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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sledding, Et Cetera

Sledding Day

There's a whole lot going on in this little mosaic, especially in the first photo. My daughter-in-law stuffing the baby grand into his boots is reminiscent of the scene in A Christmas Story where Randy's mother stuffs him into his snowsuit: Getting ready to go to school was like getting ready for extended deep-sea diving. Yup, saw a little bit of that today.

My son is also scouting out the lay of the land because he was hooking up the new tv system for us, which is the reason why one could find John earlier in the morning doing this...

Goodbye, tv, you've served us well. You are now too heavy for us old folks and we can't even justify hauling you up the stairs to the bedroom.

The oldest grand made a date with me on Christmas Day. He is quite the little salesman and began his proposition with a little clearing of the throat as an attention-getting ploy. Seems he was concerned about all this free time that he has on his hands what with school vacation and all. He wondered if I might consider going out for breakfast with a morning of bike riding after. I reminded him that the cemetery is closed. He said, "Oh forget it." By last night, he had reconsidered and will now be going out for breakfast this morning after all and later helping me bathe Molly. It's the little things. =)

A happy day to you...


  1. What a great compromise ~ his idea, bike ride; your idea, bathe Molly. I think he's learned his salesman techniques from his grandmother!

    You had a white Christmas and here in ND, we had a brown Christmas. I believe it was 1927 when this happened last. We're here for all sorts of records (floods, brown Christmas, record setting warm Dec days).

    Isn't technology amazing? We've gone from those huge TVs which we were told were state-of-the-art to these extra-thin flat screen. I do wonder what our grandchildren will be viewing.

  2. I haven't been sledding for ages! that looks like fun!

  3. Oh my goodness those grands of yours are just too cute! Don't you love the things they say? I hope you enjoy breakfast with your best little guy. Happy day Vee!

  4. That sledding looks fun. I love that movie. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Looks like a day of fun and memory making for sure! Great mosaic!

  6. Vee, there is one thing for sure, I know if I come by for a visit with you, I will always leave so uplifted, encouraged and or inspired,for I have either, smiled, laughed, or cried my way through. Today I am smiling seeing time well spent with the grands, .
    Enjoy this special breakfast and time well spent making more memories. I am also lol seeing the older tv going out the door, because we got a new flat screen last year, but opted to move the old heavy outdated one to another bedroom.,( wrong decision) I am now inspired to move the old geezer out the door ( no no, not Mr P. He is for sure a keeper)

  7. Can't wait to hear about your breakfast date!


  8. Looks like a day of pure, unbridled FUN.
    ok, I didn't get the part about the "cemetery being closed.....

  9. It appears that you are taking your own advice..."Merry on! What fun! (I have to confess though...I am the Mom/Gran who stays inside and makes the hot chocolate while the kiddos are out enjoying the snow.)

    The "grand" story made me smile. I can just see him making his request with his little boy logic. Glad he reconsidered...you and he are certain to have a ball with "the little things." Sweet.

  10. Another delightful day of memories-made. :-) And more to come... Bathing Molly with Grand's help!

    Ohhhhhhh, you did it! You got a new tv system. Excellent!!! Some say tv is a *vast waste-land,* and a lot of it is.


    There ARE lovely things to be seen on it too!!! And in my estimation, it is false *pride* or false *frugality,* to deny ourselves the pleasure, which a nice tv, can provide. "Auntie sezzzzz"... :-)

    Can;t wait to seeeeeeeeee it!

    "...Wonderful white Winter! We must clap our hands at you: You are old, and we are cold, and there is nothing else to do. You and I are glad, when the snow comes flying down, And ice-drops fair leap out of the air to hang on the branches brown! Wonderful white Winter!

  11. Great pictures!
    We still don't have enough snow for sledding. Actually ours is almost all gone! This is crazy December weather.

    Have fun on your breakfast date. Sounds like a lot of fun. :)


  12. Love the sledding collage...and that you had snow for Christmas!

    And a new TV system sounds like a good thing...along with a technician who will do all the hooking up. We always need to call on the son-in-law to come solve all our technical difficulties...since we haven't a clue.

    I'm smiling at your grandson's request for a breakfast date. It is the little things that bring joy...to all of us.

  13. Hi Vee - see you got some snow up your way! Pretty out your window in your header photo...

    Have fun with your grandson today bathing the dog. That ought to be a (wet) hoot! Be sure and get some pictures.

