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Friday, December 20, 2013

It was Going to be a Quick Post

Oh dear! We've already lost a few who are putting up their Merry Christmas posts and saying so long until 2014. Why does it sound so far away when it is only the week after next?!

Well I plan to hang in there for the long haul if at all possible. In fact, I'm beginning to feel a little like this melted snowman cookie (made by my sister). Sadly, he seems to have had an unfortunate 
you'll-shoot-your-eye-out incident.

Yesterday, I was reminded all over again that God laughs when we tell Him our plans or that life is what happens while we're making other plans

I had no sooner struck out for my shopping day when the car began to shudder and shake. I had to turn back and praised God that I made it. So John, bless his heart, pushed me into his truck (almost literally) and hauled me off.

 Vroommm...rumble...trumble...rattle...shake... down the road we went. If you've ever seen Mrs. Bucket (that's pronounced bouquet), you'll imagine what I felt like in John's work truck. Ackkk... It's a little less fun hauling home the gifts and groceries in the bed of a truck. Not to mention that I did not look one bit dignified climbing into or falling out of said truck. 

While shopping, John received a call that the furnace was down at his rent. It was an easy fix, but the point is that it's always one thing or your mother...sister, brother, daughter, father...fill in the blank. It's why Jesus came to this world. We need Him! We sure do!

*Found some tags I really like online* and will be wrapping and tagging like a fiend today.

That's it. This post has gone three miles over a quick one. I never can shut up!

Love to you...have a great day and may all the wrapping, decorating, shopping, baking, card writing get done with plenty of room to spare so we have a moment or two to thank Him for being willing to come to us.


  1. I do remember that old show on PBS. She was really something! That's Mrs. Bouquet. :-)
    I think I have everything purchased and wrapped and now just waiting for Christmas.

  2. I've seen those cookies around the web and just love them. What a fun idea.
    Hope your car is a quick fix.
    Warren so often feels as your hubby must with two moms with aging houses so nearby. He has three houses to care for full time. It is always something.

  3. I ,love that show and I can just see you!!! The melting snowman cookie is so cute!! Have the best Christmas!!!

  4. I love your every post and always read them - every word - long or short - even if I have to scurry off without 'speaking'.....
    As I should be doing now! It's Friday and I need to leave in a few minutes to go to Fort Worth and I am SO not ready!!
    LOVE your snowman cookie! That's the first time I have ever seen one like that!! SO clever! I also enjoy looking at your tablescape. I'm intrigued by the framed writing behind it all.......looks ever so interesting!!
    Transportation is transportation! Good for John in taking care of you and making sure you got your shopping done. I still have to shop for Louis Dean tomorrow. Amber and I will go together so she can help me! LD will help Mike by staying with him and the quads while we are gone. Win! WIN!!
    Merry Christmas, my dear!!! LD and I sure do love you and John!

  5. Good morning! Like you I am in it for the long haul, haha, though let's see how I do with a house full of little ones this week-end. I feel like you did in your truck in my daughters car. I am not even sure what kind it is other than I have to somehow crawl in and out with these knees and giant body and it is NO easy task...undignified is a pretty good word to describe it, haha...Hope your car is fixed easily. The cookie is adorable. I thought BRIEFLY about making some of those but dismissed it as too much work and went with my super easy sugar cookies. The grands would have loved them though I know. Getting my list together to fight the mob at the grocery store is all that's left over here except for all the celebrating. Enjoy your day Vee!

  6. Vee, Oh how I love that melted snowman cookie... how fun.!!!
    I hope your Christmas is a blessed one.

  7. I love this post...sure made me smile and the part about you riding in the truck and feeling like Mrs. Bucket...(Bouquet) ...just cracked me up. I used to watch it on PBS and it was a hoot. My days are so unlike yours and the way they used to be and sometimes I look back and wonder how I ever did it all around the holidays...working a full time job, two kids, two aging parents who I did their shopping for too, an open house buffet every Christmas Eve...did all the cooking, cleaning, etc. and then I would do it all again on New Year's Eve too some years. If anything ever happened in our family it was always at my house, christenings, funerals, birthdays, weddings, holidays...you name it...they all came and it was wonderful...well sometimes...don't want to sound like a Pollyanna here...cause the stress was unbelievable trying to do it all. In the end it was always worth all the effort and now I miss that...to some extent...but I'm learning to be content in my old age Geezar mode for the most part and embracing change as it comes along. Hope you have a Merry Christmas Vee. Love and Blessings to you and your family.

