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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Following Brenda's Prompts

I found these prompts at Brenda's It's A Beautiful Life and thought they'd be fun to try.

1. I never thought... I'd remarry after sixteen years of being single. It's been one of the best choices I've ever made. Never thought I'd blog either.

2. I don't really enjoy... terribly warm days. Terribly warm days are any over 80°F.

3. I like to eat... lots of things. Currently, I'm on a tortilla chip kick.

4. I cannot... enjoy discussing politics with those of the opposite persuasion.

5. I have... been looking for more help from several agencies on aging. It looks pretty bleak just now, but we will soon have a personal care assistant to help with Nan for two hours a week. Woo hoo!

6. I do not like... teenagers. I didn't like them when I was one. I didn't like raising them. I didn't enjoy teaching them. They really are in a challenging stage of life. That's why I'm in total awe of those who relate well to teenagers. God bless them!

7. I'm going to... go to Wal*Mart today. And I will enjoy every precious second of it and milk it for all it's worth.

8. A book I'm enjoying these days is... Laura Bush's memoir Spoken from the Heart.
(Why, yes, that is a diet soda with the tortilla chips.)

9. Some advice I'm going to take is ... {chill}. Just }}chill{{. Gonna allow a few things to go in one ear and directly out the other. Gonna shake things off like water from a duck. ;>

10. I haven't figured out... how to run the tv yet. The antenna is particularly fussy. Guess that after Evan came in second on Dancing With the S*tars, I won't be watching tv this summer so it won't matter. Now don't hate me, but Evan exudes such charm and grace whereas the winner is exuberant and joyful, but somewhat lacking in the classic good manners I love (but don't myself have). She sure can dance though, but I thought Evan was a better dancer as well.


  1. you totally read my mind! i desperately
    wanted to ask if you really just married
    in '08. best wishes! he sounds like a
    dream of a husband.

    also, i can't run my tv either, which is not
    a problem if hans is around, BUT he left
    town monday. so he set it up for me on
    fox to watch "24." i left it on that channel
    all day to not mess it up.

    in the midst of the most gripping scene,
    a TEENAGER accidentally bumped the
    remote, and we lost the show. :(

    so now, i'm with you on teenagers, too.

  2. Now that was a very informative and sweet post.

    Teenagers...I did not enjoy many of those years...however, I mostly enjoy our kids and their friends. We have our moments.

    Help...that is what you need. I do hope the Agency on Aging gets you more help. Wish I was closer. Truly.

    WalMart...Uggghhh. We have a very yucky one here. It has forced me to Target, which I don't adore either. But I do hope you enjoy, or enjoyed, your time away.


    Becky K.

  3. Our Wal Mart is wonderful. I enjoy shopping there. The worst I ever saw was when we lived in a Detroit suburb, there was a Wal Mart on something like 10 Mile (Detroit proper starts at 8 Mile). We went there once and never again!

    I wanted him to win, too. Christopher told me last night he could not understand how the winner was not considered a professional dancer since she is one of the Pussycat Dolls (known for their... ummm... sensual... dances).

    My kids were both pretty good as teenagers. It was the preteen Jr. High years where I went batty (an especially lippy time for girls).

  4. How fun to find out more about you, Vee.
    Reading with a bag of tortilla chips at hand is a vice of mine, too. But you can have the soda - I drink water.
    I think I enjoyed my children at every age, but probably most of all as teenagers. They were worst in the pre-teen years, so much so that I dreaded what I was sure was going to come.
    But it didn't. And I'm thankful.

    I hope you get the help you really need with your Nana. I admire you immensely for your sacrificial love for her. Can't be easy.

  5. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better through this post. I'm with you on the warm weather and even worse than that is high humidity. Thank goodness for AC here in NC.
    Glad you will be getting a bit of help. Maybe now you will be able to enjoy more trips to Walmart.

  6. Nice post!! Liked learning more about you.

  7. It's so fun to learn more about you! I would have never guessed that you weren't a fan of teenagers. I can deal with them, it's the 11 and 12 year olds that get me! Whew... It was terribly disappointing that Evan didn't win Dancing. He was so graceful and dare I say, beautiful? You are right, he was much more mannerly and gracious!

    Enjoy your trip to WalMart, and by all means, milk it for all it is worth!

  8. Hi Vee, I am in complete agreement on the teenager thing, I also hated being one.
    I remember a conversation with my Mom when I was a sophomore in high school. " Kid," she said, she always said that:) "These are the BEST years of your life!"
    I wanted to shoot myself right then and there.
    Luckily....she was wrong.

  9. Hi Vee

    Your meme's are always fun to read! You are very honest in yopur opinion and that is refreshing :-)

    Glad you will be getting a little help with Nan even if it is only two hours a week. I've been sprnding the week with my one and a half year old grandson and although I've been having fun it's been exhausting on this old body..thank goodness for nap time! I hope Nan takes naps too!

  10. Well since I have teenages in my home...I know exactly what you mean! Please don't think I don't love them though! Glad you will be getting the help with Nan you need, hope it works well for you!

  11. Super post. Everything is great except for the diet pop. lol. I'm glad you are getting help, but sorry that your grandmother has reached the time of needed more care. Hugs, Dear Vee.

  12. I love the way you think, and the more I read about you the more I think that you are truly a kindred spirit. I love tortilla chips, I'll be right over!

  13. Love getting to know you better - and I agree about Evan..grace personified!

    Remember to take care of YOU - so you can take care of everything and everyone else..you are a gift!

  14. Vee, you could paint a garden on that other wall...just came from a post with some wonderful murals or you could plant something growing and climbing, or you could sit and read your book and relax...

  15. I was cheering for Evan on DWTS as well --- all the way! He was terrific and reminds me of my son. I'm sad he didn't win the prize!


    *Beautiful new look - I'm blog surfing today, but haven't for a long time - life has been busy*


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