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Friday, August 2, 2013

Sewing and Snow Falls Revisited

Sis arrived Wednesday morning with two 6'x9' painter's cloths from Lowe's, a yard of accent fabric, and creme horns.

I already had Sewing Central set up.

We soon set to ripping and tearing and ten hours later we were done. Ten hours? Don't ask. (We work slow. We did a whole lot of fiddle flipping. We are a bizarre combination of perfectionistic and to heck with it. If we were being perfectionistic, we'd say, "It's for the cottage." If being cavalier, "It's only for camp.")

Somewhere along the way, Sis decided she'd like a valence and the valence just lent itself to a bit of trim.

This is the final result. I should add that these curtains will be used for the bedroom doors at the cottage. Both husbands wished to know why regular doors should not be purchased. Perhaps one day they will be. For now, Sis will do it the old-fashioned way — a curtain as it has always been.

Edited to add: Oh, and I made tie-backs as well. I tried some piping. Now that was so much fun that I feel like piping everything. 


Thursday was a corker of a day. The main stars were the youngest grand, the gorgeous clouds, and Snow Falls. 

We all had fun picnicking, going on a treasure hunt, launching boats, and taking a little hike.  

~Jake and John on the bridge at Snow Falls~

The day ended at the ice cream stand as all lovely days do.

Perhaps your first August weekend will find you at an ice cream stand, too!


  1. The curtains are lovely.

    What a perfect day to visit the falls. Love the sound of the water. I know your grandson enjoyed his visit and especially the ice cream.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Aw yes, a perfect day always ends with ice-cream!! Your curtains are gorgeous and I love the idea of using them as doors in a cottage - that really makes it feel like a cottage. Haven't heard the expression "corker of a day" for many years - love it! Your little grandboy is adorable.

  3. It wax nice to hear the sound of the falls and I love the moo cow spots on the ice cream stand.

  4. I think it sounds like a wonderful day to sit and sew with your sister! The curtains are stuns! love them. Ice cream IS the perfect end to a summer day! I listened to the sound of those fslls 3 times!! nothing like that sound...Enjoy your week-end!

  5. Cute pic of the little guy getting his feet wet! He's so cute. I'm sure he had a fun day, especially when you top it off with ice cream.

    The curtains look very pretty!

  6. Mmmm... I recognize it because I have it too. And your phrase for it 'fiddle flipping' is perfect for what I have thought was a bizarre combo perfectionistic and to heck with it.

    BTW, love the curtains....

  7. The is always perfect with ice cream! Looks like you had a productive time with your sister and made lots of good memories with the youngest grand. YeeHaw!

    (Yep ... sort of a break ... a photo or so a day and very little words.)

  8. Curtains as doors reminds me of my Gram's house. She had them as closet doors and to the cellar. Love the color and trim!

    Mmm...I keep telling Mr OP that one day we are going to do that for supper - just ice cream!

    I'm thinking black raspberry - my favorite! And I could eat it by using pretzels!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Hi Vee,

    Well this post has lots of things to grab our attention. First of all, I LOVE creme horns! We have a local bakery that makes really good ones, and now I'm seriously craving one. :) Secondly, I like the curtain; you two did a great job and I like the accent fabric you chose. The husband at this house would want to know why not just a replacement door , too. :) I love what you wrote about a combination of perfectionist and "the heck with it." You are a hoot!

    Last of all, we've had gorgeous clouds like that a lot here this spring and summer; hubby and I love looking at them. And how interesting that you and I both wrote about waterfalls this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  10. Hmmm... my daughter is a perfectionist and I don't know if we would sew well together. I would be like "that is good, no one will notice it" and she would tell me that she would.

    Yes to ice cream! Hubby has been doing our grocery shopping for awhile now and he came home with THREE cartons of ice cream. He had an excellent coupon for one Blue Bunny and the two Breyers were deep discounted. Just to make sure we were not overcome with too much of a good thing all at once, one of the Breyers went out to the deep freeze. ;)

  11. So I'm intrigued by that unit with the hose going out the window...Is that a portable air conditioner unit? I'm glad you had some good long sister time flipping back and forth! :)
    The hike and ice cream sound real good!

    1. Exactly! Our windows are narrow and do not accommodate a wall AC unit.

  12. The curtains are so pretty. I know they took a lot of time, but they are so lovely! Snow Falls looks like a wonderful spot to visit, especially with someone as adorable as your grandson. I am so glad you are able to enjoy time with your grandchildren. =) Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hi Vee!

    I really love the curtains! I think in a cottage - a curtain is a perfect door... :0)

    Snow falls looks so beautiful - what a fun way to spend time with those you love - and ice cream at the end of the day is always good too!

    I have never heard of cream horns - it must be something they make in the East and not in the West! They look delicious!


  14. So nice to have a sister to do projects with and then eat cream horns. :-). I like the way the curtains turned out and remember a cottage growing up that had them for privacy. I had to laugh when I saw the cartoon eyes, what a hoot.
    August already!

