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Monday, May 24, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

ETA 9:30 a.m. Thank you, Diva and Lovella! No one is more surprised than I that today is not Memorial Day. Somehow I believed that tall, handsome guy who told me it was! Now I know why I must verify, verify, verify. Consider this one a Happy Memorial Day in advance! :D

Ha! Laughing at my inspired title. I am sitting here thinking how in the world did it get to be Memorial Day already? (I remind myself of my nan who can't believe it got to be any day already.)

Now that I have confessed that Memorial Day has taken me quite unaware, I'll wish you a blessed day with family and friends. Hopefully, our day here will include a quickly planned bbq, a drive through the cemetery, and an ice cream cone at the local custard shop and a goodly amount of remembering.

I've reproduced last year's library photo only with better results...maybe...and a picture of the town square.

Happy Memorial Day!

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(Pardon my experiment and on a holiday, too. That settles it for me. All pictures will be posted using new editor from now on; although, I am especially fond of last year's library picture.)


  1. am I confused or does Memorial day actually fall on May 31st this year...I just checked my calendar and it says the 31st.

  2. Happy Memorial Day to you. . .but now I'm smiling at your first comment on the day.
    Maybe you are confused by our Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. .. oh Vee .. you crack me up.
    OH . and the new editor. .I'm using it too but didn't even realize the image quality had improved.
    I hope you enjoy your holiday.

  3. -giggles- Here she goes again... Trying to confuse us. >,-) Yup, Memorial Day weekend isn't until the end of this present week. But I guess Vee is getting a jump on it. :-)

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, as to the difference between New & Old Editor use [which I simply don't understand of course, but you know that]... Maybe I can say that I see the bikers a bit more clearly, in the 'New' one. But I actually don't see a biggggggggg diff. -ducking, running and hiding-

    Since I can only fix clarity and sharpness and etc., by the Photo Program which comes with my Mac, I don't use any other. And since you feel that your pics, using the "New" thing, are better........ Guess we do our "sprucing up" of photos, entirely differently.

    Time for another back channel missive. [private e-mail] But doesn't "back channel missive' sound so much more coooool??? -grin-

    Gentle hugs...

  4. You really would like to celebrate with us here in Canada, right? I think you should go ahead with your plans for today...celebrate Victoria Day with us. Next Monday...we'll have a little Memorial Day party with you.

    You started my day with a smile!

  5. Hi sweet Vee, your previous post is so true, depression haunts so many people...I fight it constantly and remember distinctly my grandfather being such a moody, distant person. Thank goodness for my daily meds that keep me happy, sane and social...it truly is a physical deficiency ~ to be aware of your feelings and to realize this is a wonderful thing dear friend ~ I hope you have a wonderful week Vee!! hugs and love, Dawn

  6. Since I am away my Memorial Day post will probably will not happen..so I've enjoyed your early one, Vee!

    Let us all remember the service of all the branches of the military this weekend and especially those that made the ultimate scarafice to preserve our freedom.

  7. The Real Memorial Day, before they changed the holiday to a Monday is May 30. I know because it's my birthday!! :-)

  8. i would just re-post those gorgeous
    photos every year, but wait until it's
    actually memorial day!

    happy halloween!!!

  9. Your library is lovely. Isn't it nice to know that you don't have to plan that BBQ quite so quickly.? LOL.
    Enjoy your day.

  10. Enjoying your post this morning, I'm with Judy...you made me smile.

    Well...what did you think of last nights hours of "LOST". I LOVED the ending I have to say. My questions are now ALL answered, hope yours were!

    Happy Memorial Day..... ;)

  11. I had it in my head that today would be Memorial Day all last week until someone told me I was off by a week. When I saw your title, I thought for a moment that maybe I was right all along and we should all go home. But, alas, it was not to be.

    I'm ready for a holiday. =)

  12. Hello Vee...well, I'm so glad to know I am not the only one who gets her days mixed up now and then!

    I came by because I read at In A Garden that you had been writing about The Scent of Water....I did not know (or maybe I forgot) that you are an Elizabeth Goudge fan. She has had such an influence on my faith and inner life...I've been reading her (over and over) for about 40 years I guess. The Scent of Water is a very special story. I'm so pleased to meet another who has found hope within those pages.

    Oh, and I love your new banner photo...so beautiful.

    May 24, 2010 5:08 PM

  13. Vee,
    You are too funny! At least you won't be late.

  14. Happy everyday to you Vee! I loved looking at all of your pictures. I think you captured the essesence of that town. I also read your previous post. So many families inflicted with this disease mine included.

  15. I just wanted to pop by and say hello to sweet Vee...I have so enjoyed seeing your name pop up in my comments, makes me smile just to know we are still out there blogging...time sure does fly, doesn't it??

    Happy holiday!

  16. Hey, we can have holidays anytime right? Maybe this should be called "Memory Day" LOL@


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