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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fake Ballerinas

We have a line in our house that goes like this: It's a fake plum. We say this in a monotone much as my son did when he was teaching Sam about the difference between real plums and the wax ones gracing my mother's coffee table. Apparently, my son's still at it if Jake's comment about my "fake blanket" is any indication. It's amazing how often our family "line" comes in handy and it sends us into peals of laughter.

Found this idea while visiting *Aunt Ruthie's* *Easter Sweetness* Board on Pinterest. Hers are so much cuter because they're real! And check out those darling lambs.

With late winter hanging on so tight, I have needed to see cheerful reminders of better days coming.

Wouldn't you just know that John arrived home an hour early and found me making these tutus for my little chickies. I felt so ridiculous!  I may be entering my second childhood or perhaps I miss the frou-frou stuff that one does with little girls.

Have a super day and check back tomorrow when I participate in a photography prompt at Donna's: black and white. Black and white? Eeekkk! I don't even know if I've ever posted a black and white photo. ; > 

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  1. They are just adorable and fun to see!

  2. That is just too cute for words. How cheerful!!

  3. They're darling! And like Shakespeare's "quality of mercy" they are twice blessed. They bless the one who had the fun of creating them and all who smile to see them and have their day brightened.

  4. Oh my gosh, you are hilarious! When I first saw the teeny photo on the reader preview, I thought that this was a post about Peeps (btw, the chocolate variety can not be found ANYWHERE this year - gah!). But once I pulled it up and saw a bigger image, I knew that this post was even quirkier! You always keep me guessing, my dear! LOL...

  5. P.S. Thanks for the plug about the photo challenge tomorrow. I'm so delighted to get you out of your comfort zone and try something new in photography! Bwaahaahaa! (diabolical, evil laugh)

  6. These are adorable! Cute vignettes. We have snow, couple of inches maybe. Temp is at 32 so icy slush too. Thirteen more days?? Yes! xo

  7. You've added some sunshine into my morning as I visit this post! It's quite foggy out my window but I'm enjoying the chicks!!

  8. You are amazingly creative and I do believe that you also acquired patience enough for two of us! My Easter decorations are in our storage unit. For now, I love seeing what you do and I'm so glad you share with us.

  9. So cute!

    I was just thinking this week how much I miss having a little girl around to make fun stuff. My little girl is now in her 30s!

    1. Mine, too! You do have some sweet grandgirlies, right?!

  10. The little chicks with skirts are adorable, Vee. My kitties would have a blast playing with them. How do you manage to keep Fiore off your table/cabinet tops?

  11. Oh my goodness, they are just darling! I want some too! Have a wonderful week-end Vee!

  12. Don't know what your post-loading-problem was but...... You certainly have managed to post a darling entry!

    Tu-tu's for Chicks! Awwwwww, precious.

    I agree, it may be a reaction to not having little Granddaughters to get cute little cotton dresses for, and hair bows. I know, I am in that stage. And I fairly droooooooooooooooooooool, when I see little girl dresses, anywhere. -moan- -pout-

    But I shouldn't complain too much. I had 3 little girl Grands. Although the middle one, was always a tom-boy and would have none of my "fru-frus." -chuckle-

    Black And White tomorrow! Whooo-hooooo! Ever see a blog, which was totally B&W photos? Done well? Oh sigh, THAT probably took the wind out of my sails, as to B&W pics, long ago. -pout-

    But gee, all I have to do is click on the Black And White App. in my Mac's iPhoto.

    Yeah, I know. Just doing that, on any old pic, will not a wonderful B&W study make.


  13. Ha ha, tu-tu's on chickies. You're too funny Vee. On the other hand, you may have started a new fad. :-)
    See you tomorrow for B & W.

  14. I'm hanging back and watching how the b & w photography post goes tomorrow, before joining in.
    Your chickies are cute, and hey, it's never too late for frou-frou!

  15. Wow, this post brought smiles. LOVE the tutu clad chickies. I noticed a sign on a farm store that real live chicks are in. Spring is most definitely coming. Yee-haw!

  16. Chickies in tutus by Vee...love it! My grands are reminding me that is time for 'little peeps' and chickies...and all those Easter surprises that are now tradition.

  17. hee hee. Those are just darling tutus on the chickies. Thanks for the heads up on Donna's black and white day. See you there!

  18. I loved this post! The Vee-Chicks are adorable! And their tutus --- priceless!

  19. I am fascinated with family vocabulary and idioms! It is part of what makes a family a family!

    I also love how blog-husbands learn to expect and accept...ummm...different things from us. :)

    I just showed Bekah the "fake" ballerinas and she thinks they're cute!

  20. I have always found those little chickies to be so cute, but those little tutus put them over the top! What a darling idea.
    Why is it that husbands always seem to come home when we're in the middle of this type of project?

  21. Ballerina chicks! How adorable!

    It's early in the gsmee but I have definitely found it is more fun to shop for clothes for my granddaughter than is has been to shop for my grandsons. I think it may also turn out to be the same for toys and books.

    B&W photo challenge, eh? Sounds interesting!

  22. Ok...I see your ballerina chicks...so cute! is that the problem post??? Hope you figured out the problem. Blogspot just puzzles me sometimes!

  23. Aww so sweet love tutus and on chicks aww so cute!! I wish I was that creative!

  24. Well, if you ask me, these are the CA U TEST chicks I've ever seen...in their tutus....just precious. Your picture taking is becoming absolutely PROFESSIONAL...

  25. You are reminding me I need to get my little chicks out (although mine won't have those cute little tutus). I always forget to decorate until the holiday is almost over....

  26. So cute! Love this. I have little pink chicks for Lucie's pink Easter tree! Better get them out soon! I'll go look at the real chicks now! I love Pinterest!

  27. LOVELOVELOVE! I think I could hear Swan Lake playing in the background when I saw the fluffy ballerinas!! Too cute Vee. I have some little chicks tucked in my Easter tub, they may have to put their tutus on and dance with yours.

    Thanks for lifting my spirits this morning! And thanks for your prayers!

    Big hugs, Sherry

  28. Very cute post...it made me remember and laugh at my own self!! I am a music minister and years ago, we did a childrens cantata/play that contained the lines "You wanna' buy a duck? Does it quack? 'Course it quacks!"
    My children were all in the play, but were not the speakers of the lines. NOW, they are all long grown up and have kids of their own, but if disaster strikes in the family, some small voice always asks "Wanna' buy a duck?", and we all laugh and our collective blood pressure is lowered immediately!!!
    Thanks for a great big smile on my face....and yes, I am reading your blog backward!!
    Blessings to you folks up there in the big north.
    Jaybird in central Texas


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