Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is it Wednesday?

John could perhaps begin to worry about me. Every day I ask, "What day is this?!" I ask him multiple times each day; he looks at his watch and informs me. You know, I don't think he knows what day it is either without his watch!

(We both want to thank you for your kind comments yesterday. He was touched and surprised by them having no idea that I was going to mention his wee Aunt Mabel.)


About photos. It helps to be a good photographer, which I am not, though I do aspire to do better. I need to read and read and reread my manual. These are my humble efforts and I confess that some have been doctored so that I could stand them.

This is the very first photo I took.

Molly, my faithful canine companion. It was either her or the Cat in the Hat. It took hours to get the disks downloaded so I could upload my photos. I don't know what that was all about. Waiting makes me crazy.

Just popping in a variety of photos not all good nor particularly interesting.

helping a neighbor

Just arrived by USPS before Eight AM this morning

The "Kids"

Mitten Example for Saturday Thanks to The Feathered Nest

Edited to Add: Imagine me dancing all about singing ♫She's figured it out! Dawn's figured it out!♪ The problem of viewing pictures in largest size that's what she's figured out! See *here.* Plus snag some free gift tags while you're at it.

This very short video is about my Caramel making on Monday (when the old camera wouldn't take pictures, but it would do movies. Odd.)

These caramels are very good. I found the recipe at The Country Blossom right *here.* Let us just say that John and I have put a fair dent in the caramels since then. To be frank, I have had to hide them. That's right. Only I know where they are! Bwahahhahahhaha...

A happy day to you.


  1. The days are flying by! Love your video...aren't we getting 'high tech'! I love it..very fun idea for sharing! ♥♥♥

  2. I loved hearing your voice! That caramel looked wonderful cooking!

  3. Your pictures are very nice! I love your home! It is so cozy! Can't view the video here at work but will try to get back to it when I get home this evening...Merry CHRISTmas!

  4. Love the photos, especially the one of the "kids"! I love that window with the book shelves, I'd love to have one of those!
    Now, I'd better get going. I'm going to brave the rain and try to get some shopping done. Time is marching on!
    Have fun with that new camera!

  5. The effect would not have been near as wonderful with a still! That caramel bubbling like that was just beautiful...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. You're doing wonderfully! I think that caramel looks delish. Still having trouble with my pictures uploading. Had to use my daughter's computer for my last post. I guess our computer is just getting to old. Adorable pictures of the "kids"!

  7. Well done with the camera! You'll have fun with it over the holidays. Now, that caramel - it looks lethal! I wonder if I could get my daughter to make it, as I never have any luck with candy.

  8. Since you are learning your new's a dumb fun special effects tip: Use a fine mesh tea strainer held in front of your camera lens to photograph the Christmas tree or other lit up item. The light come out looking like stars.

  9. Great photos. Did I miss what kind of camera you got? I'm still on a steep learning curve with mine. No, that's not true. I learned the basics and then stopped. I'll learn more as I want to do more. I hope.

    The ham looks like it would be scrumptious!

  10. Thanks for the link! I had somehow missed that beautiful blog but it is now on my rss feed (although not under "Friends" like you are).

    My husband and I ask each other what day it is all the time. Especially those weeks when we have no scheduled appointments.

    I read recently that diabetes can really ruin your thinking... I should give my brain for research to prove it?

  11. is wonderful Wednesday!

    I see you are having fun...snapping this and that. I love the parcels all packaged up like a tree! Such a fun idea. Was that what arrived by UPS...or was it the Swiss ham? we get to see a picture of the new camera too?

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. I like your voice Vee!!
    What fun. Oh how I love caramels.
    Helping neighbors is what it's all about...yes? enjoy your Wednesday!

  13. Is it Wednesday??? I've been thinking it was Thrusday all day!
    Huh! Apparently, I need a watch like John's as well. :P
    I think I'm perimenopausal-but that's another story for another day. :)

    Love the picture of "the kids". The caramel looks OHSOYUMMY!!! I wish I could just dive into it!


