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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


~Flag (Photo taken 9-8-2013)~

If you live in the U.S., have you noticed an abundance of flags flying in the past twelve years? We have. In fact, both John and I first purchased flags to display that year. The entire town is covered in flags — one on every street post, and most homes display a flag. This became a way to show unity after the tragedy atrocity of September 11, 2001. 

There's something very special to me about seeing a flag fluttering in the breeze. There are still many reasons to be concerned about world events today; there are still many reasons to be concerned about the country today. The world is not a nicer, safer place since 9-11. Someday it will be again. Until then, we put our hope in The Lord and trust in His Word.


Thank you for all the cookie suggestions. Some have made me really want to try your recipes...chocolate pudding chocolate chip cookies? Oh yum! I had no idea that there were so many Snickerdoodle lovers among my friends. ☺ 

Lisa suggested Pumpkin Molasses Cookies from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. So now we have some in the can! I doubt that they'll be staying there for long.(Thank you, Lisa!)

I need to take lessons in photography from Betty! With photographs like mine, the Mennonite Girls will not be thanking me. Just take my word for it: These are exceptionally delicious.


  1. Good morning! I have noticed how many more flags are flown now, and I LOVE it! Those cookies just sound wonderful, but then I LOVE almost anything with pumpkin. Enjoy your day Vee!

  2. Glad you tried those wonderful cookies! Ours didn't last too long either! I love seeing our beautiful flag waving in the wind. So beautiful! Have a delightful day!

  3. I'll email you the recipe for the pudding cookies if you want, they are more cake like but everyone LOVES them. Those cookies look wonderful.
    I agree, more people are flying flags.

  4. So true. Our hope in anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ is simply futile. Only He gives us hope and a future, despite all the bad things happening around us. Thank you for the post!

  5. Good Morning Vee! We live on the side of the (street side) the National Gurad Armory, non officers side. And every house fly's the flag. Our "boys" are still overseas. Not to mention the yellow ribbons that everyone has as well. It chokes me up to see the flag flying. --thank you for sharing the cookies, lol.

  6. And with both pumpkin and molasses, they've got to be healthy!

    All of us will forever remember 9-11. It was one of those tragic events that our country will never forget. I can't imagine being the firemen that day nor any of the emergency personnel who were there. So many lives directly affected by what happened.

    That day was our middle son's 21st birthday.

    Thank you for posting about 9-11 today. We need to remember.

  7. We always flew a flag, for as long as I can remember. I love to see flags flying.
    Yes, we must always remember. I remember going to all the funerals, and then a second time when they found the bodies.
    You are right, the world is not better. A year after Benghazi, and still no answers. Very sad .
    We must continue to pray for our country.

  8. I want to make those pumpkin molasses cookies!!! It is going to be low 90's today, though, so I will wait a bit! xo

  9. Pumpking Molasses cookies - be still my heart!!! I am going in to work late today - I wonder if I have any pumpkin in the pantry.........

  10. We do not fly our flag as you do in the US. I think it must have to do with a young country, and a flag that has not been around a long time either. In school, we flew the union jack. Some businesses and all town halls have a flag pole but very few homes.
    I have pumpkin left over from tea loaves I made, and if you say these cookies are yummy, I'll peruse the recipe and perhaps bake a batch too. Thanks for sharing what you decided to bake for John.

    1. I wouldn't like to you! They're super!

    2. John just pointed out my error! I meant, of course, that I wouldn't LIE to you!

  11. Sad but true, the flagpole we ended up buying doesn't allow for half mast/staff. We really have to get creative to do that. The other protocol thing we are working on is installing a light that will shine on the flag so we don't have to take it down every evening...
    Cookie...I want a cookie.
    Our hope is in the Lord for sure.

  12. Hi Vee! Loved your reminder about the flags. I am going to put mine out right now! How fortunate we are to live in this country, and to come together today to 'never forget.'

    You have nice friends to send you recipes! Love those photos too. Making me hungry for a snack :)

  13. A great reminder to be thankful in today's uncertain world - more uncertain than ever!
    Your cookies look very fine - I've got the recipe ready to go and the pumpkins will soon be picked from the garden. Enjoy!

  14. A wonderful post Vee. Yes, I do notice more flags flying. That was such a scary, sad day.

    Those cookies sounds great and perfect for fall.

  15. I think the flag flying has died down a bit in the past few years. It was quite prevalent for a few years after 9/11. Yesterday on our walk, grandson and I made note of all the flags flying at peoples' doors. He was noting all of them, not just the star spangled but at 2.3 that's about as good as we can do.

  16. This date took on a new meaning on September 11, 2001. Rather a sobering one! I love that you all fly your flags proudly...and at half-mast on this day.

    I must send Betty over for some cookies. I'm sure hers are long gone. Actually...I'd like a wee taste myself!

  17. A day we will never forget with much sadness.
    I've been thinking about those cookies.....maybe I should:)

  18. A day I'll never forget. So much sadness. So much has changed. A loss of collective innocence, more cynicism and fear. Truly, our hope is in the Lord.

    The cookies look delicious.

  19. Ah, yes, that MGCC recipe came up on Facebook the other day and I will be making them soon. Nice combination. It's hot and muggy here today and will be tomorrow too. Thunder showers on the way tonight. It feels like mid summer and I am loving it! I have noticed more flags in our country since 9/11 as well. We all became more aware of our freedoms and patriotism since that horrible day.

  20. 9-11 A sad day we will never forget.
    Those pumpkin molasses cookies look wonderful. I don't bake much anymore but I think I will try them.

  21. We have our Canadian Flag flying high today and of course are remembering 9 - 11.
    Thank you!!! for highlighting one of the Mennonite Girl recipes! You are a great friend to us Vee.

  22. I am in the mood to bake but it is so HOT here....I do need to do some baking before we head down to Florida.

    We fly our flag mostly everyday.


  23. Yeah... When they played the Anthem today at noon I got choked up. It still hurts to think about that day.
    Cookies and milk are just the thing to cheer us up.

  24. Today on the way to work it really hit me this year! I just prayed and gave thanks. I was near the airport and so remember the air being quiet for those days. I also think it was because we just returned from a trip, and on that day I never thought I would fly again...more less put my child on a plane. There is still things that are not at rest, but I have to say, today my prayers were Thank you Lord for being with us and I lifted the families up in prayer.

  25. Yes, I've noticed many more flags since then too.
    We have always flown a flag.
    I've just volunteered to make 5 dozen Welsh Cookies for a bake sale here in town during the month of Dec.

  26. Those cookies look wonderful and I bet they smelled good baking.
    We love seeing flags flying in our small community, too.

  27. I love to see the flags flying all over America. If I take a moment to think about it I get a lump in my throat.
    Those cookies look wonderful and the photo looks alright to me- xo Diana

  28. This is it:
    Someday it will be again. Until then, we put our hope in The Lord and trust in His Word.

  29. I also love seeing the flag flying. Those cookies really look good. Have a great day!

  30. I have had a flag pole on my wish list for quite sometime, and I too have noticed more American Flags flying. One day the world will be better, this is our promise and hope.
    Love new cookie recipes, as I am a better cookie baker than pie or cake.


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