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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Disappointed in LOST

Oh my! That holiday was exhausting. It really was. I was running around like a house on fire getting the deck set up and pulling together the plants and the cushions for the chairs. So it was a nice reprieve.

John will never be able to live it down, but he tells me that if he had known that it was not a holiday, he would not have stayed up to keep the antenna working in order to pull in the finalé of LOST. Nor would we have slept in by two extra hours, which was very pleasant indeed.

So... LOST is now about 30 hours in the can and I've had time to think about the six years of my life that I've devoted to it. I may be the only person in the world to be disappointed with LOST's ending. That's because I had such high expectations and for a long time considered it to be a Christian allegory. It was not. Though highly allegorical, its roots were not based in any one faith over another.

If I can set my expectations aside, I can enjoy it for what it was...a little bit of something for everybody. Very few of my questions were answered. For starters... Exactly when did each character die? If it weren't for the change in Jack's clothing, I'd think that it may have happened at the moment of impact away back on that first show. Then again, Christian (if we can believe him) said that some died before Jack and some died after. Where've they all been while they were waiting to meet again in that church? I need to see a photo of that last scene for sure! Who was there and who was not... Was Richard reunited with his wife? Was he in that room? Some things just don't get answered now do they?

Perhaps now I'll be appreciating LOST most for all the tricks that the writers employed to advance their story: time travel, flash forwards, flash sideways, extra unexplained characters, and on and on. Very well done on that level. How else do you tell a one-hour story that lasts for six years?!

I loved the comments from the viewers, which was a clever idea on someone's part to include. I like the one that said that he was looking for answers but didn't realize that when they came it would be the end. I particularly appreciated the one that said, "I never understood Trekkies until I became a Lostie." As for me, I was a Lostie and am no more. That is unless they announce a follow-up show!

(Just popping in *this link* for myself if no one else. This gal really did a lot of thinking and I very much enjoyed reading the article.)


  1. Whoooooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!! First comment!!! -giggles-

  2. OK, you're still trying to tell us that you fooled your whole family, and us too, into thinking you thought it was Memorial Day! -gigggggggggggles-

    It was Victoria Day, you know, but a bit farther up north. Maybe that's what got you mixed up.

    LOST... Never happened to watch any of it. Not unusual. I don't have any show, which I have the fun of being devoted to watching. [He loves "The Mentalist" and never misses. We did watch "24" for a while.]

    I know, I'm missing fun! By not choosing to follow a show. Dang it! Where do I go, to get the gumption to chose one, and stick with it?

    Welllllllll, "Pretty Little Liars" begins next week. ,-) And I've read the first 3 books in the long series of books. They've got some WILD stuff to work with, in those books!!!! Plus, NO Vampires or Werewolves! For a change. Just totally shallow HS girls. Shallow? Did I say shallow? Awwww these gals give "shallow," a deep new meaning. So it should be *Eye Candy* and romps, all the way.

    Since I'm still having fun with reading Young Adult Lit, I'll be sure to try the tv show.

    And I'll probably watch a few episodes and drop it, like I did with "Vampire Diaries." Oh well... We'll see.

    Do I get a prize for the longest comment ever left here?????????

  3. I never watched Lost although it was one of the few shows my daughter and son-in-law watched either online or at a friend's house (they have no TV hook up).

    Christopher told me the same thing I had heard from other Christians, the end was interesting but disappointing in the way they portrayed all faiths leading to the same end.

    I watched the last hour of 24 last night (of the two hour series finale). Was just curious as to how they were going to end the series and I thought they did an excellent job on that one.

  4. oh Vee, just think how much you will actually enjoy 'Memorial Day' now that everything is ready to go :) As for Lost I too was a bit disappointed. I didn't expect to find a clear Christian allegory, too limiting for audiences, they must appeal to everyone. I think we each took our own beliefs into the ending...I found the drinking of the water to remind me of our Lord's 'Living Water' and the passing of the cup reminded me of 'Communion'...as for moving on in the end well, I guess they really can't answer that now can they, only God and those who have gone before us no what the 'Truth' is and we are all in some way 'Lost'.

  5. Hey Vee- I never was a "Lost" fan. I don't watch TV that much. I just was too, too busy when it started and then in later years, didn't want to start cuz I didn't know what was going on. Sometimes I felt left when I heard friends talking about it, but now hearing how disappointed some are with the ending, I'm glad I didn't get hooked! But we don't get snowed in all winter & need something to keep us entertained. I'd have probably watched it, too, and MORE TV or I'd have gone stark raving CRAZY!!!

    I just love Aunt Amelia's "way" of commenting, don't you!!!

