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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Wreath Reworked and More

There's a scene in Little Women, the 1994 version with Winona Ryder, where a Christmas wreath wearing a flannel bow is hung upon the door. I've looked for that scene high and low and short of putting the dvd in and taking a photo of the tv, I can't find it. Oh well. Here's my Christmas wreath reworked.

The ribbon was made from my flannel nighty. A worthy end for the nighty that gave me so much comfort.

Here's how the wreath came to me and how it looks now.

Before and After

Thought I'd toss in some of my "progress" beginning with a photo of John making his own lunch while I played. He's a good boy! Very good and dear. I'll have to make it up to him with a decent supper.

Click *here* to find out what he's eating and what the Haven looked like when John was working inside instead of outside.

Wreaths on Patio Doors

Cranberry Wreath for China Cabinet Door

Stars and Platters

Peace Out!


  1. Oh Vee, I do so love the transformation of the wreath!!! I give the after a two thumbs up sweetie!!!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous weekend my friend!!! :o)

  2. I meant to let you know how meaningful the saying is below your header. It's beautiful!

    Your wreaths are all so nice. I love the flannel bow you've put on the wreath you bought from the guy who came to your door - your own personal touch to "make it yours".

  3. Lovely progress! I am still only working on my tree, maybe I can gear up over the weekend. Happy decorating.

  4. I love your wreath...and hope you don't get cold this winter! We just watched this Little Women...the last 2 nights! It still makes me cry my eyes out but I love it! We didn't see the music on tv...we don't watch tv much so we miss even the good shows! Hugs! ♥

  5. It looks like a very pretty "New England" wreath, Vee!

    I chuckled when I read your 2007 post link..now we all know why John did your renovation so slowly..he was smitten! :)

  6. Love your finished wreath!

    And all your pretty snipette-photos of decorating.

    How about a night time pic, of your outside, lit up? As you said it would be. :-) I love night time pics, both in and out.

    "This is the one fairy hour of life
    when the world seems all of light /
    For the thought of woe,
    or the name of a foe
    never darkens the festive night"

    ~~While the Christmas Log is Burning," 1871

  7. Everything is lovely Vee.
    I really like your photo imaging.
    I always go gaga for plaid. And you are a A one recyler, for sure!
    I once turned my husbands flannels into hankies. Ha!
    The slop looks yummy. I'd say John is multi-talented. Seeing your before photos of your living space, I now realize what a talented carpenter he is.
    Have a good weekend-Kimberly

  8. Love your restyled wreath Vee! That flannel bow is the perfect touch.

    All of your wreaths look wonderful...

  9. Precious...precious..precious.

    I <3 your restyled wreaths. Wow...very very nice.


  10. Love the wreath, and especially the flannel bow, repurposed from a nighty. PERFECT!

    I clicked on the post from the past - nice goop! I make it myself, often for breakfast, but without the Splenda, and find it sweet enough. I didn't know it was a Dr. Phil idea.

    And I LOVE the thought that that contractor who wasn't the speediest is now your sweet husband - at least I think I've got it right.

  11. Hi Vee!

    Did I tell you how much I love your header picture?! It's just beautiful. Your blog always makes me feel so comfy cozy!

    I really think that your re-done wreath is so pretty - what a great idea to re-cycle an old flannel nightgown . . . I just can't give mine up yet!

    the sloppy-goop looks divine! I love honey on plain yogurt, I will have to try it that way, yummmm!

    I love to see how others decorate their homes for Christmas - I'll post some pictures of mine in a week or two when I finally put them up.... ;0)

    Warm Hug,

  12. I love the flannel ribbon.
    Looks great on the wreath. I love flannel anyway. I have a few shirts of the stuff.

  13. Oh, I love the flannel bow! Nothing beats flannel or plaid for saying "welcome to my cozy home!"

    xo Terri

  14. Your wreath says welcome to a comfy and cozy home. Love the look.

  15. Well aren't you just an outside of the box thinker! Love the re-use of the nightie!


  16. Vee, I am so enjoying seeing you and John have so much fun, what a delightful post. Who would have thought that a nightie could keep on giving so much joy. I was impressed with your skills before my visit, and Now I ammmm reallly impressed! You never cease to amaze me. I am about ready to start" A Haven for Vee" fan club! ~smile~

  17. Vee, the wreath looks so much better with the flannel bow {in my opinion}. I've always been a fan of flannel, anyway.

    Your doors look so refreshing, too :)

    And, your hubby's lunch...mmmm. I think I'm getting hungry.

  18. Hey, that flannel was a great idea for a bow! So clever you are!

  19. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Haven. Everything looks so pretty!

  20. I love your nightie end! What a creative person you are. The real fabric is a huge improvement on a fresh wreath.

  21. A re-purposed nightie bow on a lovely New England wreath! Love it.

    I had to go see what John was eating. (Thought he had thrown eggs into a batter.) So what did you cook him for dinner?

  22. Love your wreath with the flannel bow. That is a very clever idea and so nice that you still have a bit of your beloved nightie to enjoy. I can relate to flannel nightie love. The last one I had I adored. I refused to get rid of it until it finally wore so thin it ripped. :)
    Things are looking very nice over at your haven. I'm plodding along slowly. Today is the day for decorating the trees.

  23. The wreath looks beautiful with the plaid flannel bow on it. Beautiful and very personal.Most of my nightgowns are red plaid flannel, except for one which is blue and green.

    Your home is looking very nice, indeed!

  24. You have a real talent. Beautiful. Love the repurposing of home items back into your home environment.

  25. I love the flannel plaid bow on the wreath, it looks so perfect and festive. Now I need to pull out my Little Women dvd (actually it is on my list of things to do this week :))

    I also love the branch garland and once it stops snowing I will be adding one to our home as well.

    Have a very blessed Christmas season!


  26. I adore the plaid bow on your Christmas wreath! And to think that it was once your nightie! Love the thrift and whimsy!!!

  27. That was a fun look back at your construction phase. Love the flannel wreath and I do remember that scene. I think I am going to watch a certain Christmas movie this weekend =)

  28. Peace out. The wreaths are great...I threw my old tired worn out ones away and don't have wreaths this year...and wouldn't you know, Benjamin has learned what a wreath is and has been asking why we don't have any.

    So once again...you nudged and inspired me forward

  29. Hi sweet Vee! I just love the wreath transformation!!! The flannel ribbon is perfect too ~ don't ya just love it when the men folk can make their own food? We can keep on keepin' on our projects!! I love all of your festive touches dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn


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