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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Garage Wall

This morning, John and I were sitting on the deck looking around and trying to figure out what we'd do about flowers, whether to cut back the lilacs or transplant them, who would mow the lawn today (I vote for John!) and so forth. We were just enjoying a moment while Nan was visiting with her PCA (personal care assistant). I seated myself at the table and looked up at what you see below. Now it's always bugged me, but today it really bugged me. Ever get that way?

I remembered an old mirror purchased years ago. They were ubiquitous and cheap and were made to look like windows. Perhaps you remember them?

One of the things that I love about my husband is that he's always willing to go along with one of my crazy plans. And, even better, he improves upon it. This idea has been gelling for a while now after seeing Manuela of The Pleasures of Homemaking do it in her own indomitable style right *here.*

And it was Penny of The Comforts of Home who shared a tip about carrying color beyond right *here* so I knew that that green paint around the mirror had to go. I picked up the deck color instead as you can see. Now this is nowhere near as impressive as what Penny is suggesting, but it does make a big difference. Perhaps you'll just have to trust me on this.

Now we have a wall with a view!

Does anyone have an idea about what to do with a huge expanse of wall that borders a pathway between the deck and garage? The mirror is a good start, but I don't want any more mirrors. It's a bit of a dilemma. Thanks for any suggestions you might have!


  1. i can not believe what a difference that
    made! first, the mirror, but mostly the
    white paint that mimicked the reflection.

    one of my favorite parts of blogland is
    the great ideas here.

    now, i'm off to find a wall . . .

  2. The mirror is pretty Vee ... it helps break up the vast expanse of wall. Can you plant anything there? Morning glories or a couple of clematis would look really nice.

  3. This is a most impressive makeover. The mirror looks great on your wall. I did see Manuela's post and loved her mirror too. In fact, I was looking around to see if I had any place in my yard for a mirror. Unfortunately, there are no walls that are big enough.

    I am wondering if you are able to plant things along the wall in question?

  4. That was a very quick face lift! I love it. Of course, this only works when the mirror can pick up beauty from the other side. Yours definitely does.

    Becky K.

  5. I like that look....find some more mirrors at the thrift stores! Might work out well for that beautiful view! ♥

  6. Wow! That is such an awesome idea! I sometimes use mirrors in our small home to make the rooms appear larger but I never would have thought to use one outside.
    You are so clever, Vee!

  7. Oh wow, Vee...I adore this...how wonderfully blissful looks the deck as seen thru the reflection of a simple mirror...lovely...John, sorry love but you got my vote, too!
    Sandi and Mac

  8. Love the mirror and all that it reflects. I haven't read the other comments, so hope I'm not duplicating or stealing someone else's idea(s). How about trellises painted the same color as the mirror frame - with or without climbing plants?

  9. Clever girl you are. .and such a wonderful helper too.

  10. The mirror looks wonderful there. It reminds me of the time years ago when we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Oregon, and they had a similar mirror in their garden. I always thought it was a splendid idea.

    Glad to see it still works!

  11. Yes, it is super, to have husbands who are willing to try out our ideas!!! Do we remember that enough? I know I don't.

    Anyway, great *being-bugged-save*! A mirror. Love those but never knew you could buy them. Guess I thought you had to "make" them. Like, put glass in the pane-places of an old window...

    Hmmmmm, what to do next, with the *being-bugged-by" wall? I'm not clever with decorating. So all I can think of is to paint it, a color, which you like-living-with more... Than it's present look. Not much help I know.

    Oh, maybe you don't dislike the color. Maybe you just dislike having it there. Well, if so, I'm even less help...

    So glad about the PCA!!!

    Gentle hugs...

  12. I agree with everyone, Looks Great! How about a trellis on each side with some climbing vine or flower. Or those metal hanging baskets attached to each side of the mirror with annuals flowing over the edge. You'll do great whatever you decide!

  13. Wow, what a great idea. What a difference.

  14. Great minds think alike! I'm trying out the idea of a mirror on an ugly fence that our neighbors put up.

    Add'l idea's
    old white platters/pottery, depending on the room between the wall and sidewalk - hang an old chippy white chair, fun decorative birdhouses, wall mounted planters

    Enjoy the weekend!

  15. Hi dear Vee,

    I too have a mirror on a wall in my garden. It is so amazing to see how it changes a space.

    My good friend has a concrete wall out her back door. She hung up a door and some multi-paned windows (like the one you used for a mirror). It made an amazing transformation.

    Of course I always love trellising and vines. Especially Heavenly Blue morning glories. Wow.

    Love from the road,


  16. Your mirror is brilliant, it transforms the area.
    Could you plant climbers along the wall, with a trellis?
    I like annual vines like sweet peas, glorious colors and scents, or moon flowers. Or permanent climbers on a trellis, like a climbing rose or a vining jasmine.
    Have fun with your next step.

  17. I like it! I want to do something with the side of our block garage that faces the tiny back yard..I have seen soo many great projects that are from "junk" old stuff..I may have to take another look around to see what I have..I LOVE the mirror idea!

  18. Nice mirror! I'd say add a trellis or two...and vines that sticks close to the wall...if you want to break it up a little.

  19. The mirror was a great idea. You could always make it look even more like a window by adding shutters on either side and a planter box underneath, with something pretty and colorful planted there.

  20. Love the mirror addition! How about old architechtural salvage pieces, starting a new "collection"?

  21. Hey Vee! Thanks for the mention! I am waaaaaay behind on my visits and trying to catch up. You mirror looks wonderful there!


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