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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rainy Day in December

Come on in! No tea today as I'm serving up
hot chocolate. Unusual for me, but so tasty.
Do you have any marshmallows on you?

Question/s for you: Do you ever deny yourself something for no good reason? Do you ever deny yourself something because that's the way you've always done it before? Do you ever deny yourself something for fear of what other people might think?

My epiphany for the day was to realize that I could so too have the Christmas lights on today even though it is daytime. I wanted them on because they are cheery on a rainy day. I told myself "no" because it was daylight. It took me a moment to realize why I was denying myself and now I'm wondering how often I engage in this idiotic behavior of parenting my inner child. =)

So here's to Christmas lights on in the daytime!

And fuzzing out the photo edges we don't like. And taking a nap in the afternoon. And not posting until later in the day. And making curtains out of painter's cloth...

Enjoy a great afternoon!


  1. I just got back from shopping and it's misting rain here and the temps are dropping! I guess you don't want to hear that it dropped from 74 to 69 on my way home! I'm having a cup of coffee now and visitin'! ♥

  2. I put the tree lights on as soon as i get up in the morning and turn them off when i go to bed. I love looking at them, even in the daytime.

    I don't deny myself things because it's what i've always done and certainly not because of what others think.
    I do deny myself those extra snacks that i'd love to eat more of though. : )

  3. Yesterday was a dark day here and I turned the lights on. Doesn't it just make you (us) feel better?!!

  4. But, Karen, that's a GOOD reason!

  5. It has been a rainy turned snowy day here so I turned on my Christmas tree as well! I figure it's only up for a month so I want to see my tree all lit and pretty! I hate to deny myself of things that make me smile because you never know what tomorrow might hold!

  6. The older I get, the less I'm denying. That may be one of the few good things about getting older :).
    It seems to be raining all along the eastern seaboard today. It is currently pouring here. My lights are all on timers, but I override it for gloomy days and first thing in the morning when it is just me, my coffee and the beautiful tree. Absolute bliss, in my humble opinion.

    Things continue to look lovely at your haven.

  7. It's a dull day here too and I have my trees (2) lights on upstairs where I'm not even sitting! :) I stopped denying myself of that pleasure a couple of years ago. Feels good doesn't it? I love your kitchen so don't blurr out the edges ok? I looks very cozy there. And I have mini marshmallows :D Hugs, Pamela

  8. Thanks for the hot chocolate! Yes, I have in the past denied myself something. Now I just do what I want even if some might not think it correct....

    We always have our inside Christmas lights on during the day, unless we are not home.

  9. It is good to rethink our parenting our inner child, from time to time. Good reminder from you here.

  10. I've had the lights on 2 trees on today too! It looks so cozy, and the Christmas music is playing happily in the background. Now I'm stopping for a mug of vanilla steamer with skim milk!! :)

  11. You go girl! Love the lights and the cocoa on a rainy day!

  12. I say "life is too short" and enjoy those Christmas lights to the hilt!

    It's been raining all day here and it is supposed to turn into snow in some areas...perfect hot chocolate weather!

  13. Vee,
    No marshmallows here, but someday I'm going to make some!
    If I'm home...the Christmas lights are on. Even on a sunny day. It's ok.
    Spike my hot chocolate with some coffee, please. But make it decaf - it's a little late in the day!

  14. Are you sure you aren't my long lost twin? I always have my tree lights on during the day. For the sake of safety, I do unplug them at bedtime. I was just getting ready to have some hot chocolate, and I just noticed the top third of my tree isn't lit. That's what I get for leaving the lights on all the time!

  15. I put my tree lights on today too. I did not have hot chocolate, but I will, without marshmallows. When I'm ready, it will be Swiss Miss fat free. I feel better knowing I've cut a few calories for some reason. Pretty lazy wet, dreary day here too.

  16. I've got mini marshmallows! I'll bring them!

    I always indulge in lights during the day...we only turn the off over night...of course I indulge myself quite a lot, but lights have no calories!

    Love your photos both with and without the fuzzing...


  17. Nap in the afternoon - check (yesterday while grandbaby girl was napping)

    Tree lights on in the afternoon - check (it's a grey day here)

    Curtains from painter's cloth - check (especially glad now because they were cheap and we'll be leaving them behind)

    Hot chocolate - check (no marshmallows because I'm just not that fond of them)

    Great minds think alike!

  18. We turn on our Christmas tree lights every morning and they stay on until we go to bed...I love having the tree lit through-out the day! :)


  19. I turn my Christmas tree lights on it the day time if it's cloudy.
    As for denying myself, I don't deny myself much now that I'm older. Especially ice cream! :D

  20. It's a misty, moisty day here too, but that's our winter. Life is too short to scrimp on Christmas lights or candles in the daytime, marshmallows on your hot chocolate or a hot bath just to warm up!

  21. It's amazing how much enjoyment comes from such little things...like trees illuminated during daytime hours, and hot chocolate (I like mine with coffee, too, Carol!), and naps in the afternoon!

    I never took naps until I had a baby at age 40. Now, I homeschool the "baby" and stay up way too late every night...and I treat myself to an afternoon nap several times a week.

    P.S. I love, LOVE the big crock with kitchen utensils!

  22. Is that a rule? No holiday lights in the day time? If so I am a rule breaker, I leave mine on every chance I get if I am home. I love rounding the corner and being met with the wonder of holiday lights, they light my heart with joy. We only have them for such a short time and we are celebrating a great event, the birth of Christ, so I say leave those lights on in recognition of the light of the world!!!

  23. You turn those on and enjoy. I like the blinky lights but you can hardly find them anymore. Well, I actually don't put up a tree anymore. If I had grandkids here I would but just can't see doing it for me or the cat.

    Where'd you get your kitchen tool jug? I likey it. THAT's the size I want. I found a small one as a thrift shop the other day. Maybe I will someday.

  24. Of course we turn on sparkly lights, on rainy days!!! -clapping hands- Of course!!! :-)

    Do I deny myself, *because*?

    In the Year 2000, I gave up all "Giving Up" and "Denying Myself." As well as I gave up all "Guilt."

    I do nothing, because of anyone else's *Rules*. I make my own decisions, by use of my own mind. I try to be mindful, in my actions, and notice something that falls into the *always* did-it-that-way category. And I do not, not, not care what people might think.

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew... What a relief!

    "The holly's up, the house is all bright,
    The tree is ready, the candles alight:
    Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight!"

    ~~P. Cornelius

  25. Our inside lights are on starting at daybreak. The outside lights come on at dark-which is 4:30 here.

    Thanks for the hot cocoa-your getting our weather. It is finally sunny after nearly 4 days of rain.


  26. Excellent choices all around, I'd say...and I'm going to start carrying marshmallows on me, just in case.


  27. The lights of Christmas are comforting sometimes. everything around them glows and the room just seems warmer. I love your string of mittens - what a great idea!

  28. Sometimes we'll turn the Christmas tree lights on early in the morning on a dreary day too. They always cheer me up!

  29. Funny! I just did a post up about how I had a bubble bath yesterday! Something I've never done before.

    I love the lights on during a dull day. You're right, it just cheers everything up-so. :)

    Love your pictures. Everything looks so cozy and homey.


  30. I absolutely have my Christmas lights on in the day time! They brighten up everything, and I love them. parenting one's inner child....hmmmm. I think I am guilty of that too. Aren't we all? But we are adults now and able to make decisions...

  31. I love the lighting in your house. It looks ever so cozy. I turn on our lights first thing. .and last thing before I go to bed. ..I turn them off. It is Christmas after all.


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