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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas Gifts

Busy enough yet? "Uncle" will soon be my song. I see that you might have reached that point twice yourself.

Today, I am taking my niece for some day surgery, which will mean that I will have some down time for reading my book. I'm not happy that my niece requires this surgery for the third time, but I am looking forward to that couple of hours...in a lobby...with a lot of sick people. No! No, I am not. Where's the echinacea? I'm taking some stat.

John and I have been blessed with early Christmas gifts. This sweet package arrived from Gwen (Gwendolyn's Guests) and her husband late last week. Another book in the missionary genre, which John is already reading. John does love adventure books where God is the hero.

What's Going on Down River by Rob Greenslade along with a package of rooibos tea. Red Caramel Night sounds tasty. (I'm just noticing the verbiage on the package "taste and see." Now that sounds familiar.) I told Gwen that I was getting a tea ball as soon as possible. I used to have one... The doily was also a part of the gift. Gwen used it to add another layer of wrapping. Everything looked so darling and then I had to rip into it before getting the photo. (You can see how I used the doily in Sunday's post.) Gwen tells me that rooibos tea is known for its inflammatory pain relief properties...arthritis and such. I'll get back to you on that. Have you ever tried rooibos tea?

And yesterday, I received a sweet card with this beautiful tag from Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage. It's so detailed and beautiful and I'm beginning to see the difference between myself and the real talents. I am not getting the layers and levels. I'm doing whatever the project and saying, "There! Good enough" actually brushing my hands together and shaking off the glitter. I must push myself a bit harder.

The next is a little set of blue birds made by my New York niece (formerly my Boston niece). I love them! (They're a set of salt and pepper shakers.) One day, I'll show you the bowl that she made for me as well.

Lastly, Karen at Places of My Heart has posted a beautiful song called The Cross in Christmas with quotes from A*nn V*oskamp included. If you find yourself with unexpected time on your hands or need to refocus before scurrying on, please sit down, relax, and listen. You'll be blessed. Amen!

A blessed day to you...


  1. And a very blessed day to you too!!!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Vee,

    You do excellent in the crafting department, you are way too hard on yourself. Glad you enjoyed the little Christmas Tree Tag "card". Those birds are darling. I too am ready to cry uncle! I hope the surgery goes well and a speedy recovery follows. Enjoy your reading time.

  3. What wonderful gifts you have been given! Love the salt and pepper shakers and am interested in knowing how that tea is.

  4. Such beautiful gifts! Thank you for sharing your special surprises with us.

    What a beautiful card!! When I see such detail, I have to keep reminding myself of what we're all so often told..."each of us has a special gift". Isn't it wonderful to see the different talents?

  5. Lucky you to receive such lovely gifts. Have a Merry Christmas.

  6. When sitting in a hospital waiting room is viewed as a welcome "break", boy, now that's busy!!! :)

    Have a blessed day,

  7. -clapping hands- Lovely gifts!

    But please Dear One, don't keep saying things like; "I must push myself harder." Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on it? Pretty please with sugar on it, and just for me? :-)

    Oh I know what you *mean.* But... To say that, still puts a negative concept in our head. "We aren't doing things, up-to-snuff" and all that jazzzzzz.

    Nope! Gotta' jettison such negative thoughts/words!


    Gentle hugs,

    "Then I would be slap-dashing home, the gravy smell of the dinners of others, the bird smell, the brandy, the pudding and mince, coiling up to my nostrils..."
    ~~Dylan Thomas

  8. Hi Vee - I see you have more artists in your family - love those little birds - I always wanted to try my hand at sculpture or pottery but have not had the time... Cute tree tag from Miss Sandy - I was over at her house this morning and she was showing some of the other beautiful items she's made this year.

    I hope everything goes great with the surgery and you get your "break" in. Good to just relax sometimes - sometimes we NEED something to make us relax.

    Oh, yes, thanks for the "props" on the twinkle lights!!!

  9. Make up a travel mug of that roibos tea to take to the waiting room with you - it is a good drink. I like it, as well as green tea - good for you!

  10. Vee
    Such a nice collection of gifts you received. A little bit of Christmas early!
    I haven't tried the tea yet, but have heard it's very good for you too.
    I pray this day surgery 'works' for your niece this time. And another prayer for protection for you against any bad germs you encounter in the waiting room.
    Happy Reading!

