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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun App

~bottom center~

So last week I was shopping in the App Store where I found this one called Craftsy. It is free and I'm all about "free." (Mostly free...there are things for purchase.) The premise is that one can take classes so I signed right up for "Craftsy Block of the Month" with Amy. She also blogs at Stitchery Dickory Dock. Isn't that a cute blog name? Anyway, imagine my surprise to visit there today to find that Mr. Stichery Dickory Dock was working on a quilt! Kinda fun.

What I have really appreciated about Amy is that her methods are simpler than some others. She showed me how to join binding in an easy way. I mean, I was getting ready to spend $10 on a binding tool and now I don't have to. Yay!

November was an ambitious month!

The finished project was a sampler of sorts...many different blocks and many techniques taught. It really was a lot of fun!

Of course, much of the joy of all this is so I don't have to actually make a quilt. Don't gasp. I have discovered that, simply by watching, I don't have to do a thing. I warned you that I was in slug mode.

It works for other things, too: I pin, therefore, I am. 

Hopefully, I'll return to the land of doing soon. You know, beyond making meals, doing laundry, etc. I used to think that because my home was neat and tidy that I had "done" something. Now I realize that there's a big divide between really doing something and thinking that one has.

Oh! Wait! I did make my own quilt block in Photoscape.

~the grands~

Nah, that doesn't count.

I watched the snowball fight.

Son and Grandsons

Am I going to have to learn how to make mittens?


  1. Well, it seems to me that you have been photographing and blogging. Those activities count for something, right? Youbetcha! Thanks for the tip on the free app! I'm all about the free stuff too.

  2. Love free apps! OF course I don't have an Ipad I have a Nook Tablet and soooo many apps don't work on a Nook Tablet....wish I would have bought an Ipad instead :-(

  3. That seems like a cool app for all who know about quilting!! One of these days Vee!!!
    Sweet Son and Grandsons photo That is alot of snow Wow!!
    xoxo marissa

  4. Oh Vee that is so good to know. Being a person who only sews by hand I can use all the help I can get. Love the links, your little ones and your photos. You know picmonkey is FREE and you can make great mosaics on there too. I used for my header and trailer on my blog.

    Happy Tuesday. We're expecting snow later in the week, how about you?


  5. I think your Photoscape quilt block is my very favorite ~ it made me smile! Your little guys are so adorable.

    I will go check out some free apps, though. Those TED videos are always interesting.

  6. I really like YOUR quilt! I've taken a couple of classes at Craftsy -- the expensive kind! Liked them both ... both crochet.

  7. No need to make mittens, just pin it and show them . It will let them know you had good intentions, lol!

    Getting ready for the next storm?

  8. I'll have to check that app out. Looks fun!

    I think it is easy to get into slug mode in the winter...Come on Spring! sigh....snow on the way tonight.


  9. I work at home, but there's so many things to catch up on and I don't have the "weather" excuse. I'm going to check out the App; looks interesting and if it's free, even better, XOXO

  10. O, Vee...I, too, am in that sluggish mode and don't even really want to look at anything "being done"....*heavy sigh....I am HOPING when my energy comes back from being sick, I will want to do SOMEthing...

  11. I feel the same way, as if I am caught in the Twilight Zone. I think it is all of this wretched snow.

  12. I LOVE that quilt block of the grands. Better than any quilt I've ever seen.

    You're no slug!

    Love wrapped in a dirty bathrobe,


  13. Lately I've felt like I've accomplished something if I "pin" it. So sad...I hate being a sloth. I long to dig in the dirt and make something happen!

  14. How resourceful you have become in the app department. You have inspired me to look for things of interest. I have promised myself, when I retire, in five years, I will make a quilt.

  15. You are too funny Vee! I'll pass on this App but keep looking and tell us when you find another cool one I might like to download.
    You would be a loving grandmother if you knit mittens for everyone, John included. :-)
    Have you worked on your black and white for Saturday yet?

  16. Well, I am definitely in the accomplishment mode right now, and I really LONG to be in the pin it mode for a rest very soon!

    As to apps. You have no idea how stupid I am about stuff like that. Really, it's too sad to elaborate.

    (And make the mittens... Who wouldn't love mittens made by grandma?)

  17. A quilt is a quilt is a quilt! You have accomplished a good deal with your photos and all you are learning in that world of photography! Some quilt with fabric - others with photos. BOTH are art!

  18. It's always been more fun for me to gather the ideas than to actually do them. I'd love to be able to make a quilt, but my attention wouldn't last long enough to finish it. Cute pic of the snowballers and they look like they could use some mittens!

  19. What a fun app. I'm electronically challenged and haven't a clue how to use an app or most of my phone for that matter, but I imagine there is a whole world of wonderful things to learn if you do.

  20. Oh I loved this...especially the the "I pinned"...oh know that...but I did use a lot for the wedding. Thanks for this resource...as I come back to life I plan on getting busy again....love seeing the boys!!

  21. You crack me up, Miss Vee.
    I think your Photoscape quilt is adorable.

  22. I still haven't got around to trying out my sewing machine. I keep saying I should do that but never seem to get around to it!!

  23. I gather way more ideas than I will ever have time to do but I do get the Craftsy newsletter. If I only had time to read it! lol Sweet hugs! I like your quilt block best!

  24. Oh...you have been busy...taking courses and 'buying' free apps...and watching the snow fly...and making quilt blocks. :) I have an i-phone and no apps. It seems I need to register at the apple store before I can go shopping there...and that never happens. Soon.

  25. The mosaic of 'the grands,' is precious.

    Mmmm, I know. We do think we need that self-pat-on-the-back, of "doing" something. Ok. OK. OK.

    But how about some days, of NOT NEEDING that self-pat-on-the-back, of "doing" something? What's so *terrible,* about some of those?

    And I beg to differ... Keeping a house neat and tidy ISSSSSSSSSSSSS "doing something." "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... ,-)

  26. A very cool app. Maybe it's the winter, but I've felt very sluggish, too, until very recently. Now, I've got ideas up the whazoo. But nothing is finished (except the curtains.)
    Love the quilted grandkids.

  27. I am with you, Vee! I'm more of a dreamer than a do-er, lol! It's OK...dreaming is for free, doesn't clutter the house, has no calories, and and is very satisfying.

    I love your grandchild photo quilt...just look at those bright eyes and rosy cheeks!

    PS: I am FINALLY beginning to watch season one of Downton Abby and hope to complete the entire three seasons before season 4 begins..YAY!

  28. Even your sluggishness is humorous. Looks like a great ap ... and you can have a vicarious quilting experience. sounds good to me.

  29. Hahaha! "I pin, therefore I am" is too funny!

    However, I think that if you have a tidy house and you're cooking and keeping up with the laundry, you ARE doing something! Those things don't just happen.

    Precious "patch" of those sweet boys!

  30. What a great app! You may not be actually making something, but you are learning for the future and that's important. The photo is cute!

  31. Vee, just want to remind you to keep track of your "usage" as you add Apps, particularly with Pinterest. Besides the photos I have on my iPad, the photos you "repin" on Pinterest will take up a lot of memory. Yesterday, I had to eliminate some of my Apps because I was almost over my limit.


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