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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Solitary Lilac Branch in Bloom and Linen Rescues

You know me. I get a lot of mileage out of the simplest things. Currently, it's my one, lonely lilac branch. Vickie had asked me what the flower in my header was. The lowly lilac and nothing more. Obviously, I gave it a hard pruning last year and it is holding it against me. Can't wait to see what my azalea thinks of me after similar treatment a few days ago. I'll have to wait until next spring for certain, but just now she's looking pretty miserable.

All this mileage on simple things is all in the photographer's technique don'tcha know. I, being poorly self-taught, am like the lowly lilac branch. Very little substance here.

In fact, this morning, I discovered that my camera settings have been on the lowest quality. That can't be good. In an effort to remedy the situation, somehow I made a huge mess of everything. Finally, I discovered the trick, which I share with you below.

Typically, I can't even get that right. It is not a "sytem restore" it is a
"resetting settings to their default values." Whatever! The problems righted themselves and I am no longer concerned about photo quality. Head to Ree's for that!

After rescuing my camera settings, I am now in hopes of rescuing some linens. Here are my three projects.

1. lower left corner -- napkin made from ratty old tea towel

2. top right corner -- two ratty vintage tablecloths melded into one...maybe...with luck and a prayer

3. lower right corner -- A crewel wall hanging turned into a crewel pillow...maybe...you know the drill

Check back tomorrow for the results...

(I'm sorry if I've led some to believe that I'm away this week. Not at all. Probably next week. I'm very happy to have the book from Aunt Amelia, but I have already read it. This one is for my shelf and to reference from. The new books will be here soon enough.)

Have a terrific afternoon!


  1. if you have to have a solitary, a lilac
    will do.

    "that'll do, lilac."

  2. Lilac, ahhh. It's too hot in Texas for lilacs, Vee. That's why I didn't know what it was. I wonder if they'd grow in the shade? They fare well in your cold climes? They ARE beautiful and such a gorgeous color. I must look into this. I've always heard of them, but never seen any around here.

    Show your finished products with your linens please. I've got a bunch of those, too, and am wondering what to do with some of mine...

  3. My lilac is behaving this year and full of blooms (sorry!) Mind you, it has years of sulks too, like my apple tree. I am like you, and ever so thankful for the "restore" button on numerous things. But at least we try! I am heartily sick of having to ask my offspring for help and listening to the long-suffering sighs. Hmmm. Something wrong there!
    Can't wait to see the sewing tomorrow.......

  4. Lilacs were were my Moms favorite...old linens are mine:)

  5. I have to prune two of my lilacs that have grown over into the neighbour's yard but I don't want to lose next year's blooms. Yours will be back better than ever next year ... it's just the wait in between that's hard.

  6. Lilacs are so lovely. Don't you wish they would last just a little bit longer? Your materials look lovely too. I hope you post your finished products. I think all of your pictures are great.

  7. Love those lilacs. I have a nice lilac bouquet on the kitchen table right now...clipped from the bushes on the farmyard.

    Have fun with your projects! I'll be back to see what you've done.

  8. We seldom trim our lilacs, and the bushes are usually covered in blooms. They are just barely in bud now, tho, so your solitary branch looks very pretty.

    Have fun sewing. Please show us your finished products.

  9. Vee,
    I just love you...Oh your header is perfection. I don't have lilacs, but I have French lilacs bushes. They haven't bloomed. I always think it's because my husband is always pruning, and they get confused.

    I love to paint lilacs. My favorite favorite camera broken one day when I fell. (I am always falling), anyway I was so sad. I got a new camera but I always missed my old one. One day I discovered that it still works but only on one setting. People ask me all the time, what camera I use. It cracks me up, I mostly use my broken one, with one setting.

    I think a good photographer is one who sees the beauty in everything. You certainly seem to see beauty.


  10. Ohhhhhh wow! You go and give me a link to a grrrrrrrrrreat blogging photographer. So I can feel even less proficient in my snapping of pics! Oh wow! YOU-IS-MEAN! :-))))))

    No of course not. It's wonderful to glean tips from someone who is goooood at her stuff. Thank you!

    Enjoy that solitary Lilac branch in bloom, for me please. We love Lilacs and we can't go any where near them. Allergies! -Bleahhhh- He has had such problems for years. Mine have blossomed and grown, with age. -Bleahhhhh-


  11. Hey, that new composite picture of yours is clear, so the changed settings really helped! I clicked on it and it enlarged too. So that means you can make it bigger in the editor for the post!

    I adore lilacs and old linens.

  12. Lilacs don't fare well here, but I have fond memories of them when I lived in Michigan. I adore the scent.
    I'll be curious to see what magic you work with your linens.

  13. Whatever you are doing I love the photos of the lilac. I am like you, it only takes a little to make me happy. One thing we don't have a 'little' of is rain. Too much, to soggy, too damp. Guess I will just shut up and wait for the sun. Blessings


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