  6. my daughter had some of her 20 year
    old friends to watch '24' last night. one
    young mad was devastated at the end
    of "lost", because he felt that he had
    wasted 6 years of his life.

    then i read another blogger who thought
    she had died and gone to heaven.

    i was amused at the disparity.

    and more importantly, thrilled at the
    ending of '24' how i will miss jack,

  7. I'm lost when it comes to discussing Lost...since I have never watched it.

    But I'm smiling at your holiday Monday celebrations. Love it!

  8. I've never watched "Lost" or "24", which explains why I confuse the two. Maybe I'll catch them in syndication...that's where I discover lots of shows that are "new" to me.

  9. It seems I'm not the only one who never watched it.

  10. Vee, Vee, Vee.....well it seems like I'm ONE of those that really enjoyed the ending. Don't feel like you wasted 6 years in watching, it was full of entertainment, cliff hangers, a fun puzzle trying to make all the pieces fit, I could go on and on why it was such a great series.

    I think some of us like an absolute closure, I do, but this ending keeps you thinking of the "what if's". I loved the fact that the first episode opened with, Jack opening his eyes on the island and it ended with him closing his eyes on the island, brillant!!

    Here's my take...Just like Jack's dad said, some died before Jack and some died afterwards. We don't know the time frame for everyone's death, but you are right about how they all waited for Jack to die and then reunited in the church to go into the light "all together". I felt it was great how they 'one by one' had their "awakenings" remembering each other and their past relationships.

    I know the death of the smoke monster was dumb, but I think for the most part the writers wanted to focus in on the individual relationships and how they impacted each other's lives. Jack had a major impact in ALL their lives that's why they waited for him in the end. I was wondering how they were going to bring 'Christian Sheppard' in at the end, thought it was great how he was the one that ushered Jack into realizing he was now dead.

    I did feel there was a sense of God and Heaven at the end, the church, the light, etc....

    Well my friend, maybe there will be a follow up movie or something down the road...ya never know.

    Thanks for posting about your thoughts, you knew I would be over here today. LOL

  11. Oops I think I beat "Aunt Amelia's Attic's" length...with my comment, sorry!

  12. Vee...hey I didn't realize about the window in the church.

    Wow...I'll take a good look at it again this weekend. I'm watching the ending again with my fellow "Lost" buddie, Dustye.

    Thanks for the tip!

  13. Well I never could get into it in the first place...I tried. Also, tried 24 and didn't really like that one either but we might watch that one on DVD now that it's over. I watched Lark Rise to Candleford and then watch a TIVOd episode of Sarah's House last night.


  14. I have heard so many mixed reviews over the last episode. While not a LOST fan, I was interested in how it ended after all the hurrah the last six years! I think it made me glad that I didn't get into it. I hate begin disappointed. =)

    I cried my tears over the last original Law and Order. It premiered for the first time the fall I went away to college and I was hooked. A huge group of us used to pile up in the lobby of the dorm to watch it. It was never the same after Jerry Orbach passed away, but still a must see in our home. Twenty seasons.... unbelievable! The fact I started college 20 years ago .... well, we will whine another day. LOL!

    Have a great evening dear Vee!

  15. Vee dear,

    Writing you from Edmond, Oklahoma. Gosh the people here are great. They take time to talk and be polite and I love them, but I can't wait for Maine.

    Am I the only one who never saw ONE Lost??? Did I really miss something?


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  16. Well. . I was not a Lost fan at all . .but watched the last 5 minutes of it and felt completely lost. .ha ha.
    I did however watch 24 regularly and I thought they did a really decent job of ending that show.

    And to think. . you still have your holiday to look forward to.

  17. Hmm... we watched the first season and loved it, but nary a one since. There must have been something else on at the same time.

    Enjoy your day!

  18. Vee....

    You are so cool. I loved that you were so ready for Memorial Day. I always end up being caught by surprise by holidays. They just plain sneak up on me.

    Now, about LOST. I couldn't read this post until I had finally watched the final episode. We had company over on Sunday night and couldn't watch and then we have tried to watch it online and keep falling asleep. So, today I am waiting for a crew to come and put in replacement windows....so far they are four hours late...and decided to watch it.

    Naturally, I don't agree with the theology and I don't get the whole timeline thing but it was definitely intriguing. I would consider watching the entire series again to see if the writers actually thought everything through.


    Now I can read your blog again...just had to get caught up.


  19. Never saw one show of LOST. It was my daughter's favorite show however, and she liked the finale quite a bit.

  20. Catching up on blog hopping. I was lost when it came to LOST but was thinking I might be found. After all the hype my husband and I started watching it on Netflix last night- first episode ever and we had to turn it off. We were afraid we would have bad dreams all night long. We will watch it but maybe not right before bed. My son and his wife said "we have to watch it" so we will try again. We did watch all of "24" but it got old at the end. Also watch HOUSE- started that with old episodes on Netflix until we caught up with the current season. Surprisingly I like that one.

  21. FYI Vee, It is I, Sue of Thistlepatchhill that left the last comment- that is what happens when you have more than one google acct.:)


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