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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post Clog

Now that's the greatest title ever!

Does your post line-up go on into the future for days and days? Sometimes mine does. I'm deleting a whole bunch of them momentarily, but this is what I once thought would make interesting posts. Prepare to be amazed bored out of your trolley...

I was going to chat about a quilt fundraiser...long gone now...though, it was cool walking into the barn to find this quilt high up on the barn wall with the posterboard photos flanking it on either side.

The beauty of a caterpillar eaten leaf might have been discussed...

When I didn't discuss my new Paula Deen pan, I felt ugly. Not at all lovely like the pretty blue on the bottom of this big old pan. Wish that I could have afforded an entire set of pans. Wish that I could have taken out an ad in the Wall Street Journal saying, "You were done wrong!"

I was going to show you my new dishcloths that Judy made while traveling across the country. WHICH REMINDS ME! I have a cookbook to give away. Hold that thought!

Perhaps I wished to share this first bit of color...pale melon leaves in with their green brothers.

Chatting about broccoli was somewhere on the list...and the fact that if you just take the head, you'll get two smaller heads next time IF you have enough of a growing season. Fascinating, say what? 

Okay, enough small talk, I have the names ready and all that remains is for John to arrive home and pluck one from the bowl. I'll pop in that information just as soon as it becomes available. Hope you win!

P.S. Congrats to Cheryl at Thinking About Home who has won a copy of Celebrations ~ Mennonite Girls Can Cook!


  1. I don't plan blog posts. I just start typing about my day.
    All those topics were great and now you got to put them all in one post. : )

  2. You are so organized. I rarely plan my blog posts, although this summer I challenged myself to do a little series on herbs. That was fun. And kept me thinking.
    This is a great post, full of little tidbits that make up life. We have a very long growing season here - most of the year! I planted fall broccoli just this past week. We will likely harvest it in February. That's what we did last year. I didn't know that about cutting the one head and getting two. Blogging is so educational.

  3. Good morning, Vee. Love the new look on your blog. That photo of that quilt hanging high in the barn is very nice! I've had similar feelings about poor Paula Dean...
    Have a great first week of September!

  4. Hi Vee
    It was fun to see your lined up blog posts😊
    But each one was unique in its own way. I liked the one about broccoli and thanks for the picture:-)

  5. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who felt Paula Deen was wronged. That topic could open up quite a discussion, couldn't it? I felt that too many of her sponsors jumped in to part ways with her before the entire story unfolded. Disappointing!

    Great ideas and wonderful pictures. Glad you still shared them.

  6. I totally get this. I plan, maybe even write a line or two, then they sit there. And sit there. And then I delete them because I don't remember where I was going in the first place. I do like that quilt that you have photographed. Jut gorgeous! Hope you are having a good week!!

  7. I should see how many drafts are sitting over there on my dashboard...started and forgotten.

    I'll be back to check on John's 'pick'. I love seeing your bowl of handwritten 'slips'. Beautiful script...so rarely seen these days.

  8. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who writes dozens of blog posts in my head, even gets some photos taken, and then never gets them into the computer! Thanks for making me feel better about my blogging habits.

  9. That is so funny, Vee. I was going to write a bit this week about my Posts In Limbo as I call them. I guess most of us must do that-I have random pictures here and there that I should do something with before I discard them.
    Congrats to Cheryl. Tell John he did a good job. I live with a John, too, and I am not talking about the one in my bathroom. xo Diana

  10. oh, Vee. I wake up in the middle of the night with the most marvelous ideas which often fall flat in the morning. These are posts that are filled with passion. Then the words are gone and the idea seems silly. Oh, well.


  11. It is always so funny to hear about others go about their blogging. The only one I ever do in advance is the hodgepodge one. The rest I just sit down and start talking, haha. Guess because mine is more of a journal. Probably why you have a LARGE LARGE following and countless comments and mine barely ever grows or gets more than a few, haha. I'd have been interested in most of these topics you mentioned. The quilt one for sure...Enjoy the rest of your day!

  12. Last time I set up blog posts was in 2011, and I made myself crazy with that. I just do 'something', consider it blogworthy or not, upload photos type it up, and hit publish! I enjoyed all these photos and the accompanying note. Congrats to Cheryl for winning a great cookbook! Hope my name is in the hat for yours. xo

  13. I thought I heard Cheryl shouting for joy! Congrats to her and I know she will love the new book! I got a kick out of seeing various topics and photos. Yes, I keep a running ideas list for posts and add/subtract from it all the time. We're resting right now at our lovely in, cooling off from our little adventures. Having a good time in no. GA!

