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Friday, May 21, 2010


God shares the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars. ~Martin Luther

Love is like the clouds that are always reshaping themselves... a paraphrase of an Elizabeth Goudge quote from The Scent of Water.

Yes, I am in the thick of it and about to come out on the other side. Ahhhh, sweet respite. Hope that you are all having a wonderful day and looking forward to a refreshing weekend!


  1. I love to look up at the clouds. I can't look up and not think of God. :-)
    A Happy Day to you vee!!

  2. She is enigmatic, as always. :-) Mmmmm, that does mean ~~ fuzzy meaning and not terribly clear, I hope. ,-)

    But as long as you say "sweet respite," that's good enough for me. Enjoy! Don't come out of it, too soon. Don't...


  3. Great quotes! Oh...and great clouds too!

    Enjoy the respite...and the weekend. Meet you on the other side.

  4. so beautiful and deep.

    as i was bringing in the groceries,
    i looked up at my lovely sky and
    thought, "heaven is His throne and
    earth, His footstool."

    great minds think alike!

  5. Clouds are a beautiful forefront to an amazing blue sky! Cheryl

  6. Such beautiful pictures!! The clouds look like cotton balls.

  7. Hey Vee, have a wonderful weekend and good to see you are taking a moment to admire the clouds. I always notice the sky too! Will be flying overhead tomorrow...look up around 4pm. : )

    xo Terri

  8. Hi Vee!
    What a profound statement! It is in fact true isn't it? Always reshaping! I laughed and laughed at Vee & the Vultures!! So funny but it had to be rather frightening to glance up and see such a sight - yikes!!!
    Thanks for your encouraging words on our new abode! We are working so hard to get things where they should be and we don't even know where that is yet LOL! I think I've gotten rid of half our household by now.

    Big hugs,Sherry

  9. We had some of the most beautiful cloud formations this afternoon. It was so pleasant to sit in the car dealership waiting for tires to be put on my daughters car and stare out the window at them moving past and reshaping themselves.

    Have a precious weekend!

  10. After I rad your post I ventured to the nearest window only to be a little disappointed. There are no clouds in the sky above me today. My disappointment was brief though as I realised that I had a wonderful blue sky to admire instead.

    A lovely post. Have a wonderful weekend.


    x o x

  11. Have you your head in the clouds? Well, you certainly have some beautiful scenery to see :-) Keep looking up up up!

  12. That is a wonderful quote by Martin Luther. Your pictures of the sky are beautiful. Glad you are getting a respite. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. "And God saw all He had made,
    And it was very good!"
    Genesis 1:31a

    Feel free to email me anytime if you want to chat.

    Becky K.

  14. Life can be so good when it is busy, but a little time to look up and see the clouds or to look down and see the flowers is always time well spent!

    I'm spending the week with my grandson ... he's learned so many new things!

  15. Your photos are beautiful! I love looking at the sky...I remember being in 6th grade and doind a report on clouds. I remember knowing the names of all of the cloud types...not anymore.

  16. Yesterday we were driving to take Jordan flowers and looked up in the sky to see a cloud shaped like a flying goose. It made me laugh!

    The best cloud was that of a heart at the base of a full moon. This was the night that Jordan's body was flown home and we were following the hearse on the freeway. I think God was sending us a gift....a gift of love.



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