  15. I'd be very interested in hearing exactly why husbands think doors would be better. Obviously doors mean installation work, probably for them to do, so I doubt that is a bonus.
    Thinking about all the men I've lived down a hallway from (including three years in a coed dorm) I think they want doors for noise control...to block digestive sounds from being heard by others, to say it as politely as possible.
    Let me know if you can get them to say why they want doors instead of curtains, if the reasons are more benign than what I suspect. :-)

  16. What a great time! I can't get past the pictures, and the beauty all around you. I think your part of the US has to be among the most beautiful. Are those FISH in that stream? Sure looks like it. In Texas, the water is so dark, you have no idea what is just below the surface. Looks like a perfect summer day.

  17. The curtains are really pretty! I have a sister who sews well. Me? I'm more proficient at the seam ripper since I make more mistakes than anyone I know. Sewing takes patience, and sometimes I lack it.

    And now, I want icecream. I'm trying not to mess up the diet, but it has been so awfully HOT.

  18. I love the curtains! I don't remember the last time I had a cream horn. Should so something about that.

  19. Those curtains are perfect. I am not going to an ice cream stand today, but I did just come back from the store with a pint of ice cream for dessert!

  20. Love the curtains and fabric! I haven't had a cream horn in years. Always loved the buttery crunch of the dough. mmmmm.

  21. The drapes turned out beautifully! I worked on some drapes this week, too and it is intimidating at first! I wasn't sure what I had done until they were hung! lol Looks like you're enjoying every bit of this summer! Hugs!

  22. Hi Vee! I am visiting from Sharon's blog!

    You and your sister are quite a pair! I bet you got into some fun when you were younger! Those cream horns look great, by the way.

    I am a Nana myself, so I love to see pics of the kids, and you have a lot of energy! Your grandson is so blessed!

    Nice to meet you today!

  23. The curtains turned out beautifully, and along the way you had a happy day with your sister. I have no sisters, though I always wanted one. I was happy that my two daughters did each have a sister and they're very close. It makes me happy!

  24. You have really been having a good summer! And what bliss to hang out with your sister and sew and eat creme horns -- I don't think I've ever had one, but they look delicious:)

  25. I was so busy eyeing those creme horns I almost forgot about the curtains, I bet you two girls had a ball, I always enjoy time with my sis Mary. Great job, I love the color combination.
    What a wonderful outing to begin to wind summer down, as i know the temps. and leaves will soon be changing, and what a beautiful trip that would be with the changing leaves!
    Ice cream is on our list , maybe even tonight.~smile!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  26. My favorite kind of sky! Love it!

    Fun with your grand and your sister - I'm sure you're enjoying having her closer to you again!

    I bought ice cream today - we love it anytime of the year!


  27. a visit with you is whole lot of goodness, beautiful photos!

  28. You are always doing such interest things and I am envious wishing I could be there, too...your sewing takes my breath away and your photo taking is second to none...love your talents!

  29. Those are beautiful curtains, Vee. Painter's cloths??? Who would have thunk that?! I do see a frozen yogurt in my future, probably Sunday. xo

  30. I love the curtains! You two did a wonderful job, and I see nary a pastry crumb that lingers on the final results. I think that using curtains instead of doors for a cabin cottage is quite charming. Men don't always understand beauty sometimes need to win over function when it comes to ambiance.

    And your summer outing looked delightful. No ice cream stand within miles and miles and miles of us anymore. If there was, I'd be in line, LOL.

  31. The curtains turned out great!! How nice that you and your sister got to make them together. I wish I had a sister so many times!!
    Those creme horns - oh my!!
    We are going to a demolition derby tomorrow evening at the fair - perhaps I'll get an ice cream cone there. : )

  32. You know..you just make me smile! Thanks for sharing. Your grandson is a cutie! Blessings

  33. The curtains are wonderful; i love the color. Must have been fun to do the project as a sister team!

  34. Vee
    It must be great fun to have your sis close enough to get together for a sewing day. The curtains look very camp and cottagie!
    That's a beautiful hiking spot, for sure. Ice cream? I've been having a bowl every night!

  35. "We are a bizarre combination of perfectionistic and to heck with it." That line cracks me up, Vee! Actually, this whole post has me smiling...from the sister sewing project to the creme horns (yum...Who wouldn't work for creme horns?) to the mystified hubbies...to the lovely day spent with grands and ending with ice cream. You are a good sister, a good Nonni, and a good writer.

  36. I'm with Cheryl! LOVE that sentence!!! I also loved the video.....I love all your videos and it is such a pleasure to HEAR what YOU hear!!
    I would work for creme horns!!!

  37. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  38. I love the sentimental "old fashioned way". I completely understand the desire to keep those traditions alive. I think your mother and grandmother must have been smiling as they watched the two of you spending the day making those curtains.

    The grands are really growing. It's fun to see that look of totally living in the moment.

    You have such beautiful scenery ~ the perfect places to capture beautiful pictures.

  39. I do remember cottages and camps with curtains for doors too. Not much privacy at all!! :) Your curtains turned out beautifully though and they are light coloured so will brighten up the cottage a lot I'm sure. A job well done!!


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