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Friday, September 27, 2013


What the world could really use are some humble men who solve problems rather than egotistical men who cause problems. ~Donna

I don't have a Twitter account, but I'd like to think that, if I did, I'd sound a little like Donna. She has posted her Twitter account in her sidebar as so many bloggers have. If you're a bit of a snoop, like me, you can check it out *here.*
Not sure what is going on with my browser (Google Chrome) or with Blogger this morning, but something. I'll try to be brief.

John (also known as a humble man trying to fix a problem) is working on insulating the bay window and replacing the basement window below, which had a baseball sail through it a few years ago. (Not my darlings; some neighborhood teens.) Then we'll get started on the garage. I'd show you that horror show, but we're nowhere near Halloween. I must not only protect the innocent, I must not embarrass myself. 

And my job, of course, is to document the fading blooms of summer...

A fine day to you and a happy weekend!


  1. Yes, I have quite the horror show going on in my garage too. A future winter project :) I like your job a whole lot better than John's Have a great weekend

  2. John is really a handy guy to have around. I've been trying to ignore my garage. It has a door that opens into the kitchen so everything I don't want to do immediately gets dropped in the garage. As always, you bring up these subjects that somehow motivate me to get busy.

  3. I could write an entire LONG post about the horror of my shed. It simply isn't big enough! And! I'm not promising it will be addressed anytime soon either, haha, to how is that? I agree with the others. Your John is a great guy to have around. Enjoy your week-end Vee!

  4. A happy weekend to you too Vee! I feel like my whole house AND garden is a horror show right now - eek! Looks like your bay window will be warm and cozy for the winter.

  5. Aaaww, thank you for reading my tweets and mentioning me! I'm am honored that you think one of my little missives (i.e., rants) is worthy of highlighting! I had just saw a photo of Geraldo & Weiner doing a joint selfie, and it was revolting. That was the inspiration for my tweet that you cited above. I let my hair hang down on Twitter (the inner feisty girl), while I remain prim and proper on my blog.

    Yes, indeed. We need more humble men like John and my beloved Mr. Jim. God bless our wonderful men who are a shining examples of how testosterone can be properly channeled for the good of mankind.

  6. Earlier this morning when I had been woken up by the sounds of two bears on my deck, I couldn't get back to sleep... So, I thought I would go online and look for an interesting blog to read. Luckily I discovered your beautiful blog!
    Have a Wonderful day!

  7. Vee
    Who has an organized garage? Ours looks good for a day or two, then a project happens and it's a mess again.
    Home will be much warmer this winter with John's smart insulating remedy!

  8. I surely have my very own horror show going on here throughout my house and storage building......LOL
    If I put it off long enough, maybe someone will come and organize it for me..hahahahaha
    Love, Mona

  9. My beloved is a humble man who fixes problems as well. Aren't we blessed. Sorry you're having fits with your computer. Have a wonderful day friend. Nice to see you still have some flowers blooming. ~ Abby

  10. Things getting taken care of for those long days of winter. Even the last of the blooms are so pretty. Have a great weekend Vee.

  11. The blooms are beautiful. Wishing you both a very nice weekend.

  12. Lovely blooms of summer, reminding us that they'll be back next year. It's so wonderful to have someone handy sitting at the dinner table every night. I have one of those. The garage is actually very ship shape around here - a car will never enter it because it's Tim's shop and he's particular. He lets me use it for my projects (like painting the dining room chairs) but is very relieved to get his own space back again.
    Have a great weekend, Vee. If you were out here, we could go meet the MGCC together. Now that would be fun!

  13. I love Donna's wisdom. Wish I could find a man like that to help me clean up the horror in my garage and basement!
    Your blooms are still looking great!
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Aha, you and Donna have politics in common. I peeked at her Twitter and saw some funny subject lines. Well, funny to me, he's not our president. We have a leader or two of our own to be concerned about.
    Bake that man some cookies for fixing the window. :-)

  15. Donna is a wise woman!

    I love projects that improve the home even in a small way. I have painting projects (rooms to freshen up) ahead as the weather gets cold. For now I am planning to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!


  16. You're lucky to have a handy man...mine doesn't get to use any tools!! I have projects I want to accomplish, but all I seem to do lately is work; must find a balance soon. Happy projects to you, dear friend, XOXO

  17. Your blooms may be fading, but your wit surely isn't.



  18. Consider yourself very lucky to have that hardworking handy man. I have to pay to get everything done.
    You would not believe what it cost the other day to have a new water heater installed!

  19. Humble men are hard to find.
    Merle......... ............. ............

  20. It looks like that job could be hard on a back! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  21. A handy husband is a great blessing. There is always SOMETHING to fix, isn't there?? Amen to your previous post.

  22. Looks like your husband is having a "honey do" end to the week. It's great that he can keep the house in tip-top shape. I love the flowers. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. I've never been a twitterer either ~ interesting .
    Hubby looks like he is doing a good job.
    Nice flower fade :)
    Have a wonderful weekend .

  24. You go and give that sweet fella of yours a big hug.

    He's a good 'un.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Vee!!

  25. I always love monring glories because my grandmother had them in her garden.......I am praying that everyone in your family finds the job they want.

  26. Well, I wish I could spell morning correctly!

  27. Love your "Handy Dandy"! He is a gem..and will his projects ever end?
    Thinking the Heavenly Mansions *might* not need fixing up!

  28. What a sweet and darling husband :) My hubby is also so good about fixing things and it's such a blessing to have a man that takes care of things around the home. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend, friend. Hugs to you!

  29. Hi Vee,
    I am the new follower of your wonderful blog.
    Our common friend sent me the link to your blog. So, here I am.
    I really enjoy reading your posts, and looking at your pretty photos.
    I am Starry, a Christian mom, and grandmother of my 3 New York grandchildren.
    I am a freelance writer, poet, lyricist, artist, blogger, dreamer, animal and nature lover, etc.
    I love to make good new friends. I hope you can visit some of my blogs, and even follow, if you wish.
    I shall return to read more of your posts, Vee.
    God bless you, and those you love, dear one.
    Greetings from Poet Starry Dawn.

  30. A man who is handy and loves the Lord...priceless!

  31. I totally agree with Donna's statement! Wouldn't things be oh so different if our country were being led by a humble man? (I can't get on that soap box this morning, I'd be there all day!)

    Any way your way with words gave me a chuckle this morning and we all need that.

    Love the teapot that you have of your Grandma's. And the pumpkin for a lid is too cool girl!

    Blessings, Edie Marie


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