Friday, December 9, 2011

Clean Up Ensues

Another busy day here. Online shopping until I was dropping and clean-up and decorating and I even ironed my tablecloth at long last. I am plum tuckered out. (I need excuses for why I'm posting later and later every day.)

Thanks to all who expressed sympathies that our tree branch blew off. I sometimes forget that it's not possible to remember all the finer details of my life here, but this is not my tree branch. We live on the proverbial postage stamp and everything beyond this way of the fence you see there belongs to my excellent neighbor who is outside even now trying to clean it all up with a toy chainsaw. John would take pity on him except he's in the midst of his own troubles trying to get this last/front side on the house. John knows he's on borrowed weather time.

Yes, there's my neighbor now. I can just see him. Isn't the light lovely at this time of day? All one minute and thirty-six seconds of it? It makes everything outside look as if it were bathed in a blue haze. Scrumptious.

Thanks also to the most honest group of gals I've ever been privileged to call friends. I'm going to make John read all those fantastic comments on yesterday's post. Not sure about reading Judy's though. =)

Have a delightful weekend...

Love Vee


  1. You've been busy!!
    Wow that is some tree limb. It looks huge.
    That is a pretty time of day, almost as nice as early morning. : )

  2. I agree!! That view of your room and window beyond is simply BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Well glad the neighbor is taking care of his branches. You have been busy and the light at the end of the day is lovely. Now I have to go read Judy's comment...

  4. Wow! What a tree!! I hadn't realized how large it was this morning. Oh yeah, Vee..our new house (aka affectionally called "The Hobbit House" has wall-floor celing of knotty pine like you do. The upstairs doesn't though. Blessings

  5. That sure is a lot of firewood. Maybe he will share. As the days get shorter, that beautiful time between day and dusk gets so short that I often miss it. Have a good evening.

  6. Hi Vee
    I missed yesterdays post. I may have had to take the fifth on nagging anyway! I assure myself I'm not too bad, considering I only nag about one tenth of the time I'd like to be nagging. I sure hope it isn't like lusting is in the Bible, where if I even thing
    of doing it I've already sinned.
    I think the lighting is lovely too.
    Is this at nearly dusk?
    Take care-Kimberly

  7. I just heard today that the sun is setting as late as it will all year. It set here at 4:15. The sun will rise later for a bit too. .which is why this is not the shortest day of the year. I did not know that. (about today being the latest setting)

  8. Oh my, I had no idea from yesterday's post that the limb was THAT big. Holy cow!

    I happened to leave work today at that magical time -- it's usually dark by the time I walk so I miss it. It is a beautiful time of day.


  9. awww, I, too, love that time of day..the blue haze just makes everything so pretty...

    WHOA....that is ONE BIG LIMB...

  10. That is one amazing tree! Huge!

    You've captured my interest in the comments now...of to read them!


  11. I showed Elmer your post from yesterday...and then we read your clean-up post together. We had a good laugh at your closing remarks. Go him my comment!

    I think we'll all be ready for more hours of sunlight again. It looks mighty cozy inside your haven though!

  12. You are going to enjoy that light!
    Your room is beautiful - what a place to spend Christmas!

  13. What a limb!! It should make some nice firewood now.
    Love the photo of your room. You captured the special light just perfectly.

  14. The blue haze is beautiful. What time of day does it appear that way?

    That limb looked so huge and healthy. Nature is magnificent, but leaves us guessing when it chooses what will be pruned. I'm always wondering, "why that one?".

  15. Your room looks so warm and cozy and the view outside the window....beautiful.

    Wow, that a huge limb.... looks more like a big tree to me.

  16. Blue haze time is just beautiful. And you've caught it in your lens, contrasting it with the warmth of indoor lighting.


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