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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dear Note Card Partiers,

And all those who might like to be...

After our August party, I hinted that there might be something new in the works. Before any more time gets away, I thought we should discuss it. Actually, some of us have already been discussing it behind the scenes.


Just as a refresher, the rule has been to find four previously used photographs that would work well as a set of note cards. The photographs could even be recent additions. Some have felt that using recent additions is too repetitive in such a short time span.

This is the problem in a nutshell: some newer bloggers and some less frequent bloggers do not have a lot of material to work with; some older bloggers do not want to work with the material they have. ☺ 

Sooo this is what I would like you to consider:

1. Leaving things just as they are

2. Amending the rules to allow one (or more) photograph/s formerly used with whatever new photographs are needed to round out the foursome. (That four card set is very important to me because it keeps the visiting and commenting process easier for all of us.)

3. A combination of both 1 and 2 — do it any way that works for you.

Some have suggested allowing four entirely new photographs and I'm reluctant to do that because there's something important to me about looking back through the archives to find what one can find. That's where the idea sprang from in the first place.

So, if you have an opinion on this, please leave it right here in comments. I'd love to hear from you!

P.S. The new rules are up and posted on the Note Card Party page reached by clicking on the date for the party or the button for the party...both in my sidebar.


  1. I never link up because I don't have a big library of {good} older photographs, I would love to be able to participate.

  2. Good morning Vee. How are you this fine day? I will agree with #3. I know I have used photos that were from very recent posts and the commenters hadn't seen them before. There was also one time I 'broke the rule' and posted one picture that was new and I did post about it the next day. So I have no problem with # 3. I hope you have a super day! Hugs. Pam

  3. I love looking back through older posts to find four, but certainly think one or two new ones is acceptable especially for newer bloggers. Your note card party has introduced me to the nicest blog friends. I had my all time most comments at your last note party - 70+ thank you!

  4. Good morning. I think #3 is a splendid idea. I, for one, am glad to read you may be changing the rules!

  5. So sorry Vee, I deleted my comment as i was logged in on another account,UGH!!!

    Good morning Vee, I like #3's idea best. I was running out of photos to make note cards, as I would look back through my posts, I could't find things I thought were note card worthy, and was getting a little nervous.~smile~ Since joining Note Card Party I have become more diligent in trying to improve my photography skills, you have such a positive effect on me. ~smile~ Like you I think of those who are just starting blogging or infrequent bloggers, with few photos, so your new change sounds wonderful. If you ever decide to make it to where the note cards are all new, that would be fine with me.
    You are the hostess and it is your party, we are the guest, you always are so gracious, and you make us feel right at home. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

  6. I like that we use only four photos....makes it easier to visit everyone and seems more like a 'set'. I have no problem with someone adding one new photo. I can't imagine a blogger not having 4...or 400 photos in their archives but I know there are new bloggers that want to participate so I would be flexible...I guess! heehee! We LOVE this party! Thanks girlfriend!

  7. Yes, adding one new would allow photos that fit the foursome yet didn't fit into a blog.

  8. As a guest to your meme, I am agreeable to what you, as the host decide. I find your number 3 suggestion a fair one to suit everyone Vee. Not sure if I was understanding the reason for possible chage but cringe at the thought that someone might complain about the rules set out to join this wonderful monthly party.
    And, on this rainy morning, that is my two cents worth.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. This would be my first time participating so I am slightly confused as to how to go about it .

  10. I don't do this but I do pop by and look at everyone's entries. I think it is pretty much up to you-after all it is your party!;>) I love looking at the pictures whether they are old or new. If they are old you know someone has chosen them because they were among their favorites and always worth a second glance.

  11. I love looking at the pictures, makes no difference whether they are old or new.

  12. Just keep us posted Vee and remind me when it is coming up...I will go with whatever you all decide

  13. I would vote for option number 3. But it's your party, so you are the final judge! You will probably laugh when I say this. But I have struggled with coming up with four worthy photos that belong together in a set. Some of my older photos are smaller format and some actually make me cringe in their quality. Don't laugh - I told you not to laugh! I can hear you all the way to Tennessee! You know that I am a champion fussbudget when it comes to fiddling with my images, and I am rarely content with my final results. I am not a prolific poster either. So any way that you can lighten up the restrictions will allow me to participate more in the future.

    I adore your note card parties, and I have made some terrific friends as a result of participation. Thank you so much for hosting the parties and bringing bloggers together!

  14. I like the idea of using one old photo and building on it with new ones if need be. Both provide a challenge, of either being creative with old stuff, or being creative to create new stuff that goes with the old images. But whatever is fine, it's just such a fun party.

    And guess what we had for breakfast this morning? It was delicious and is a keeper! Thanks!

  15. You are so sweet to consider your readers and fellow partiers! Of course, you are the hostess...and it is such a lovely party...so you call the shots! (Pun intended.) I do like the idea of allowing one or two new shots to be included in the mix of four, especially if it allows more bloggers to participate.

    I am looking above at Donna's comment and I totally echo her last paragraph!

  16. I think the other ladies who have commented previously echo my thoughts. I love this linky, and also have met some wonderful blogging buddies. I enjoy visiting and looking at all the photos. I tend to choose four photos from one post, but I like the idea of mixing it up a bit. xo

  17. Hi Vee,

    I LOVE this party, even though I don't get a chance to participate every month. I like Idea #3 -- I think the idea of combining old with newer pictures would give us more flexibility. I have a ton of older pictures, but haven't gotten around to posting with them yet, so this new idea would make things more flexible. I also like the rule of just four photos.

