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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Round~Thursday Inspiration

In the past two days, I have received at least three round gifts. That's right. How convenient! And especially with Mary's prompt this week being round.

First, God sent snow to greet us for the first day of spring. It's not what I usually think of for spring beauty, though it is beautiful all the same.

So there I was doing dishes at the kitchen sink Wednesday morning watching the sunlight on the icicles and appreciating all the beauty of the last-day-of-winter snowstorm...ahem. (Lies this big really could come back to bite a gal.) There was sort of a rainbow effect going on with the icicles glowing in all the various shades. The icicles were dripping and I found myself wondering if I could capture a little round drip.

Many tries later...I think 87 or something...I succeeded. At least, if we are not talking about perfectly round.

Second, my complimentary wine glasses arrived from The Wine Enthusiast. They are lovely and parts of them are definitely round, perfectly so. After all this snow, I needed some wine. No, don't let me josh you. I don't drink wine. (Not opposed, just haven't found any that tastes better than Sierra Mist™. My tastebuds are obviously very immature.) I do love pretty stemware, though, so come back tomorrow and I'll tell you more about it.

Third, the incomparable BJ of Sweet Nothings sent a package that lifted me from the doldrums. There was so much round in it, which I have merely hinted at in this photo and my header. So, you've got it, come back tomorrow!

Have you ever noticed how round the bottom of a Hershey's kiss is? Thanks for stopping by.

Linking to Mary at Little Red House for Thursday Inspiration. Won't you join us?


P.S. A big thank you to all the participants in this month's Note Card Party! I so enjoyed finding spring all over the place. It did a lot to buoy my spirits, which were pretty much on the floor after all that snow arrived. I'll try to do better with the reminders in April! Our next party is scheduled for April 17.


  1. Wonderful examples of round--especially that hershey kiss bottom. And you captured that drop of melting ice quite nicely.

  2. Good morning Vee! It's bright and sunny here this morning and one really needs sun glasses on to look out at the brightness of the new snow. Such beauty! (right?) I love the photo of the icicles outside the window and the ones of the water drop. They are so hard to capture and you got two of them! Enjoy this beauty of a day. Hugs, Pam

  3. HI Vee!

    Fabulous photos! Love the capturing of the drip - you're really good at this photo taking!! I enjoyed the pics of the sap buckets on the maple trees. I always see them in a little town called Granville in Ohio not too far from me. I passed a wooded area on the freeway and there were bags attached to trees. We wondered if that was a cheap way to collect sap these days. I love the weathered look of those old buckets!

    The grands can make a circle through our condo whether there's obstructions or not - so at least the big coffee table can't reach out to get them anymore. It ends up a racetrack eventually no matter what we do.
    LOL Thanks for stopping by and looking at our hard work. I really love the room now.

    Big hugs, Sherry

  4. I am SO very impressed with your icicle drips. Regardless of how many takes it took you, that fact is that you did it. Don't lose that photo, it's a good one. ~ Abby

  5. I wish I could appreciate icicles as much as Little Birdie Blessings. But waking to minus 10 degrees this morning makes me a little less appreciative of this lingering winter. :-) Enjoyed the 'round' photos. Hope you have a wonderful day, and I sure hope spring kicks in pretty soon!

  6. Thumbs up for Sierra Mist. Have you tried it with grape juice or orange juice? What a fizzy delight! I enjoyed your collection of rounds. No snow here, just some bitter cold and wind.

  7. WOW! You did an amazing job catching those drips! I woke to snow this morning here in NC!

  8. Very good examples of round. I especially like the drops from the ice.

  9. You looked for the round, and found it in interesting places. Great shot of the icicle drip, that took patience and a bit of skill no doubt.
    I feel bad that I've never appreciated the nice round bottom of a Hershey kiss, I just tear off the foil and pop them in my mouth! In the future, I will actually look at and appreciate the shape of these tasty morsels, and of course, think of you. :-)

  10. Your icicle photos are wonderful!!! Ah, the beauty of digital is the delete button for all the attempted shots that didn't quite hit the mark. A melting icicle is a great example of subject that benefits from the continuous shooting mode. Shoot like crazy and save the ones that best represent what you already saw in your mind's eye.

    MMmmm, chocolate kisses in the mail. That's a pretty special friend!

  11. What a beautiful header! Now, that says "spring" all over!!

    I'm with you about wine, but do have a couple of favorites. (1) Siegerabe (sp?) Berren Auslese (very sweet) (2) Rasberry Moscata (light and sweet) (3) Chocolate Raspberry I don't have the brand names close and I have bottles in the fridge with stoppers that have been on those same bottles for months and months. They're aging! Actually, once in a blue moon I will drink a few tablespoons of wine, but that's about it. My favorite drink is lemon Crystal Light.