  8. What a cute cookie! Did you eat it? Sounds like you had quite the day. Something always happens doesn't it. Our furnace stopped working last Saturday, the coldest day, and the most expensive to have someone come out and fix. But, had to be done! Here's hoping you have a restful day today!

  9. Hi Vee, I love your post and your pretty Christmas images around your house! That melted snowman is too cute, and Ralphie is one of my Christmas favorites. :-D I am indeed familiar with Hyacinth and the long-suffering Richard "Bouquet." Haven't seen that show in forever, unfortunately.

    I'm really glad to have made your acquaintance through our blogs, Vee; I always enjoy your posts and your thoughts on life. I hope you and your family have a Merry and Blessed Christmas season this year.

    Big Hugs To You,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  10. Very sweet thank you on your previous post … The melting snowman cookie took some work and is so cute. Enjoy your wrapping; I'm in for some quiet days now I hope; aided by having whatever is going around.

  11. What a great cookie picture! Days can be so unexpected and blessings for His care are so visible on those days.

  12. My daughter was telling me about melting snowman cookies, very cute! I'm glad you didn't get too far from home with your car acting up and good luck finishing up your preparations.
    It's been snowing all morning and roads are not the greatest, but I have to tell you Vee, the 50% off coupon for Michael's beckoned me to drive into the town north of us in search of some lights for my tinsel Christmas tree. I had recounted how @ a third weren't working on the bottom and over the last couple of weeks, some on the top were burning out too. I couldn't take it any more! I needed white lights with white cord to blend in with the silver and I looked all over the store. Not too many lights with white cords but hooray, I found the last 2 boxes of 100 and held on to them dearly. Couldn't use the coupon though as they were on sale for $5 a box. I don't know if I can put 200 lights on a 4 foot tree but we'll see.
    Tomorrow is redo the silver tinsel tree day. :-)
    Shopping and wrapping is done here and if all goes well with the tree renovation, I'll be sitting back relaxing and sipping tea until Christmas.

  13. Very cute post!!! I can definately sympathize, as I started out yesterday morning, with a flat tire!! I hope your car will be an easy fix....car expense at this time of year is bad news :^(
    Blessings to you and yours,

  14. So enjoyable to stop by and visit you, Vee! I had a dead car battery but thanks to kind friends and Sears, I am mobile again. I am finishing up odds and ends around the house and the weekend is devoted to baking! xo

  15. I so loved that tv show. I love the reruns on PBS. anyways..You always cheer me up..thanks. Merry Christmas if you don't post before Tues/Wed.

  16. Vee, it is so wonderful to enjoy a friend one has never met but know through their writing and photos. I so enjoy your blog and just keep ablogging dear sista, sista in Christ. All the blessings of Christmas to you, John and all your family.

  17. The tags are lovely....I downloaded them! Thanks! And I know what you mean. I was going to have a really quick lunch and the burner on my stove didn't heat up (with an egg in the pan). It's always something! But we'll be singing our holiday songs and having a merry day....I hope! Holiday hugs....and lots of extras for your hero, John!

  18. Oh how happy I am that I am not hearing you say see you next year! I'm always quite unsettled when I have to go out with Dear in his old truck. It doesn't help that he says "I think we can make it there and back". Sheesh! There's also nothing to hang onto when you go around a corner...
    Glad you have some nice tags to fill in...

  19. Mrs Bucket - what a hoot she is!!!
    I need to do my wrapping yet. I'll probably do that tomorrow.
    I'll be posting right on through the holidays.

  20. Me again. Forget to say I liked the melted snowman cookie!!!

  21. A great post, Vee, full of the vagaries of life on earth and the wonderful message of Immanuel - God with us in the snow, in the shopping, in our homes, and our baking/wrapping/giving/cooking. Thanks be to God!

  22. So glad to hear we won't be losing you. We need you to keep us going. I was nearly lost, but finally sat down and made it happen between wrapping (like a fiend) and baking (also like a fiend HA).
    Your description of Christmas shopping in John's truck had me chuckling.
    As for that first photo. I love each element. The Santa looks like an oldie, but goodie. The cookie is adorable.
    Your post today was like a gift in itself. Thank you for that.

