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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Little Inspirations Make Me Happy

This time of year in Blogdom is rather *magical don't you find? So many little inspirations pop out at me wherever I visit. You're such a creative one, you are!

Let's see, what have I for you today... Two little inspirations and  some tossed in things for good measure.

I found this little silver frame for a song at JoAnn's and have until last night had a small picture of a Christmas tree made of birds in it. This is so much better for its wonderful message.  I found it at Kim's Seasons of My Heart. (Edited to Add: I believe that I have tracked it down to its original source at Betty Crocker Wannabe. Thanks to all who were keeping me straight! Yes, it is available free. Thanks to Kristin who now blogs at A Simply Klassic Home.)

Can you tell that I really like my new kitchen window?

Whatever would give it away?

Actually, these photos were taken to make Auntie happy. Auntie who enjoys seeing photos taken at night in bad light and that's all right. As soon as there is snow flying, I'm going to take another photo just like my header photo only in Christmas mode. It may be awhile.

This is an idea I saw at Anne's blog Azza's Blather right there in her Christmas header.

See it? It's a little train coming through a book tunnel. I don't know about you, but I find it adorable. Perhaps it's having a grandson visiting this afternoon that is making me think of the whimsy that would delight a little boy. You just know that this arrangement is not going to stay this pristine.

And, right on cue, just as I suspected, Fioré hopped up there and messed it all up. By the time I returned from writing this post and to shut off the lights, this is what I found. The book slapped shut, the train on the floor, and Fioré enjoying her ease. She does love the tree.

I am undaunted. Stay tuned for the answer at the end of this post.

This next one cracks me up. Remember my mitten garland of a few days ago? Look what I found! A sweet mitten garland divider with red ribbons...now I can do the same. Here's my garland reworked a bit.

Oops. Guess you'll have to trust me on this one...red ribbons on either end and in the middle. Looks darling. No, really. I'm adding candy canes to the mittens next.

I just did that so I could use the mitten divider again. Such a child I am. That's what you get for playing with trains and children's books. Here we go again with a new interpretation for train and tunnel elsewhere.

Have a magical weekend! Have you been playing yet today? Hope so!

*magical always means Narnia magic here. Thanks, Brenda!


  1. It looks like everyone is busy decorating, Vee, or writing Christmas cards. My duaghter just called to tell me they are having quite a snow storm where she is. The Christmas spirit is definitely in the air! ;)

    I love all your new touches..it's the little things that mean the most!

  2. You are having fun, aren't you! i love the little train from Anne's place - so cute. And your window is a triumph, Vee. The snowflakes look beautiful. I can't wait to see what you are going to do next! Enjoy the afternoon with your grandson!

  3. Your high spirits come through in this post. Wonderful ideas are everywhere these days. I love, love the train coming through the book tunnel.
    And the mitten garland is adorable.

    We just picked up our tree this morning - tonight we'll decorate.

  4. I'm having more fun looking at Christmas decor on the computer than actually putting my own up! Love the neat ideas here. Where did you find the printable for the verse you framed? I couldn't find that one. It's looking really festive at the Haven. Have fun!

  5. You are having so much fun! Wonderful. Nope...not playing yet but I sure intend to....you are so creative gal! I think I will pop down to the 'used cargo' shop here and see what I find to inspire me. Have a great day!

  6. I love your kitchen window too and that book train tunnel is so cute.
    Yes, i've played. At church helping with the decorations today i got to playing with jingle bells. I was jingling them all over the place! : )

  7. I do love that little train coming out of the book tunnel, I need to think of something clever to display for my grands, I don't have a train so maybe I can come up with something else. Love all you cozy mittens. I wish I had more energy to decorate, maybe this coming week will be better. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. My time to play is next week when (hopefully) I can stand on BOTH legs. In the meantime, looks like you've been having a blast. Your books, trains, mitten garland and garland over your kitchen window are magical, I am inspired!

  9. All is so delightful here!
    Your window header always cheers me as do all the photos in today's post.

  10. I'll be right back....OK NOW! I just had to go see if I have a little train to put in the tunnel! heehee! I SO want to copy this idea! I'll let you know if my train will fit through the tunnel! lol ♥

  11. Your Christmas tree is so pretty and I like the way your garland looks above your kitchen window. I'm playing today alright. Both grandsons are here while their parents are out shopping.