  14. Yum! I love caramel but I have never been good at making it, maybe I will give it a try. I am going to Dawn's to read that tip! Have a happy day, oh and those sure are cute kids!

  15. You're off to a great start with your new camera, Vee. I loved the video too. So nice to be in your kitchen with you and hearing your voice. I could almost smell the caramel.
    So sorry to hear about the loss of John's Aunt Mabel. I've been out of town and missed that post. My husband grew up with a dear Aunt Mabel too. That is a special bond and a great loss, but wonderful memories remain.

  16. Beeeeeeeeutiful... Oh you are gonna' have so much fun. :-)

    And please keep snapping, even before you learn every-little-bell-and-whistle in your instruction book. :-)

    And a video here, of you making something! Oh I am going to have to check-twice when I come here. Making sure I'm not on Susan Branch blog. :-)

    You already remind me of her... Look at pics! And now... Video'es too. :-)

    "Chill December brings the sleet,
    Blazing fire and Christmas treat."

    ~~Mother Goose

  17. I like the photo of the dog and cat, and that fabulous wood paneling on your wall. Gorgeous.

  18. I'm glad the caramels turned out well. Now, keep them hidden! When you showed the photo of the 'kids' I didn't even see the cat at first. She blends right in with the footstool. :) I think you're doing pretty good with your new camera. Have fun!

  19. What a wonderful cozy Christmas scene you have pictured. And as for the caramels, I bet if I were at your home, I would FIND them!! I have to hide them here too, so I know where I'd look! :)

    Merry Christmas Vee.


  20. Wow.....a video! I'm impressed with your technical ability! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  21. Vee,
    The picture of the "kids" in the lamplight has wonderful ambience.
    I saw the post on the caramels. Hiding them doesn't keep me from eating them. If Mister hides them, that doesn't stop me either.

  22. Caramel - my favorite AND it's the only thing tht makes chocolate worth eating. Loved the video and listening to you.

    Molly was the absolute perfect subject for your first picture. She's so pretty. It looks as if Molly and your cat have made peace with each other. They look quite comfortable being so close.

    The work outside continues. Who will benefit from all that firewood?

  23. Ooooooo, the caramel bubbling on the stove is making my mouth water! My 18yo daughter made apple cider caramels this past fall, and they were scrumptious. I hesitate to say how many I ate, so I had to smile at your need to hide them.

    Glad you're having fun with your new camera! I especially love the photo of "the kids"--partly because I am an animal lover and admired "the kids", and partly because I also admired that wonderful wall behind them. Love that trio of windows and the bookshelves between them and the artwork hung between the shelves. (As I am a new-ish reader here at the Haven, please indulge me if you have already shown that wall multiple times before. ;-)

  24. I love hearing your voice. ..such a wonderful treat.
    OH. .new camera. fun.
    Your home looks ever so cozy! I just could sit down and have a visit.
    OH ..and isn't Dawn clever? That is just great!

    OH. .and I was out shopping today and found some bubble night lights. ..a little like yours!

  25. I have never thought of leaving my gingerbread house out all winter but what a great idea. Thank you.
    I really liked hearing your voice too. Your caramel looks delicious! I had to laugh about you asking about the day. My hubby and I were out and about in the car and we both forgot where we were going. We had to really think about it for several seconds. I think you do a great job taking picture. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

  26. What a fun video I want to eat a caramel! Your voice sounds very much like Susan Branch's voice, Vee. I always love her sweet little videos on her blog.

    Glad you got a new camera. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I loved the photo of your "kids" :)

  27. Molly sits on the back of the settee just like my cats used to.

    I have never doctored a photo - I like them natural.

  28. I knew it! I just knew it, I knew John would go and help his neighbor, even though he had his own work to do. My hat is off to him.
    Loved all the photos, but the video is the cat's meow! love putting a voice with the blogger. Now I must go and find this recipe, Oh Vee I am enjoying watching you enjoy this most blessed season.

  29. How fun to hear your voice on the video! I was expecting a heavy Maine accent and was surprised to hear you didn't have one! I vote for more videos in the future! :)

    - Leah


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