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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dandelion Dreams Become a Dandelion Wishes Jar

Yesterday was a tease! I'm so bad and how well I know it. I got caught up in the busyness of afternoon company and never got back to my project even after permission had come in. My apologies, truly.

This Dandelion Wishes Jar is a fun and simple project found in Sharon Lovejoy's book Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars on page 6. I've been thinking about it as I've watched the dandelions sprouting up all over the lawn. This may be the one year that I don't wage war against them.

Sharon describes the jar this way:

When your visiting grandchild feels homesick or unhappy, open the lid and offer him one big wish, then let him blow.

Doesn't that sound like just the thing? I'm going to collect a lot and I may blow them all over the neighborhood. And why exactly is it that we get our knickers into such a knot over dandelions anyway?

I decided to attempt a simple little tag that turned into a four-hour project. Don't ask and I'll not tell. It involved learning some new tricks on Photoshop and playing with the camera so that's not time wasted, right?

Next time the grands arrive, I'll have a handy little diversion ready for them when they grow weary or bored. This nonni is going to need a whole truckload of tricks for those precious boys!

Please visit Sharon Lovejoy and thank her for allowing me to spotlight this nifty idea on my blog. (Yes, I requested and received permission to feature this idea on my blog.) Thanks so much, Sharon! You won't want to miss Sharon's California garden and her Maine cottage while you're there. Lovely!

Enjoy this wonderful day...


  1. Good morning! I am sorry it has been so long! Ashley is quite sick and was admitted to the hospital again last night. I saw your post and wished I had a dandelion jar right now. I bet you know what I'd wish for!

  2. Hi Vee,
    What a lovely idea. Childhood is such a sweet time. I can't wait to have grands, but I will have to wait quite a while. Although I am sixty-one, I have one daughter who just turned nineteen and my oldest just twenty-one. I always ask my friend Joyce if I can borrow hers sometimes. Such a special time for a Grandmother and Grandfather to teach the little ones about the important things in life...like a Dandelion Wish Jar.

  3. Mornin' dear Vee!

    I LOVE the dandelion jar! I will be using it for the Sweetie Girls. It amazes me how they grow in leaps and bounds!!

    I had fun catching up on all your recent endeavors - great idea for vintage table cloth that's badly stained. I've missed you and I'm so glad to be back with my dear friends!

    Hugs, Sherry

  4. How cute! And you learned some Photoshop tricks too! Hip-hip-hooray!!!

  5. Vee,

    I never wage war with these buttery faced beauties. I count them among my favorite flowers (never weeds in my mind) I love seeing them turn to seed and we blow them with wild abandon scattering wishes all over the lawn.

    Your tag is terrific and the idea of the jar is so great! I need to check out this book. Thanks for the tip and have a sweet Saturday!

  6. What a cool idea! Wish I did something like this when I was a child. I remember my little "Italian Noni" picking those dandelions to eat!! That's right, she would fix the greens for us Italian style, very good for you too I might add.

    Have a great weekend Vee.

  7. Sharon has the best ideas...I'm so enjoying her book! Kids & dandelions are the perfect match.

    Just don't blow your dandelion puffs onto my lawn...as I have been trying to keep them in the pasture. Smile.

  8. Awwwwwwwwww, how cute?!?

    You wrote; "...and never got back to my project even after permission had come in."

    "Even after permission"???

    Come on, you know I'd notice that. And you know I'd question it. So let's be sweet and explain, Dear. Private email will be fine, ya' know. :-)))

  9. Hi Vee,

    That's such a lovely activity!

    I'm impressed that you even mess with photoshop! So good for you for learning something new - that's never a waste of time.


  10. Hi Vee,
    Great idea as I have so many dandelions now. I also still like to pick them and blow away. Might just have to use this idea when the grand-girls come this summer.
    Your photography is outstanding, I read yesterdays post, what beautiful close ups.
    Great job.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  11. What a great idea. I love your tag. Someday I hope to be as good at Photoshop as you are!

  12. I love Sharon Lovejoy and haven't visited her lately! Thanks for the link! Love this idea! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  13. What a lovely idea! I remember wishing on a dandelion puff and then blowing away the seeds as a child ..such a simple act that brought so much joy!

  14. Oh I love it! And your photo skills are superb, I keep blaming my lack of any on the camera;)

  15. what a sweet idea to fuel their
    imagination. i love the montage,

  16. That is the cutest idea ever! And it looks adorable in the jar..thanks for sharing :-)

  17. What a lovely idea, I will also use this when the Grandkids come over. Thanks for sharing that. Love your blog. Blessings, Carol Mae

  18. Carpets of Dandelions here this year, getting much attention in the press. If the 'clocks' as we called them as children are still around next time I see Oliver I must remember to 'play' with him.


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