  12. -giggles- Yes "Auntie" does like seeing night pics. Any and all! Thank you much!

    Only trouble is, "Auntie" can't make her *purddddy* night pics get onto her blog. -whine- -pout- -tears-

    Your train it precious, both ways.

    And what you are doing with your new window, is beyond precious.

    "For Christmas is tradition time-- Traditions that recall
    The precious memories down the years, The sameness of them all."

    ~~ Helen Lowrie Marshall

  13. All the Christmas touches in your home are wonderful. Your tree is so beautiful.....love the train and the book tunnel. Wish I had a train....we gave the train to our son.....I'll suggest to him .........

  14. I love your Christmas decorations so much, I plan to ummm... "borrow" a couple ideas. ;)

  15. I'm really happy you like my picture of the book and train but I'm afraid I can't take credit for the idea though.

    I messed around with some pictures I took of the Christmas windows in Fenwicks and this is what I ended up with.

    I do love it, although I hope the pictures on my "virtual" Advent Calendar don't go downhill from here!!

    Your window looks beautiful!

  16. Gorgeous...all of it!

    I saw the tree I want at Costco....now to empty a corner in our living room, move lots and lots of boxes to the dining room and set Chelsea to work at decorating it. Well, as soon as we go and get it.

    I love your new window. As well as what you've done to dress it up.

    I just know your little train is happy. So precious.

  17. Just love everything you are doing for Christmas, and trying my best to copy it as hard as my legs will carry me my stash! ~smile~ I told Mother this morning about your flannel bow, and how I want to take flannel pjs that I am now wearing (wish I could show you) and make me some bows. She sighed, and said "maybe next year when you have worn them out."
    Thanks for the the blog sites I will visit.
    Oh Yes I did play today, and was having fun until I knocked the half decorated tree over and now have to do it over..... Solved the problem by going to Panera Bread and to the fabric store, I feel so much better. ~grin~. If I don't soon finish I will be having to take it down.
    Sorry for the long letter, I should have e-mailed. Enjoy your weekend

  18. Love your kitchen window display.. This is indeed a magical time of year and so many ideas with pictures from other bloggers.. Warm wishes Elaine

  19. Cute...the train coming through the book tunnel...and the mitten garland. I have not had any time to play today...but maybe Monday! I love all the inspiration I get in bloggyland. Thank-you!

  20. Hi Vee!

    Your home does indeed look magical! I love the train coming through the book tunnel - how cute! Your garlands are wonderful! Like Auntie, I also enjoy the kitchen window and the cute cookie cutters hanging from a twig . . . so homey and fun! And, no, I could not tell that you like your window... ;0)

    I finally put my tree up - I guess I better get up and go put the ornaments on - but not until I tell you thanks for all your love and support!

    Warm Hugs,

  21. This post is full of delights!

    That little garland of mittens is so cute, just like your big one! I love that you did a garland out of those special mittens!

    And the train! Narnia magic indeed! I would copy you but Kamryn would have it destroyed in minutes...Kyle would love it though!

    I likely will just have to copy your cookie cutter garland - I love it!


  22. Vee
    It is so wonderful to borrow ideas from our blogger friends, isn't it?
    The little peeking train is a cute idea-wish I had one.
    I'm still lovin that window too.
    Both windows really!
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  23. I love all that you have done and all that you have lead us to! Mr B got a big screen TV and I can see blogs on it..your header looks AmAZinG in 47 inches!!

  24. No playtime here for me today - but I am feeling quite virtuous for having mailed all but one Christmas parcel back east.
    I love your window - it makes me feel warm and Christmassy when I look at it!

  25. I really love your kitchen window too...and the evolving mitten garland. Candy canes...great idea!

    I am going to get some holiday cheer up on my post soon too!

  26. nice post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...loves soraya

  27. You know, Vee, you just make me smile. You have given me wonderful ideas for the new house on the lake. TY. Blessings

  28. Love your inspirations Vee! Your new kitchen window really is great! Blessings...

  29. As usual, what an awesome post! Your Christmas spirit is glowing and infectious! : )

    I love the new look of your mitten garland, and the train appearing from inside the book - wow! Really nifty, whimsical, holiday idea!!

    Keep having fun, Vee!!

    Sandi @ Living Boldly For Him

  30. Oh Vee....I love your window decorations! The kitchen one is absolutely adorable!


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