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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Three/Four of Christmas

Today is the 4th Day of Christmas and I can paint you a word picture. It'll be me scurrying about to clean up those empty boxes and the Styrofoam packing that have been hanging around for the past few days.

Hanging out Watching a Movie on the New TV

Yesterday (3rd Day of Christmas) Sam and I had a rousing game of "Hook the Foot." It involved swinging the Styrofoam around and round on one foot then letting it fly across the room to land on the other's foot, if all went well. It didn't always go well. In fact, sometimes it was downright scary. Fun times!

Buzz and Buzz Incorporated Hanging Out Christmas Day

Yesterday, though we still had our date, Sam wasn't feeling so well...a cold. He spent some of his day lying low watching a movie, reading books, playing school, and the like. Yes, Molly got her bath, too! I build a fine ship of two overstuffed chairs pushed together. It makes the most amazing cozy spot for a little person. I remember them well from my childhood stays at my Nana H's home. She was an expert at cozy bed-making.

Sam's Ship

The afternoon ended, as all good afternoons do, with ice cream. By that time we had the baby grand in tow and so had a lovely time with both boys. Grands make life grand!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...


  1. "Grands make life grand!"
    Indeed they do! And it looks like you all had a grand time yesterday, in spite of the cold. (I'll bet Sam didn't even mind the cold too much, as it feels so warm and fuzzy to be pampered by a grandmother.)

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Great times!

  3. Will you come and make me a cozy bed, too? That looks so delightful!

    I like the sound of Hook the Foot - that kind of thing happens here all the time...dangerous but fun.

    What's happening there today?


  4. As I have said before, grands are the best invention ever! Mine are coming today for an afternoon of play, can't wait! Hope your sweet one is feeling better. Looks like you had a fine time.

  5. Your house looks perfect for a day off resting on the sofa! Enjoy your sweet grands! Warm hugs! ♥

  6. Sounds perfect to me, especially the styrofoam twirling!

  7. Sounds to me like the Grands get better with age. You are having way too much fun!!

    If I had to be sick I would want to be at your house....such a cozy space you made. I love that you didn't tuck him away to a far away room.

  8. That "bed" does look cozy! Can I come stay with you when I have a cold?

  9. Looks like fun times at the haven. So sorry to hear that Sam isn't feeling well, but that bed you made sure does look like the place to be.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day! As I always say there is nothing better than being a Grandma!

  11. I love your description of Sam's ship. I've never seen one of these but he looks so comfy and hopefully will feel better in no time. You are a lucky Granny to share such special times with your Grands!

  12. Goody for getting those odd bits of left-over-wrapping, all picked up and out!

    Goody for a cozy ship for Oldest Grand, while resting and watching Nonny's new tv! And for closing off the day with ice cream.

    Also goody for Molly getting her bath. :-)

    All was well, when Day 3/4 of the 12 Days of Christmas was over. :-)

    ENJOY!!!!!! But I don't have to tell you this, do I? Nor do you have, to tell myself to do so. :-) We are Wise Ladies. :-)

    "Each age has deemed the new-born year
    the fittest time for festal cheer."

    - Walter Scott

  13. The 2 chairs pushed together were a favorite cozy spot at my Grandma's too! Such fond memories of staying there! you sound like a really fun Grammy! Some day I hope to be a fun Grammy, right now I am raising the kiddos! Not always as much fun... Happy New Year!

  14. A great sounding day except for Sam not feeling well. You even made being sick a fun day.

  15. Grands make life grand...they do! And it seems that every grand takes a turn at being sick over the Christmas season...no matter where they live. Sam picked the perfect spot to spend his 'sick day'...on a ship at the Haven.

  16. You paint a very cosy picture and I'd love to have such a bed made for me some days!
    We also keep the 12 days of Christmas - I always find it odd that people take the tree down and remove all trace of Christmas, as though anticipation is all, when really, Christmas starts on the Eve and is a season through to January 6th. A beautiful season!

  17. I love hearing about your life! AND seeing it in pics.
    Every day is a special day at 'A Haven for Vee!!!'

  18. I so agree with you that Grands make life grand, Vee! I also spied the two gree Leap Frog Units on the chairside table ..we gave my older grandson a Leap Frog for his birthday and he is realy enjoying it.

    I hope Sam is feeling better! I ahve been sick since coming home from Colorado..so much is "going around."

  19. Hope your little Sam is better quickly - if not, another day in the "mother ship" should do the trick! I'm sure Nonnie wouldn't mind either! I remember those chairs pushed together from my young days, too... I have that blanket...

    Thanks very much - we are "merrying-on"! Merry is that new TV you've got there - great entertainment for sick chicks, too! Stay cozy!

  20. Oh, Vee, your header is beautiful... and what fun hanging out with your grand... Merry Christmas!

  21. Now, who would ever of thought to make a game of styrofoam packing?!! Those little boys are blessed to have you as their grandmother. That cozy "ship" bed had to make him feel comfy and snug on a cold, wintry day. They will forever remember these special times.

  22. Vee
    You sure are a fun g,ma! Sorry the little guy is under the weather. But it sure sounds like he's being well taken care of!
    I had forgotten about putting two chairs together. Only ours were kitchen chairs-not too comfy!
    The best to all of you!

  23. Hi Vee

    Just checking on to see how things are going in your neck of the woods. Glad to see that you are enjoying this wonderful season! Nothing better than family is there? Our kids are out with their cousins tonight and will be home later. I'm loving everyone being home!

    Gotta Run!


  24. Seems Sam and I were both down with colds! A lot of people have it. It's a doozy.

    I've never heard of this pushing two chairs together to make a ship before. Sounds very cozy indeed.


  25. Love the chair bed idea. It really does look comfy cozy! You have been a very busy lady with the grands!

  26. OOO, I agree 100%.....grands DO make life grand.
    Hope he is feeling much better...

  27. Aww, what a beautiful post, it makes me miss my nana, she was a grand grand!

  28. You are a wonderful g'ma, Vee! All that fun, making special beds and serving ice cream, too! I wish I had some ice cream right now, too. My son and his pup just left to go back to KC after a nice long visit and the house is too quiet already. Ice cream is just the thing to cheer me up!

  29. Definitely liking the chair bed idea! We nana's gotta share our good ideas =)

  30. Oh yes, they do! Glad you had a good Cmas, and many blessings to you in 2012!

  31. Grands are just wonderful! And what a fun grandma you are! I'm taking lessons from people like you.


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