Saturday, June 5, 2010

Newsy Little Nothing Post

Little pot of johnny-jump-ups

Maybe that title is promising too much with "newsy." I so enjoy newsy posts that others write that I thought I might try one myself.

It rained all night with intermittent thunder showers. I slept very well and whenever I did wake to a clap of thunder, I'd snuggle back down into my covers and against my beloved and say to myself you are so blessed and it is so cozy here.

We enjoyed a quiet Saturday morning. Nan has been sleeping much longer of late and, yes, we know what that bodes. John read his paper and I my library book, another of Elizabeth Goudge's only this time much lighter reading. The Little White Horse was written in 1946 and won the Carnegie Medal for children's literature. (I believe that C.S. Lewis must've taken note because The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe has some similar elements and was published in 1950. ETA: Yes, of course, I find upon some further research that this is true. Not only that, but that this book strongly influenced the writer mentioned next.) The Little White Horse is one of J.*. *owlings' favorite childhood reads. I enjoyed it very much, too. Especially so in light of the second line of this paragraph and the final paragraph of The Little White Horse. Dear reader, you know that I am always vague. Somehow I'm hoping that if you've not read it or not for a long time, that you'll pick it up once again out of sheer curiosity as I did. So if you enjoy reading about homes and hospitality, great adventures and odd happenings, you'd love this little fairy tale. Anyhow, this completes my marathon of Goudge books for a while.

Yes, I did complete Laura Bush's book and would recommend it as insightful, which makes for interesting reading. Some have described the book as insipid. I would not. I found it lyrically written with a pleasant flow. It maintained my interest from the first page to the last. Mrs. Bush did far more during her husband's presidency than I had imagined and I am impressed with how well she used her time and for what causes. The most notable, in my book, being her stand for women's rights in the Middle East and in particular Afghanistan. Her work actually continues to this day as a very recent Google search reveals.

Enough of books!

My mother is doing well and had supper with us last night. We ordered out and had haddock dinners with a side of fried shrimp. It was a welcome change for us all, especially for John and me as we are dieting. No! We are not dieting. We are making yet another "life change." Right. I'm convinced of it. Kinda.


Since I left off writing this, my grandmother has wakened, been bathed, has eaten, and is sitting in the living room reading. My mother has arrived for lunch and John returned from a morning's activities for lunch. It was a rainy day and you know what that means (window washing), but now a weak sun is shining so John, feeling personally blessed by that sign, has skipped off again. Mother left just prior. She is at work packing her home and preparing for its sale. I don't like to think of her doing this work on her own, but there's no one available to help her and she is adamant that it must be done now.

So the remainder of my afternoon activities are to push the laundry (there's always a lot of laundry with my nan) and to wash up the dishes, which is challenging since there's so much laundry and so little hot water as a result.

And I'm going to pluck the chives blossoms and make some vinegar that Nadine at Nadine's Nook told about right *here.* Oops! Guess I'll have to dry those blossoms a bit first.

Some fine day, I shall hope to be less newsy and more interesting.

Have a lovely afternoon...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trellises Three

Sunlight on Chippy White Fence this Morning

Oh boy! Look what I found in the garage last night!

Gotta love a listening man that's all I have to say about this. I had to test them, though they are not finished as in painted.

I want to especially thank all those who mentioned trellises as an answer on my Mirror Mirror on the Garage Wall post so here's a big thank you to Packrat who was the first to suggest it, Lisa, Sharon, Terra, and Judy. With all your voices together, believe me, I heard "trellises" and started subtly mentioning them...of course ;> ...with the result I'm showing here.

I made the mistake of saying, "Wow! That was quick." I was assured that they were not done quickly at all. So let's see how long before they are painted and mounted and there is anything climbing on them, which is when I'll need to thank a lot more sweet gals!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Posy Pictures

A scary thing happened when I logged in today. There was a message (can you see it, too) saying that bandwith had been exceeded. After a little research at Blogger help, I think I've discovered that it is my template that is causing the difficulty. Hope that it will fix itself. For a moment there I had my blog crashing or having to create a new blog when I like this one just fine, and all sorts of other calamities. I employed my "just slow down" method of tackling a problem. I hate going off on a tizzy when there's no need. Now if there is a need, I am perfectly capable of it — tizzy time that is. (Edited to Add: Problem solved. After reading Aunt Amelia's comment, I just removed the template.)

Three regular old photos no new editor or anything special.

My mother gave me some flowers so we had to create a space. More like John created the space while I watched. Blessed me.

There are some irises not too happy with the transplant and a potentilla bush, which isn't showing up so well, and the two azalea plants my daughter gave me for Mother's Day and just when I had about decided to give azaleas the boot. Now I have four to give the boot except that I just can't.

Being outside is tricky here. We have the smoke from the Quebec forest fires and it's tick season; I have had two thus far. This morning, I feel as if there are a hundred marching all over me. Ackkk! Just slow down, Vee, no tizzy time for you today. Good heavens! Now I'm talking to myself on my blog. This can't be good.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Gathering

It was a delight to have a meeting of the clan (most of it) over the weekend.  Note to self: It is always more fun to have these gatherings at someone else's place. In this case, someone else's place was my sister's. The pictures I am sharing today are of her flowers, her yard, her deck, her cars, her trees. Should I include my brother-in-law in this possession list?

Of course, you know that I loved seeing this bright yellow Adirondack chair first thing. The peonies weren't bad either.

These huge hostas line both sides of the drive. Note the steep stairs on either side. Fortunately for Nan, we were able to drive around to the back of the house as seen in the first picture so she stepped from the car directly to the deck.
My grand listens amused to his mother's discussions of why he should eat something besides his shoe. Goodness, I remember those days so well and both my kids lived to tell about it so I'm hoping that Sam gets hungry one day soon and eats a hamburger.

Sis does have a little red house and she also has a little red shed right behind these bleeding hearts. I think that it would make a cute playhouse for her grands some day. (Are you listening, dear nieces?)

So many good things to eat, but this was my favorite — a rhubarb square. This recipe has been on my blog before right *here.*

(This new editor drives me foolish. I have been trying to create this post for the better part of an hour and my brain and patience are scrambled. If I had a computer program that worked this poorly, it would be history. I'd smash it to smithereens with a hammer. Then I'd jump on what remained. There! I feel better now. )

Oh, it worked that time. Where was I? Oh yes, Jake enjoyed looking at all the flowers and so did I. Here's a nice batch of flower pics without comment.

(Forgive me for not being able to scoot in between pictures with my text.) And we played. We played roll down the hill (yes, I played that one), and we played tag (yup, me too), and we played hide n' seek (you betcha! my favorite spot was behind a big old oak tree), and we played golf (sure did, hit every golf ball, two). John was especially impressive and I didn't get one picture of him. Darn! Apparently, my sis and her hubby practice on "their private fairway" quite often. She is getting ready to tee off on the left while her daughter and mine watch.

Thank you for taking the garden tour through my sister's yard. Many of the pictures featured in yesterday's mosaic were of my sister's town as well.

I'm sure that lots of bloggers have their stories to share today after the holiday and I want to read them all!  Enjoy a wonderful Tuesday.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Mosaic for Mosaic Monday

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. ~Galatians 5:1 NIV

Blessings to you this Sunday!