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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yellow Roses

I love how my yellow roses have faded to the color of the roses on my tea cups. (I've had so much chamomille tea in the past twenty-four hours that I've practically become a slug. It might have something to do with getting involved with Blogger in Draft and not knowing what I am doing anymore. I am terribly out of my comfort zone for sure!)

Would you let me know if you've tried it and if you like it and how long did it take to get used to it?


  1. Oh so very, very pretty! What beautiful photography to show off the lovely flowers and china.

    I am working to adjust to the new Blogger format but cannot figure out how to post videos. What I wanted to post today was Mikey flying down the hill on the office chair. Just can't quite get it figured out.

    Becky K.

  2. I've switched back and forth and few times...old blogger...new blogger. The new blogger had no spell check at first...that scares me quite a little. I'm on 'new blogger' now. I'm working through it...pros and cons.

  3. Hi Vee!

    Those dried yellow roses are gorgeous. So are the tea cups...

    You know, I love the taste of chamomille tea, but it always aggravates my allergies. Whaaa!

    Still using "old" blogger. Too lazy to change.

  4. As always, clueless to all things new in Blogger. I still have problems with old Blogger! Best of luck with the new format.

    Have a rosy day!

  5. Ohhhh you got me alllll excited! With your talk of Yellow, Yellow, Yellow. And of playing around in Blogger in Draft.

    I thought you'd made your blog alllllllllll soft Yellows. Via Blogger in Draft. But I see you are still playing around in it. :-)

    Out of your comfort zone hu? Wow, I'm sure I would be! So I haven't even attempted to fully read about "BiD"... 'Cause yes, I'm chicken.

    Ohhh and I see [from one of your sweet commenters] that this is simply New Blogger and Old Blogger. Mmmmm, betcha' I'm still with Old B. Since I'm so slow to adapt to techy stuff. I even use OLD Yahoo Mail! -grin-


  6. I'm with A.A. this morning, Vee. I didn't know there was a new blogger. or even what BiD is??? will have to check it out!

    I love yellow roses (of Texas, ya know) and the way yours dried. A beautiful antique color! I'd leave those out on your table with your cup there all the time!

  7. Oh, yeah, looks like some bad weather may be heading your way, so watch out and take care!

  8. lovely yellow roses . . . hope no
    texans see it. they are daffy about
    their yellow roses. :)

    good luck with your drafting. i, of
    course, have no idea what you're
    talking about.


  9. I wasn't sure what you meant by Blogger in Draft, but if that's what the new blogger is called then that's what I'm using. I read awhile back that it made loading photos and enlarging them easier. I agree with that. But, like Judy, I find the absence of spellcheck a bit troubling.
    Your yellow rose vignette is so pretty. I think I have the same teacup.

  10. I have not ventured into Blogger by draft as yet ..it took me a few weeks to get use to the new editor and while that had pros it also had cons. To counter the lack of spell check
    I installed a spell check on my IE toolbar. I really need it ... spelling was never my forte.

    I need to "jazz" up my blog a little but then again I sometimes I like it being simple. I do like the mental exercise of figuring out new features...good for our "young at heart" brains! :-)

  11. PS I love yellow roses -- they are the color of friendship.

    Chamomille tea is wonderful too! Add some fresh ginger or a few lavender buds...yummy!

  12. What a beautiful photo! I love your tea cup. Sooo pretty! I have not tried this new blogger yet.

  13. Hey sweetie! I just love roses...and the beauty continues when they dry as well! I've switched back to the old editor...I wanted to post that video of Clara walking and just haven't gone back. I can complete a post so much faster with the old, even if I do have to load my photos from the bottom up!! I hope you're having a great week Vee ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  14. What a beautiful picture of the two different roses. Great job.
    I'm still using old blogger. Tried new blogger but had trouble moving pictures where I wanted them so went back to old blogger.

  15. what a gorgeous photo. absolutely delightful.

    thanks so much for sharing :D

    your blog is beautiful!

  16. I love roses...and the yellow roses are gorgeous! Don't know about Blogger draft...I use Windows Live Writer for all of my posts! So much easier! ♥

  17. Beautiful yellow roses Vee, And I have heard of BiD, but haven't checked it out. I am having enough trouble trying the old way. lol. But you have now got me curiosity up. And since I am so nosy, I guess I will be doing some snooping.

  18. I am so enjoying the changes blogger in draft have brought to us. I was really ready to play with some new templates and the new blog editor seems to be working just fine. ..so yes. .I think I'm sticking with it.
    Your new template is great.

  19. Hello my friend..love yellow roses..love yello..and roses..and tea ;-D So, you had me at "yellow"..I'm just happy to see spell check on the new editor but I have not seen the Blogger in Draft, so I can't be of any help there.

    Have I told you how much I enjoy your misic chioces? No? Well, I do..thanks for bringing beautiful sounds to my ears..

  20. Vee, I just started my little blog so it looks pretty ordinary. I suppose all the pretty things people do will come after a little more experience. Your photos are so pretty. I am still getting alump in my throat when I hear the music on your blog. Still wondering how to do that!

  21. Beautiful Vee! I love faded roses.


  22. Beautiful photo.

    I have been using Blogger in Draft. Fun part is I get to fool around more with the design of the page. I love all the options.

    I guess I like doing things My WAY...lol.


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