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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me and the Vultures

It's getting to be entirely too pretty in here and I am not all about pretty. :D

On Monday morning, during our morning devotions, I sneaked a peek during prayer and saw the most vile vulture sitting on that very branch looking right at me. I let out an ackkkkkk that would've stopped a freight train (not to mention providing John a jolt) and sprinted for the door to shoo the thing away. It has no business being there! Did I think of grabbing my camera to capture the moment? No, I did not. That would've been an entirely too sensible a thing to have done and I am not sensible when being stared at by a vulture. After all, I was only semi-comatose and nowhere close to death yet.

He did leave his mark behind... The two tell-tale streaks. The only good thing about vultures is that they do not do their business while flying. Can you imagine? *shudder* They do their business to warm their cold-blooded little big, ugly feet while they perch. Perch being a pretty dainty way to describe it. These things crash land in the trees eventually destroying the crowns.

It is here that John has taken up the challenge. He installed this concrete wall to shore up the entire back lawn and does not take kindly to it being sullied in this manner.

As is our habit, we went from devotions to breakfast. I to the pouring of orange juice and the dispensing of vitamins and John to his paper. He laughed so when he got to the comics page that I couldn't imagine what possibly was so funny. (Wish that I could describe John's laugh because I love it so. It's deep and rumbly and ends with a little sigh.) Seems that John thinks that C*harles S*chulz wrote it just for me.

So, with all due apologies to the memory of the amazing Mr. S*chulz, we're renaming this one.

* * *
We're enjoying a lovely, old-fashioned Nor'easter today along with a lot of folks...you too? I told John awhile ago that I had dibs on the next rainy day as we would be washing windows. He has just informed me that it's going to be kinda tough for me to get out there on a ladder in all this rain. ;> And, no, he won't have to either. Gheesh. I'm not that tough. (Thanks for the head's up yesterday, Vickie!)
Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Oh my! That vulture had NO IDEA who he was dealing with! Geesh..how dare he?

    Gad you could take lightly of the situation..and isn't it ironic that it was during your devotional? A message maybe that when the "vultures"
    are staring you down, turn to God..Hmm..coincidense? I think not..

  2. Where I am from we call them buzzards. They look quite majestic when flying but up close, well, ugly does not even begin to describe them. I can imagine your start with the thing staring at you. Hopefully the rest of your day will be vulture free!

  3. How very funny.

    The timing is crazy. Love it!

    Now that you have had the laugh maybe those critters will move on to another tree.

    Becky K.

  4. I'm afraid I wouldn't have enjoyed looking at his ugly mug either. A peeping buzzard...the nerve!

    I'm glad that you both were able to find some humor in the incident!

  5. The timing of the Peanuts strip is hysterical. I firmly believe that God loves to laugh.

  6. "It's getting to be entirely too pretty in here and I am not all about pretty. :D"

    -chuckle- You are something else, my Dear. And I mean that in a good way. ['Cause I imagine there are all sorts of "something else's" and they aren't necessarily all nice.]

    I mean that you give us surprises, in your entries. Not all that common, in 'Pretty Blog Land"... The giving of surprises, I mean. It can get pretty borrrrring, out here in Pretty Blog Land, actually. But you shake us up, now and then. ,-)

    Thank you!

  7. No vultures around here, but lots of gulls. And they do their business while flying. A number of years ago I happened to be underneath one. Not pleasant, not pleasant at ALL!

    Have a wonderfully cozy rainy day.

  8. Oh this was a good one. . .I so enjoyed it. .
    Oh I wonder if your nor easters are more like our favorable south western winds. Winds from the ocean are always warm. .if they come from the south. If we hear that a north eastern wind is coming. .that means cold winds from the artcic. .brrrrr.

  9. They are ugly but they serve their purpose.
    After some rainy days here, the sun is trying to come out today. :-)

  10. vultures, aaaaaaaaargh! i'm with snoopy
    on that one.

    wish i could have heard john laugh.

    ps. you never leave long enough
    comments for me, so don't be bound
    by some arbitrary blogging etiquette
    on my account! :)

  11. Too funny! I really enjoyed your post. We have a lot of these feathered creatures around here too, but I've never had one staring at me through the window...lol. Thanks for the smile...

  12. I could not imagine having to deal with vultures. We had little birds but they like to hang out on my porch and bushes. We are always cleaning up after them. that was funny about the comics LOL

  13. The nerve of that voyeuristic vulture scaring you like that!!
    He does sound rather creepy and a bit too close for comfort.
    The timing of that Peanuts comic strip couldn't have been more perfect. Too funny.

  14. Ha ha...my geriatric Jack Russell barks at them as they fly...maybe he's telling them to go away, he's not ready to die yet?

  15. I'm having a bit of a giggle over here...just left Judy's blog "My Front Porch" with her majestic "Eagels" and now over here reading about your nasty "Vultures"! LOL

    I just thought what a funny contrast today!! HAHAHA You do crack me up Vee I have to say! I think we would be great "gal pals" if we lived in the same town and could hang out together! :)

    Wasn't "LOST" good last night. So now we know it's Jack who's going to protect the Island, if there is an island to protect, eh? Can't wait until Sunday night! This entire build up to the finish line is "killing" me! HA!

  16. I've never seen a turkey vulture and I hope that continues forever..lol!

    I've always loved the peanuts comic strip .. so funny that it matched your experience today!

  17. Love reading your blog - just down to earth with the rest of us in daily living....even some of us old buzzards! :)

  18. LOL! I've never seen a vulture close up!

    I actually would enjoy a nice rainy day. The last time it rained was in the middle of the night and that doesn't count!


  19. That cartoon is priceless! Great timing, LOL.

  20. Now you have me smiling! I'll take my eagles...and let you mess with the turkey vultures.

    You had your nor'easter...we had a major storm from the west. Today all is calm.

    So...do you remember what that devotional was all about?

  21. Perfect! I love when art imitates life:)

    Enjoy your weekend!


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