

    1. I always prewash and dry all fabrics and all things to be used in a quilt; however, it's not the recommendation of many quilt experts. Just saying.

  24. Let's try again. I'm clueless, utterly clueless, about binding and whatnot. Remember, that mint in box sewing machine of mine...
    The project looks great, beautiful fabrics.
    The strawberry shortcake must have been a delight,as well as the yogurt covered pretzels. The plate is lovely as well, although not for food.
    I do have a question. Can you tell me why my new header is so ginormous???

  25. I'm smiling and thinking just how much I enjoy hearing you chat away in your posts. You are such a great blogger and apparently a great quilter as well.

  26. Eclectic is good! Though I have no idea about joining things properly...or what should be on the backside...I think it all looks mighty fine over there in your sewing room. I like your choice of colours and fabrics. Enjoy your weekend:)

  27. You always get it right, even if you had got it wrong, I wouldn't have known the difference! I love the colors you are using.
    Always a joy to stop by, you always inspire me!

  28. It's so much easier now to find something online and follow the tutorial. I don't know how many times I've done this! But you're having fun and accomplishing something, too. I cleaned today....well, it was needed! heehee! Sweet hugs!

  29. Vee,

    I think your work is wonderful - you are better than I....I create but can never 'exact sew" if that makes any sense.

    I think whatever your making is looking very colourful and pretty!

    Have a wonderful day.

  30. Vee, It looks perfect to me!! I would never ever be able to do that!!! I love your fabrics you have chosen!!

  31. I love sewing but need a maid to cut things out and measure everything, everything I make is slightly wrong, you are doing much better than me.

  32. Well, it turned out very nicely Vee.
    I like the fabrics you've chosen for your quilt.
    Very pretty.
    I'll be back to see what's cooking!

  33. I can barely sew on a button, so everything you said here today was Greek to me, Vee, but I can see that you are getting good use out of your iPad! V gave me an ipad for my birthday a couple years ago-had it engraved and everything, but he uses it more than I do. In fact it is in NYC this weekend, along with V, while I am here in CO. :)

  34. I'm ahead of North American over here and I'm trying to keep up. That sounds weird. Happy St Patrick's day to you on Sunday.

  35. So loving my new i-pad but don't think I will be watching a needlework commentary. Not my gifting!


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