    Your photos of the icicle drops are beautiful. It must have taken a great deal of patience to capture those. They fall very quickly.

  12. Great captures of the drips! Ooooooo I love Sierra Mist, I put a little bit of juice in it, almost like a punch...YUM, YUM!!!

  13. I figured you must have received a lot of winter weather. Stephanie's husband had to take her vehicle to make it to work and back on Tuesday. Their large seven passinger vehicle is heavier than his little car, it just takes a lot more gas for his 70 mile commute. They had ice on top of snow. Happy Spring...

    It's just cold here, I think it was twelve degrees when I got up with a wind chill of three. Hard to believe last year this time we were having record heat in the 80s.

    I really want to participate again in your Note Card party. I have to plan ahead better. I've been invited to take part in a couple weekly tea party posts on other blogs but recently I can only keep up four or five posts on my own. I need to rev up the brain muscles...

    Love those wine glasses, they are so unique.

  14. The capture of those falling drops of icicle water!!! A standing ovation is in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    Now I have used all my "'Tisssss Wonderfulllll" words, so I will close. :-)


  15. You speak of 'Sierra Mist' so many times. So I finally looked it up. "A natural lemon-lime soda"...

    You mention it so many times, that they should have sent you a complimentary case, by now!!!! :-)


  16. You found some very interesting round items. I love how you caught the icicle drip!

  17. Very beautiful, Vee! The icicles were very mesmerizing to look at :) Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a delightful day!


  18. I did a double take at you window of icicles as it looks just like mine. I have tried to catch them dripping for a photo but haven't been able to as yet. Great photos! You are right about the beauty of the snow but I would enjoy the beauty of apple blossoms in our orchard more.

  19. Your photos are amazing and you captured that drip beautifully!

  20. Vee you have done it again. Amazed me with your photography and writing skills. Congrats on your stemware. I got a goody from one of my blogger sistas too and will post about it soon. I have been sitting here trying to figure out how you got that dish of cupcake papers to stand up in your header. You have some tricks smart gal.

  21. Oh I missed note cards again...I have got to slow down, I so enjoyed that party!
    I enjoyed this post also..it was fun! I am not a wind drinker either, but I do enjoy the pretty stemware...and in goes Ice Tea!
    Enjoy your snow!!

  22. The drop from the icicle is fantastic, Vee, that photo would win an award. I am interested in hearing about the Wine Enthusiast. I have several bottles still unopened from Christmas! I just like having them in the house in case of a last minute unexpected guest or invite to dinner. I enjoyed this month's note card party, too. xo

  23. Hey Vee! You really came up with some great photos for the round theme! Happy Spring to you!

  24. Vee, What wonderful blessings!!

    love the icicles such a beautiful picture! I hope spring comes your way real soon though... I don't drink much wine either I prefer cocktails and beer I guess I am not so La~ti~da.. but that doesn't stop me from buying nice stem ware either..

  25. Brrr, your icicle picture sent a shiver up my spine! Then, I warmed up when I saw the Hershey kisses! BTW, your header picture is lovely.


  26. Vee your photography is so wonderful - Love your new header! What kind of clothes are your chicks wearing? Cup cake paper clothes?


  27. Dear Vee,

    As IF I ever even LOOKED at a Hershey's Kiss before quickly unwrapping and stuffing it into my gob. Over and over - nope no time to see any kind of shape except the shape of YUM.

    LOVE your droplets pics - amazing you had the patience. I commend thee!

    Hugs, and feeling your winter-doldrums pain here too,


  28. Snow here, too. Wonderful pictures of the drips off the icicles. You have such an eye for detail and beauty.

  29. Good job with the drops of water from the melting icicles. Very cool!

    I like pretty stemware too -

    I love kisses with almonds! When I buy them I eat way too many, so I rarely buy them!


  30. Your icicle droplets are amazing!! I can almost picture you bent over the kitchen sink as you captured these beauties! I too love your Springy header. Spring WILL come - I think! Pretty stemware, Hersheys kisses, and sweet wine - what could be better?

  31. Great capture of the drop of water.
    Hope the icicles have melted by now and it seems more like spring. : )

  32. Amazing photos of the icicles dripping! Great job!

  33. You have great patience to capture those icicle drips.....bravo!
    And ROUND bottoms of Hershey kisses....doesn't get any better than that, except for the round top of that wine glass!
    I joined the challenge, too, and am impressed with all the photos!
    Have a great weekend. Here it's trying to snow or rain or be sunny! Ah, Spring in the Rockies!

