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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Virtual Skating Party

~Skating Party Circa 1912~

I thought we'd have a little fun today with a virtual skating party. The only kind of skating I've ever done is on my ankles, though I've often imagined myself skating very fast down a river in Holland. (Too much reading of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates in my childhood.) If I were one of the folks above, it would be the poor gal in the light clothing. ☺ 

 So put on your virtual skates, tie them on nice and tight, and allow me to send you to five places that I have very much enjoyed seeing over the past week or so. Perhaps you've already been there! Let's check!

1. Here is where I learned how to make a *wonderful wreath/spray.* Carol tells us everything we need to know and it is easy-peasy. One of my favorite requirements of Christmas.

2. Just this morning, Linda gave the *recipe for candy* that I have been looking for, which also, you guessed it, qualifies as easy-peasy. (While there, check out those quads!)

3. Brenda is my "go-to" gal for thought-provoking posts. She's put up a re-post that spoke to me. (*This is for those of us who must deal with the Bah-humbuggers of the world.* LOL)

4. *Found what sounds like will be the hot chocolate in my crockpot this Christmas.* 

5. *Music...always a blessing.* This won't be everyone's cup of tea; however, I like listening to classical choral arrangements since I don't know them well enough to sing along. This becomes important, trust me. I love the beautiful lilting music in the background as I go about my morning chores and visits to you. 

Have a beautiful day... Get lots done!


  1. Now THAT was a lovely skating party! (Though I gained about 10 pounds just reading the two recipes, LOL.)

  2. Wow, I love these posts that you have shared, and it took me to many new blogs that I know I will love visiting again. Brenda's post especially touched my heart. Thank you Vee!

  3. I love your posting Vee. I was never good at this - ankles killed! When I was in college I went on a date with my present (and only too) husband ice skating at a park outdoors. All I could think about was "I was freezing" the whole time. What can I say - I am a whimp!

  4. What fun!!! I visited all FIVE!! I was surprised when I found myself at my own page!
    Long years ago I was a fundamental Baptist.....and back then 'we' didn't believe in ladies wearing pants.
    (Go figure!) Our church had a yearly ski trip to the Rockies and can you believe we skied in DRESSES???? I kid you NOT! Long johns underneath and I recall I wore a huge ugly orange parka I bought at Goodwill. Don't you know we were a sight to see? I bet people are still talking about 'those weird people!'
    LOVED that music!!

  5. Nice post Vee - and the music from Cambridge is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all this Christmas loveliness.


  6. I'm listening to the music as I visit some of the blogs you linked. Thanks for sharing. Love Brenda's post!!
    Blessings on your day.

  7. Well now I am off to check out all of your suggestions as they ALL piqued my interest....though I am going to have to be skating fast, as I haven't much time, lol Enjoy your day!

  8. It's so much fun to visit 'new' blogs and enjoy the holiday festivities! I just bought groceries so it's time to relax for a few minutes. Have a fun day! I'm skating as fast as I can today, too! lol

  9. I have never been ice skating however love the Victorian pictures of long ago when people skated on ice ponds
    I bought some Christmas cards one year of a picture of a lady skating in her long velvet coat and furs wrapped around her

    Merry Christmas

  10. I loved to skate as a teenager and when I found out they had senior's skating days at the YMCA, hubby and I set out enjoy one afternoon a week. I bought a pair of blue skates with a man's blade on the bottom because I was told if I hadn't skated for many years, i could kill myself if a pick dug in accidentally.
    A health issue has prevented me from skating the last couple of years, but I'd like to dust off those blue babies and give it a whirl again this year. A helmet is also suggest for us grannies! Yikes.
    I will definite skate over and check out the recommended blogs and recipes. Like Diane, I'm just back from grocery shopping and taking a few minutes before lunch.

  11. I just visited the blogs you mentioned. Brenda's post was excellent! Thanks for sharing. I'm taking it easy today since I pounded the pavement yesterday shopping and these olden feet and legs are tired today. I'll just do a few light chores and check over my lists while sipping on some hot chocolate!

  12. Vee
    I was never much of a ice skater either!
    I think you covered many bases with your blog links...
    As soon as I get back from my walk (where I may be skating after all),
    I'll check them all out.

  13. I was quite good at the roller skating rink when I was young. I have never tried ice skating but I think it would really be fun.

  14. I was halfway decent at ice skating which is surprising considering I am a total clutz.
    I love this music!! Thank you. I'm off to ITunes to buy it!

  15. My knees lock up in fear when I put on ice skates (or roller skates). I tried, but never felt comfortable.

    But I loved skating quickly through your links today. Such a fun party! Now I'm off to the baking and sewing.