    Wonderful that you've got a new TV system! I've got a huge 35" TV that weighs a ton - not kidding you. But you can't hardly give those things away! I'm so glad they started making them so lightweight and flat. Enjoy your day, friend!

  14. Sledding with the grandchildren - oh what fun and a flatscreen tv for the two of you - how nice. Enjoy the holidays!

  15. I love breakfast dates! I'm certain that you have enjoyed yours to the fullest!

    I do love how you carry on or "merry on" the celebrating...we do too, as much as we can around work schedules...We are going to be celebrating Lindsay's move out of her teenage years this weekend and then our anniversary on Monday....

    Do let us see your new tv system sometime!


  16. oh.....what fun and great memories.

    The snow looks so FUN. We had a brown Christmas...which is not normal for those of us in MN. In fact, it was 53 yesterday.

    I'm still dreaming of some white...hopefully soon.

    Have a blessed week.

  17. Oh what fun. That snow really looks right at Christmas time.
    Love the readjusting of the sales pitch by oldest grand! By now maybe you are home from breakfast! Blessings...

  18. Oh I love the snow! I do miss having snow although it is might close...just up the mountain and in the pass. Don't like it there! Too dangerous. I'll stick to the rains and winds that are natural here on the peninsula. But what a terrific time everyone seems to be having. A new TV system? I smile, my son while visiting was remarking on the ancient TV I have...but it still works and the colour is excellent. Seems it does not hook up to all his gadgets and cords and things electronic which he deems necessary in his city life. Smile...life is just a tad slower here in the village...and a little less complicated.

  19. Oh, the joy of Christmas snow and sledding a few days afterward!

    I hope your bright new flat screen TV won't be too much of a blogging distraction, Vee. :) Enjoy it!

  20. What fun! Still wishing for snow here in the Northwest...we had a rainy & windy Christmas day!


  21. The lad is getting good practice asking girls out. Hope his future date pitches don't get the sort of wet blanketing that his grandmother tossed back at him. Good for you for toughing him up a bit against future discouragements!

  22. Vee
    So glad you and the g'son found an alternative to the bike riding! Sounds like a wet job. Maybe he should keep his snowsuit on.
    The sledding sure looks like fun.
    It's so good to see children enjoying the outdoor and not sitting glued to some gaming device
    Happy New Year!

  23. Looks like great fun. Did you go down the hill with them too!! : )
    I used to watch my two oldest grandkids when the were little for a few hours each day. We had some great times and now that they are 18 and 20 they often tell me what fun they had.
    You are making happy memories!!

  24. Wow sledding...something this Texan has never experienced...how much fun.

    Oh your little grand...how adorable is he. Enjoy!

    Blessings as you continue to enjoy the season.

  25. The sledding looks like so much fun. Putting little ones into snow outfits is a LOT of work (lucky for me, I did it only on infrequent visits to Canada). And isn't it true that as soon as they are all ready to go, one has to use the bathroom?

    Hope the breakfast date was fun! Love the compromise.

  26. No sledding here - it was 45 yesterday! Congrats on the new tv. One day we'll get with the new technology too.

  27. We were soooo glad to get rid of those BIG honking TVs a couple of years ago! You will like the new technology!

  28. Oh Vee...so much fun and wonderful memories you all are making. I've NEVER been sledding, it sure looks like fun.
    When I grow up...I want to come play at your home.

    Yea...for the thin TV's..

    Beautiful pictures!

  29. Well Vee...at least one of those photos look just like mine. Our old box was removed from the bungalow this year too and a new TV system hooked up. Terry is currently trying to figure out why a blue vertical line has suddenly appeared. The old box never did that...go figure.

    OH snow...so lucky. I love the photos of the sledding. We have a good rain storm happening on the wet coast.


  30. Looks like a lot of fun was had at your house! The tv removal photo looked familiar. We have now one of each...a flat screen and the old model. The old model is still working fine and fits into my nice oak entertainment center nicely and I just hate to get rid of it. I don't watch it much and hubby watches the flat screen in his man-cave...er, the family room...so it may last a long time yet! Have fun with your grand bathing Molly!

  31. The sledding is so much fun! I lived in Northern NM for a few years when my kids were small and we sure enjoyed the snow! I don't know if I could still get on a sled and ride or not! lol ♥


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