Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Lame Tame Adventure

It's so embarrassing that I hardly want to tell you. What do two old duffahs from  our corner do for excitement? Follow along, but I'm warning you: Dullsville.

 On the Road Again

Straight to one of John's favorite spots on earth for lunch. His: Lobster Salad Roll - Hers: Haddock sandwich

 A little rest area along the Crooked River in Western Maine

 John may have had too much lobster roll!

 The water was roiling


Rushing — Such beautiful colors

 Our Destination: Sherman Farm in North Conway, NH

 For these babies (bottle toppers for glass cream and milk bottles)

 Hmmmm...someone is a little roly-poly herself... A vintage map of my town  (found in a thrift store) and before my street even existed

We've got to stop ending our days this way!

Love Vee

Friday, June 1, 2012

Time for an Adventure

Late last evening, I asked John of his plans for this day...the one sunny day in the middle of ten rainy ones. He had plans involving errand running and the work he's doing at the Ponderosa. I gently suggested that perhaps he could do some of those things on a rainy day as we have plenty of them in our near future.

~Day's End Last Night Suggesting a Bright Day Today~

He hemmed and hawed a bit. I said, "Well then, I am leaving you. I must get out and do something different for a change. I need a change."

"Oh," says he, "where are you going?"

"I have no idea. I am filling the tank, aiming the car, and allowing it to go where it will."

I remember when we used to do that more than we do now. That would've been  2008. ☺ The following two years, we came into a place of responsibility for others that prevented us from deciding on a whim to go anywhere. Those days are over for now. We are without an excuse!

So I'll let you know, on the next rainy day, how the adventure went.

When was the last time you struck off on a whim for nowhere in particular?

Love Vee

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Before and After

Oh I can't leave that nasty former post sitting there staring at me and you. My mood is swinging improving as I count my blessings instead of the raindrops.

Thought I'd share a quick before and after today. You may remember that I had to dig out all the Lily of the Valley because it took over the front garden. I'm happy to report that, though my back hasn't gotten over it yet, so many of the plants and flowers are happier and doing better than they've done in a long while.

So while John was building the planter, I finished digging up the garden and replanting displaced plants. Then I thought that the crimson azalea should be replanted. The one logical spot for it was under the path to the front door. True! So I dug out the asphalt leaving dirt and amended the soil and then John came to help me dig up the azalea and give it a new home. One additional benefit is that that corner has stopped flooding. How odd!



I reset the stones making a little path instead of the little landing or whatever it was before; I made a big boo-boo with the distance between the first and second stone, but I must wait for a stronger back to do it right. John helped me set in edging and the little fence to keep the critters out. So far so good!

Love Vee

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Irritable and Annoyed

I am in a foul mood and have no business being here. If it's not rain for weeks on end and thunderstorms for an entire day, it's Google telling me that there are problems at Shabby Blogs that are foundless. Nevertheless, I have dutifully removed the "offender." Wish I could do the same for the other things that offend me like stupid programs that wish to protect me from nothing.

The plants sit waterlogged waiting to be planted. The compost and soil sit waiting— waterlogged. At this rate, it appears that it will be late into next week before things have improved enough to be planted. It's enough to make one tear her hair out. And that's another thing. I'm sick of my hair.

Don't you hate it when someone's irritable and cranky and nothing can be done to jostle him/her out of it? So I'm dispatching myself until my mood clears even if the weather doesn't.

Hope that the weather is much better in your corner... Hope that your plants are planted... Hope that your hair is cuter than a button, too...

Love Vee

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 Run a lot

 Watch a lot

 Play Streamer Tag

 Keep those streamers airborne 

Take a break

Try on your super hero capes (made by Auntie)

 Tie on your jet packs (as seen on Pinterest by Auntie)

 Dream of Flying

 Keep on Trying

Get some help with the dream

Flap your wings a little and believe

(Mama does some encouraging; John does, too, while some of us can't help but giggle.)

What a guy!

Hope that your weekend was as much fun as mine...


My heart is full when I think of all those who have laid down their lives so that children can romp on a lawn, dream of flying, and live in a free country. We never forget that freedom is not "free." 

Love Vee

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Psalm 66: 8–9

Even if the path is winding...

Many blessings this holiday weekend!

Love Vee