  23. Goodness! Well, I am glad that you rattled and bumped your way through! My Christmas is so quiet this year I almost feel guilty, for not have a ton of things to do!

  24. Your truck experience sounds like me when I pull myself up into Hubby's pickup. In fact, I think I've sprained my left arm.
    Great tags! I just may print them out. I haven't wrapped gifts yet! Getting busy tomorrow on that project.


  25. Hi Vee

    I'm still at work and it's been on heck of a day here too. Everyone just realized that we are closing from Christmas Eve until the 2nd!

    I'd rather be doing some Christmas things!! Tonight I have plans to bake some peanut butter cookies and make fudge - fingers crossed.

    I love Mrs Bucket!

  26. Dear Vee, I for one am happy you don't "shut up". I love coming along in my imagination with you and your comings and goings. God bless our husbands!

  27. Ah, Vee, life throws us lemons some days doesn't it? Good thing John has the truck to take you out shopping in. You might have been going by taxi or walking, pulling a wagon load home. :) Love the old Santa in your vignette, which is really pretty by the way. And those melting snowman cookies are so cute. I must search for the recipe. Are you getting the nasty weather we are/will be? Unreal! Take care and enjoy your weekend. Blessings, Pam

  28. Yep...just about the time things seem to be going smooth....BAM....something totally unexpected happens.
    So so glad you made it back home and your sweetie swooped you up, put you in his truck and whisked you off to the city....a knight in shining armor, really. What a sweetheart.

    We are having lovely rain tonight and I can't wait to climb into that warm bed and listen to the rain until I fall asleep.....

  29. P.S.....poor little melting snowman.....:(

  30. Vee, I'm glad that you weren't too far away when your car started misbehaving! I'm glad things worked out anyway. And that cookie is too adorable!

  31. You crack me up Vee!! You are so funny and I found this "quick" post so delightful! That melted snowman cookie is brilliant! Isn't that always the way that the car fails you when you most need it?? So glad you have a great attitude and a sweet husband who saves the day!

  32. I drove Ron's pick-up for several years (between my old van being totaled and the purchase of our new van), and I never did get used to it. Not only was it more difficult getting in and out, that thing was a bear to park.

    Well, those "moments to spare" have not come my way yet, but I am so very thankful. As I was out running errands yesterday, the words "born that man no more may die" pierced my heart and I drove home with a few last minute gifts and a renewed appreciation of The Gift!

  33. Life is a wee bit "funny" at times! So glad you got home again with your car, and that John could help you, and that the furnace was fixable in a short time! I find I have to cultivate a Pollyanna spirit these days. And it's not so easy, but it can be done. I'll take you as my inspiration, Vee.

  34. I finished my shopping today - I just have to pick up two things tomorrow, and wrap those then I am finished!

    Sorry about your car - hope its a simple fix.

    I am going to hang around too!


  35. LOL- I love Mrs. Bucket! I can just see you crawling in and out of that truck, Vee. Hope you have a great weekend- Going to bed- too tired to think- xo Diana

  36. I loved the Buckets! I still watch them. This is a great post.

  37. I love the melting snowman cookie, Vee!
    I put up a Christmas post late yesterday. I just decided that would be it until after Christmas Day. But that is always subject to change, depending on my muse or the weather.:-)
    I love Hyacinth and miss her. Wish PBS would run that show again. More and more I am saying to J, "Mind the pedestrian".
    Merry Christmas!

  38. The cookies are beyond amazing--I will have to make these (dairy-free) for my granddaughters. They will arrive on the 26th. Happy Holidays, dear friend and stay warm, XOXO

  39. So glad you have 'dear John' to come to the rescue! My issue with riding in hubby's truck is not that it shudders and shakes...but that it smells rather like a stable. :)

    Love the snowman cookie!

  40. I laughed so hard imagining "Mrs. Bucket" in this situation! I adore her. She's hysterical! Anyways, glad John came to the rescue and you were able to finish your errands. The melting snowman cookie is so cute! I'll be around too but just in case I miss you, have a very Merry Christmas! xoxo

  41. I had to laugh to myself, picturing Hyacinth and Richard, out cavorting around together. Or rather, him being directed by her. I don't see any similarities between you all! Glad you came home with some purchases at least! :-)

  42. Think the melting snowman is great.


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