  34. Hi Vee,

    You know I don't always make the rounds visiting everyone, but I always want to know what you are up to. Is it any wonder that you are showered with gifts? Everyone loves you.

    I love your round things, but those icicles and the way you captured them are wonderful.

    It's snowing agin! But I am getting lots of things done around the house while it snows.


  35. So sorry to have missed the note card party yesterday, Vee-- too much grandchildren time going on here-- if such a thing is possible!:)

    I love your freeze action photos of the melting iccles! Wow! You are good, Vee!

    Glad you got a few good round surprises this week to sweeten you day!

  36. OH! my goodness( southern saying ) Vee, I so enjoyed your icicles, your photography is outstanding! I know you might think it's that new camera but you have really developed so many new skills and always share with us. I am awed by the clarity of your photos. I really have never noticed how round the bottom of a H-kisses was, because I was always so busy tearing the paper off and popping it in my mouth.~smile~
    We are really getting some cold temps. here tonight, a real hard freeze, I am praying our blueberry, plum and strawberry blossoms survive.
    Enjoy your evening.

  37. Vee,
    What a catch...the droplet off the icicles is genius!!!
    Of course, you're getting that from a Mid~Western Lady who L O V E S SNOW!!!
    That BJ is just Sweet EVERYTHING, isn't she???
    I'm guessing those cupcake wrappers are the Round she sent to you???
    P.S. Visiting from Mary's Thursday Inspirations!

  38. A visit to your blog today was made even better than usual by your fabulous photography and fun idea to capture a round drop for us to see!! Especially for those of us who have NEVER seen an icicle hanging from their roof (I live in CA), your pictures are wonderful....and I can just imagine standing at the window and waiting for the little drops to fall. Thanks :)

  39. First of all, thanks for hosting the card party, I keep seeing new people. What fun!!!
    Second, I love love love your icicle droplets. Catching a drop of water is just as hard as catching lightning.
    And those Hershey kisses would not be round anymore if they were in my hands... gobble gobble!

  40. At least your icicles were dripping. That means they were melting. Lovely photos. Valerie

  41. Trying to capture icicle drips is a challenge and you did a great job. Melting=spring? we can only hope. Enjoy the weekend.

  42. I am amazed at the view from your window today! Oh my! But it sounds like you've had a nice day and enjoyed some happy mail! Sending you some warm hugs tonight!

  43. nothing sweeter than a hershey's kiss!
    i loved your round theme and think it
    doesn't matter what you put in a wine
    glass. everything tastes better in it.

  44. Happy to see you found some Wine Enthusiast love too :)

  45. You are so loved by so many! Look at ALL these comments!
    Hard to imagine your weather.....it was a chilly, dark, gloomy Thursday here in the Houston area. I just so happen to LOVE chilly, dark and gloomy weather! Not sure what that says about me!
    Louis Dean drinks red semi sweet box wine and I drink not TOO sweet and not TOO dry white wine. Now LD enjoys a good dark beer. I don't like ANY beer!
    But like the comment above - EVERYTHING tastes better in a wine glass!

  46. Great ideas for rounds and those drips are marvelous!

  47. Beautiful stemware, but I'm like you...I'd rather have Diet Coke with Lime instead of wine. Hoping the rest of the month is more gentle to you, XOXO

  48. What a tenacious gal you are, waiting for that drip! And your waiting was well-rewarded with such a pretty, round drop...great job!

    My favorite beverage with which to fill lovely stemware is Coke. (Not diet. I prefer the kind that is laden with sugar and phosphates and a "bite." It's best when it burns your throat going down.) Mostly, however, I drink water. Or coffee, but I don't put that in stemware!

    Oh yes, I have noticed how round a Hershey's kiss is. Not that I've eaten enough to notice or anything. ;)

  49. Great job capturing that drip! You and the new camera make a great team.

    I love stemware and that is one fine looking piece you've shown. Love the shape. I'm not much of a drinker, but I love to serve iced tea or soda in stemware on the rare occasion when I actually set a nice table.

    Have a nice weekend! We're supposed to get some snow. I'm so bummed. Crazy weather.

  50. I agree Vee... a beautiful glass just makes whatever is in it tast better! The same with a good cup of coffee or tea in a nice cup. Not everything has been improved with plastic and paper! :)

  51. I just noticed that I missed this post...first-day-of-spring post with round drips from icicles! Yikes! I'll be quiet about the hail we had then. Good pic's.

  52. Vee, you did an amazing job of taking the icicle photos! We don't get to see that much here in East Texas; so beautiful. I know you are wanting Spring, but it won't be long. The wine glasses are so pretty also. Hang in there!

  53. Love the icicles above the window.


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