  14. Neat way of posting, you are so clever.

    Grats, Cheryl!

    Hugs - have a good week, Vee.

  15. Congrats to the winner! I am at a loss on what to blog about, other than the ever on going master bath remodel. I need to get a journal to write down post ideas!

  16. Oh my!! I am so excited!! I have not really won very many things in my life. My girls say it is because I rarely enter anything, which is probably true. But this is a FUN contest to win...and a "no hoops" contest at that! ;)

    I will be thrilled to receive the Celebrations cookbook! And do you want to know something weird? My 31-day series for October this year is..."Celebrate!" And I had chosen the topic before I heard of this new book!

    Thank you so much, Vee, for the "no hoops" giveaway! :D

  17. sometimes i plan. sometimes i don't. sometimes i have something for tuesday (musing or tea), thursday has always been *Good Morning* day, friday -- whatever. if i come up with 3 posts a week, i think i'm hitting on all cylinders! congratulations to cheryl. i would have enjoyed any of your post clogs....!!!!

    (It gets cool here, with any luck, around Halloween.)


  18. Love the bowl filled with cloths. What a great little vignette. So cozy.

  19. Oh yes I have a list of those kinds of posts... I would have enjoyed a posting on any of them. Loved the caterpillar eaten leaf effect.

    And congrats to Cheryl! She deserves such a lovely thing!

  20. Congrats to Cheryl.
    I enjoyed this post. I am forever changing my mind about which posts to delete and keep. Oddly, the ones I think will bomb, always do great!

  21. Vee
    Congrats to Cheryl.
    I enjoyed browsing your old could-of-been post pictures.
    That quilt is sure a beauty. Even more so on the barn wood wall.
    Speaking of old post ideas-I had such a rant about Paula Deen I
    was going to do, but didn't. Wise choice, I think!

  22. I am bouncing up and down in glee about the cool leaf picture. Love, love, love it!!!

  23. Well that was different a bit of everything in that one.

  24. Interesting post Vee. Any one of these would have been interesting blogposts. I like the holey leaf and had a few of them here too. I have a few blogs written and not used. And I don't know what my next post will be about. I'll go through my photos and find a topic I guess. Good evening to you.

  25. I hear you about post clog!! This is a great way to handle that. Love that quilt. I have some posts waiting to go too and by this time they are probably irrelevant. I'm always afraid I'll slip up and publish one without it being refined. You are uber creative!

  26. She's going to love that book! I do!

  27. Yay, congratulations to Cheryl :) Lets just say that I love the caterpillar-eaten leaf - it's stunning. Have a good night, Vee :)


  28. Congratulations to Cheryl! She will love the cookbook!

    I am lucky to write one post a week these days, Vee. I wish I could have a bunch of posts waiting to go in the queue..lol! I'm glad you shared the photos of the posts you let go --you had so many wonderful shots there!

  29. Well shucks, I must have missed the post about the giveaway. Congrats to Cheryl!

    I am a seat-of-the-pants blogger, for the most part. Rarely do I ever have anything in mind when I sit down at the 'puter. I'm sure it must be obvious. :D On occasion, I will jot down an idea in my notebook and then when I sit down to blog, I'll look at my list.

  30. Write posts ahead of time? I fly by the seat of my pants and for a meme, put things together usually the day or two before. I guess I still haven't figured out a balance for blogging and visiting all the blogs I follow.
    Congrats to your winner of the cookbook.

  31. Vee,

    This was fun! I rarely plan my posts, usually I just think "I need to do a post" and an idea comes to me and off I go! Maybe that's why you have more followers and commenters than I do! LOL!

    Seriously, I love reading what you post here, and feel connected to you and your beautiful Haven.


  32. Congrats to Cheryl! I had to come back and see where the cookbook is going. I see she has a big and beautiful family to cook for! If I ever pass by her part of the world...I might just stop in and sign it for her. :)

  33. Cheryl is the perfect one to win this cookbook with her large family! I enjoyed this. I have a bunch waiting in the wings that are also old and getting worn around the edges. This may be a good way to clean house. And yours were enjoyable!

  34. What fun! I don't do too many posts ahead of time. Congrats to Cheryl!

  35. Love the leaf that's all eaten away, almost looks like a skeleton. I love stopping in here, always feel good when I leave. ~ Abby


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