  16. I'm heading right for the music. Thanks. I'm also an ankle skater. The gardener has quite a skate story and still has a pin in his ankle to prove it.

  17. I enjoyed your skating party Vee. I grew up on a lake in Michigan and we skated all winter long. I loved skating!

  18. Thanks for sharing these other blog posts Vee. I enjoyed them all. Speaking of skating, my very best girlfriend fell while skating this morning and hit her head very hard on the ice. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and I'm waiting to hear how she is doing. It sounds like she may have a severe concussion. I feel so badly as she was to visit me today for tea. We have been friends since Bible school over 40 years ago. I guess as we get older and have skated all our lives we should consider wearing a helmet now. They are mandatory for kids but one seldom sees adults wearing them. I don't skate anymore but I loved up until about 15 years ago. My feet hurt too much now. I love the old photo. They sure dressed up pretty fine with their fur stoles!

  19. I think everyone dreams of skating at this time of year…the picture is great. Thanks for providing all the links…it will be good to skate along this afternoon and be inspired...

  20. I went skating once I was 15, I got very wet and caught a bad cold never went again.

  21. Hi Vee! Such a cute idea...a virtual skating party! So much safer than the real alternative. When I was a girl, we would flood the backyard and have a skating rink. The boys loved to play hockey, and us girls would get out and glide a little. Fun!

    Thank you for listing your 'go-to' friends. It's nice to meet new bloggers!

  22. Love this idea!

    I have made that candy for years, after Hubby brought home the recipe from a party he had attended. You know when a man asks for a recipe it has to be special. He's only done that a few times in all these years.

    I had no idea you could leave some of it without the chocolate on top. Never thought of that. I'm making it within the next week so I will definitely try that on some of it!

  23. I don't believe I have ever intentionaly been ice skating. I have fallen a time or two (ok, dry humor, lol). Praying for Pamela's friend. I will have to try the hot chocolate..Blessings

  24. I LOVED ice skating when I was young, Vee, and even my teenage years. If I did it now, I'd probably break a bone(or two). This skating party was such a delight and a great idea. xxoo

  25. I have skated away to all of your links, and now I am listening to the beautiful music in the last one. I enjoyed your virtual skating party...what fun!

    Back in the day, I loved to roller skate. We had a rink in my hometown and our church rented it once a month. I did not have the opportunity to ice skate until I was an adult, and my roller skating abilities did not translate into ice skating abilities. Yikes!

  26. Oh I've ice skated plenty in my life though not in years. I lived by a lake growing up and we skated every winter. I even had one of those skating skirts.
    I loved roller skating too and went to the roller rink every Saturday night all through my teen years.

  27. Vee--There are some great blogs mentioned here. I love visiting new blogs that I don't know. I used to ice skate a lot when I was a kid. We skated on a big beaver dam pond and I was always in charge of stealing the kerosene and matches to build a fire. lol xo Diana

  28. Vee, how delightful! Thank you for taking us on this little skating adventure!


  29. Hi Vee, I skated around at your party, thanks for recommending these places. I'm listening to the music now, Thanks. ~ Abby

  30. I've always been too afraid to ice skate! The evergreen swag looks so easy!

  31. Thanks for the wonderful virtual skating party. I have always loved skating - even though my old ringette skates are worn out and needing to be replaced. I enjoyed twirling and gliding through all these sites today and have yet to listen to the music! Like they say - "keep your stick on the ice"!!!! Loved this post Vee!

  32. I looked at your blog this morning and only now have found the time to comment! I love this skating around idea!

    I am going to try the hot chocolate, and I am wanting to make a wreath alternative with some greens for the front of the house. Lots of great ideas here.


  33. Vee, you always come up with the most charming posts. I love ice skating, and you reminded me of when I lived in Manhattan. I lived in an apartment with my friend Mary. Every time I came home from a date in the winter she would say "let me guess, you took him skating in Rockefeller Centre!" Yes, I must have skated there a hundred times. But I made memories for a lifetime. I can't possibly skate anyone…just turned 65 and am wobbly just walking on ice.

    I have been MIA, back and forth to Winston Salem over the last two months. Ashley is expecting a baby in February, and Sarah and Mike are getting married Next September. So, I'll be back and forth quite a bit in 2014.

    Your blog looks so nice and festive as always.

    Wishing you a beautiful day skates and all.


  34. I wish I could find the time to be crafty but this short Christmas season has me in a whirlwind! We had company this past weekend which also delayed decorating. I am working on my tree as I write this--needed a sit down break and wanted to catch up with you!


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