  11. You get the nicest gifts! That looks like an interesting book. I looked it up and it is available for Kindle. Hummmmm! Let us know how the tea works! And again, wishing you the merriest of Christmas!

  12. What sweet gifts, Vee. And such a pretty card from Sandy. You are much too hard on yourself. Everyone crafts differently. I think you do a fine job.

    Enjoy the tea! And the time to read, in spite of the germs.

  13. Sending good thoughts for a successful surgery this time.
    Lovely gifts you have received. I admire the talents of all of these ladies.
    I have not tried the tea, but if it lives up to the claims I will be sure to get some.

  14. WHat a great gaggle of gifts! And, no I have not tried the roobios tea..I must find some..the pains in my hands and legs is gettign worse.

    Mr B remarked to me last Saturday, as I was resting and expecting our holiday party guests within an hour, that this year I seemed the most relaxed and non-stressed over the party that I had been..good, yes? And, it really did all turn out OK..so I have given up on "pushing" this old gal..

    Have fun and RELAX!

    Merry Christmas my friend :-)

  15. Hope and pray all goes well with the surgery!!
    I love the blue birds.
    Ken and i have an early present too - our land!! : )

  16. What fun gifts came your way. I hope all goes well with your niece and this is the final time she needs this! Blessings.

  17. You're bad like me. I've opened a couple of gifts from my best friends and found some really lovely things inside. One friend made me a gorgeous Christmas table runner which I will post about soon (I hope I have time). I like the little craft in the tree. Now be good and don't open any more until the 25th! lol

  18. Your early gifts are all so pretty, Vee! You are blessed with such wonderful family and friends.

    I agree with everyone else that your crafts are always beautifully made.

    Since I celebrated Chrsitmas early with my children and grandchildren in Colorado for the past two weeks I have also been enjoying my early gifts of a cookbook, a book of poems, framed photos of my grandchildren and ornaments my grandboys chose for me and some holiday sweets!

  19. Hi Vee!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season and enjoying those sweet little grandchildren of yours! I always love seeing your name and picture pop up in my comments...it feels like the good ole early days of blogging! I have been a bad blogger and blogging friend, that is for sure. Hopefully I will get the chance in the New Year to get caught up. I miss the enjoyable side of blogging and regularily visiting blogs of those who speak from the heart!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  20. Vee,
    What lovely gifts! I'm going to have to google that tea....sounds intriguing.
    Wonderful cozy pictures. Your camera seems to be working out great!

  21. I come from the land of the rooibos tea, and I understand that it is really excellent for a great many things. Everyone swears by it. Except me. I LOATHE the stuff! But don't let me put you off at all! I just love it around here - all my friends drink it and they canNOT understand why I don't. It is also excellent for toddlers, ironically. Tea/babies - yes. It soothes. Let me know how you find it!

  22. How fun to unwrap some wonderful packages a little early! Wishing you a great day in the waiting room...with lots of interesting people (and maybe an interesting book!). Hope all goes well with the surgery this time around.

  23. You got some very pretty gifts! Hope the surgery went well today and that you got to relax a bit with your book.

  24. TYour family mosaics in your last post are beautiful Vee- your early family get together must have been a special day. All the best to you and your husband for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  25. What fun and thoughtful gifts! The s&p's are great. My friend does pottery 1x a week - it sounds like a blast.

    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!


  26. what wonderful gifts that you have received early from your friends. Thanks, Vee for stopping by and viewing the video I posted and then for sharing it with your readers. Have a Merry Christmas.

  27. Merry Christmas to you too Vee! I love all your little presents. I love tea also, so I would like to try that. About your crafting efforts...I think you are supposed to do it because you enjoy it, whatever the outcome. I never had the patience myself, so you have already exceeded me on that front by even trying...!

    Happy New Year too! xo Terri

  28. I loved what you said about John loving books where God is the hero!

    I finally got my post finished! I had to go pick up Kyle and then I took the kids to the Sight and Sound to see The Miracle of Christmas! Fun stuff...but not time for posting!

    Sorry you couldn't read it during your wait. :)


  29. Enjoy you blessings, and I will be praying for complete healing for your niece.

  30. I wasn't thinking...surely could have sent a tea ball too as I have extras around the house. You've made your tree a treasure with all your friendship momentos. Such a delightfully crafted card from Miss Sandy!


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