    This is a wonderful and friendly, hands-on party. I think we all appreciate your hosting it every month so that we can visit one another and make new friends. I agree with Cheryl and Donna that I have made some wonderful friends by participating in your note card parties. Long live the note card party. :-D

    Thank you Vee, for asking us for input. See you on September 18th (which is my birthday, by the way).

    Many hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. I'm all for 2 or 3. I like the idea of building off an old photo...
    I won't be around the 18th of September but am looking forward to the October party!

  19. I think number 3 is a great solution! It is fun to use the older photos, being able to edit them etc....but it would be helpful to be able to use a new one or two on occasion! Sometimes I load my blog with new photos in the week before the Card Party so I have options.

    This party has lead me to new friends and blogs that I love!

    Thanks Vee!


  20. I really like the idea of using 1 or more photos that were already posted and then fill it out with others. I am a newer blogger (just over a year) and I usually only post about 4-5 times a week and then only one photo. I love the note card party. Once or twice I did add an unpublished photo just because I could not make a cohesive set. So that's my 2 cents.

  21. I like using old and new - sometimes I sneak around into the back door and do all new - but you never scold me (you are a good card party mom). I enjoy going back through my photos - and I do have an expansive library - when I backed up the photos at 8 months this year I had 64,089 of them - oh wow - that boggles even my mind - but being a wildlife photographer you HAVE to take more than one shot - and if the wildlife holds still I will take photos until they move/fly/run away.

    It is enjoyable to review photos and sometimes during the month I might put a photo or two into that month's folder to save for the card party - knowing I might not come across it again in time for the party.

    Love the card party - and whichever way you finally choose is great with me - I just love doing it.

  22. Although I love your blog party... and the idea of a set of 4 cards....I don't have enough of my own photography in my archives to create foursome sets of something. So I don't link up often. I do love to look though.

    Since you asked, I'd vote for #3... use some old and new to create a lovely combo. And thank you very much for the opportunity.

    Vee, I'm glad you shared a little of the reason why you created this and in the way you set it up. (a good reminder)

    Happy day...

  23. I would vote for some of each...that would make me much more likely to find the time to play. :-) And I do LOVE this special event!

  24. Vee, I'm glad you posted this. I've struggled with finding enough good photos in my archives. The ones taken with my old camera don't seem as crisp and clear as I like. But you know all that.
    Anyway, option 3, which gives more flexibility, sounds like a great option to me. And I love the restriction to 4 photos - some bloggers put up so many photos that scrolling through takes a very long time.

    Love the note card party! You're a great hostess.

  25. I like Idea #3. The combo pack! ;)

  26. I'd go with # 3. It sounds like it is the one that is the easiest for everyone to do.

  27. Dearest Vee
    Firstly I must tell you "Note Cards" is my favorite party so I always try to get something up! The participators are such a friendly bunch.
    I'm not always 100% happy with my selection, as I haven't got a large library of photos - as I don't post as frequently many others do.

    That said, I'm delighted that you have given this a shake up - so I'm in favor of #3.
    You are a very gracious hostess dear Vee, thank you.

    Have some fun over the weekend - any ice cream sundaes on the menu?!

  28. I'm like just about everyone else, I like #3, I like building on an old photo but sometimes find it a challenge to make a set of four that are cohesive

  29. I think posting 4 pictures whether old or new will keep everyone happy :). Thanks for hosting the party!

  30. Hi Vee, I've been thinking of joining this party but waiting until I had enough "related" photos to make an interesting post. I personally love the idea of using photos from previous posts because it requires a bit of thinking and creativity! Also, I think you should make it a requirement that we put a link to the post where the photo first appeared because I like to look back at people's older posts. So much work goes into the photography, editing and writing that it is nice to be able to share things more than once. I hope to be joining soon, whatever the new rules are! Linda

  31. As far as I am concerned #3 works for me. I do enjoy looking back through my photos but am always doing that any way. Sometimes I take a lot of shot and don't use them all so have some that others have not seen. I am okay with however the majority wishes. Just don't drop it. We all love this party.

  32. Only 4 photos, and the rest is up to you! It's fun looking through the old ones, but new ones mixed in would be good too.

  33. Hi Vee. I have been reading about your note card party and always seemed to miss it. I thought it would be fun. I have lots of photo's older and newer so it would be nice to participate. Is there a special theme every month or can you post whatever you like? I would love to hear when the next one is so I can try to post too.

  34. Hello Vee
    I like the idea of #3 as well. I have lots of old photos but would enjoy the flexibility to add a new one or two if need be to "round out" a set... I do like that you stress FOUR images - sometimes partiers get carried away with the number they add. Regardless, it's a great "party"- we all look forward to it and it's your call, my dear- after all it's YOUR party. We will all be happy with whatever you decide.
    Hugs from rainy New Brunswick today...

  35. After eight years I can probably find plenty but the Party always came up around the time I was trying to make my deadline for Mom Heart.

    However, changes are being made on that website which should give me time to participate. Any way you decide to make the rules would be fine here.

  36. Vee, I agree with your idea of looking back. I often try to go back within just a month's time -- so that I am not crazily looking through too many blog posts for my contribution. That said, there aren't always FOUR good shots that I want to re-share, so the option of a new photo is nice.

    I think I will try to stick to the old rules & only use a new photo if I'm really in a bind.

    Truth is, I like your party just the way it is! ;D
    Happy Monday!

  37. I'm late on this, Vee, but I just read the new rules and i'm very excited about them! As much as I like looking through my old photos I always felt sad that i have so many nice photos in my files I never had the chance to use in a post! Now I can use up to three new photos! I think that will make participating so much easier for me, as long as I have some free time in the evening and can remember what day and month it is..lol!

  38. Love this party Vee. I think #3 gives everyone a chance to participate. It's your party though so will go with whatever your decide. I have lots of photos to choose from whether new or old.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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