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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

One never knows if the weather man/woman is to be believed. Lately, they seem to be in a rut saying one word: rain.

Yesterday, was our second day of sunshine in a string of rainy days and so yard chores began in earnest while we had the chance.

~the first mowing~

~the forsythia jungle before~

~ and after-trimmed down to the nubs~

What I've not shown is the azalea bush trimmed down. Notice who is doing all the work? Such a nice guy. He's been promised cookies. He works cheap these days. 

And, right on schedule, the rain has returned for the next four days. Those weather people have made me a believer. The grass is so green that it looks oddly fluorescent.

How many times has the lawn been mowed in your corner? 


  1. Five times already! We're on a twice a week schedule. Those Scott's lawn treatments do everything they promise. There should be a disclaimer somewhere on the package that tells you "these applications require additional mowing".

    Your lawn and shrubs are lovely and how great that the "gardener" works for cookies. You're a very lucky lady!! (I think John is a lucky guy, too.)

  2. My hubby has mowed 4 times as of last night. My lilacs are getting ready to bloom and then I can trim those back.

  3. We had to start mowing early as spring was in such a hurry this year. It's still fun to mow (meaning it's high enough that you can tell where you mowed and get a satisfied feeling. Not so in the hottest time of the summer when everything starts to die but there is still some stubborn green stuff to mow). But I love the smell of freshly mowed lawn!

  4. I start early, mowing weeds until the grass shows up.

    Have a great week Vee!

  5. We've mowed several times already. I guess that's what happens when you fertilize and it keeps raining.

  6. We've mowed several times already but it's not pretty grass....it's the weeds that seem to spring up overnight. We have had such windy days, no chance yet to spray weed killer. I have put out tons of grass seed to help with the damage of last summers heat and dryness and every single dove in the whole state of TEXAS comes over and brings all their friends for THE feast :(
    We got a tiny little rain last night and sooo thankful for it, I wanted to run nude thru it...realizing that would NOT be a pretty sight, I chose, instead, to sit with Mr. Sweet in the porch swing for an hour.

  7. Lots of mowing here. Both Warren and Jonathan have enjoyed the John Deere. With three yards to mow they get to do it frequently. Thankfully they pop on their headphones and truly do enjoy it.

  8. Well, I love a freshly cut lawn. I've cut at least twice, my husband has cut at least twice and Mal did the first cutting. Lots of rain here as well. Today is supposed to be sunny and 69 degrees, but right now it looks like rain. Who knows!

  9. We've had a good mix of sunny and rainy days here. Just had a lovely weekend, and I've had to cut the grass twice so far, and I will be again this weekend, since we are forecast to have 3 days of rain followed by a sunny weekend.

    On a sad note, I think the frost has pretty much killed the Lilac this year. We have leaves, but the blossoms don't look promising.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week

  10. Hi Vee,

    We've mowed either five or six times now; can't remember which. We've had a lot of cloudy, rainy days here, as well.

    Your lawn looks so pretty and green. It reminds me of the spectacular greens we saw in Ireland. 'Course, you know it rains there all the time. ;) We also have a forsythia jungle at our house. It drives my husband crazy.

    I'm sorry I haven't visited lately; things have been really busy over here. I did enjoy participating in your Note Card Party a few weeks ago. Hope you have a great day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  11. It was mowed again for the better part of the afternoon yesterday. It is something else this time of year. We actually have the rest of the week without rain...so they say.

    Grass does take on a fluorescent look this time of year. I'll take that over the brown of drought.

  12. 3 days of lovely weather, in my neck of the woods. Yard stuff done here too. HE doing more than ME, of course. -grin- But I did do lots of heavy raking, once. Eeeeeeek!!!! ,-)

    No yard mowing here yet. Don't know when son will begin to cut both our lawns...

    Rain! -sigh- Ugh... Etc. -pout- Want to just jump back in bed, and stay there, all day. lol. Can't. ,-)

    "Knowledge comes
    but wisdom lingers."

    ~Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  13. Oh Vee, I'm so disappointed in the forecast here too. The same as yours! Yesterday, Murray and all our neighbours were out mowing lawns - the first of the season here! After all that rain coming they'll all be mowing again but probably not until next week!! The trees are popping here and it's so beautiful! I could stare at it all day long. Hugs, Pam

  14. Ohhh - if only I could just grab some of that rain from you and bring it here. The weather gods don't do it right. We all should share the weather. Mother Nature?? Get to work on that.

  15. We've mowed several times now. The last time was interrupted by rain and it hasn't been finished yet. We've had more than enough rain here, too. When it does rain anymore it seems to come with a storm. Thankfully, nothing has been too severe. It's been cooler since yesterday and I could turn the a/c off. The sun's shining today, wish I could send it your way!

  16. Well these scenes look familiar. Our lawn has been mowed twice so far. We are definitely back to the once a week need to mow time of the year!

  17. Five or six times over here. And yes...we must always make hay when the sun shines. That is the story of life on the farm! We are supposed to have mostly sunny days this week. Yay!

  18. I went right from Judy's post about making silage, to yours on making hay! Tis the season.

    Let's see, it's been at least 4 times that we've cut the grass this year already. But it slows down for us as summer comes and the grass slowly turns brown because of water restrictions.

    A worker who gets paid in cookies sounds like someone I have to do my chores, too. What kind of cookies does John prefer?

  19. We've actually mowed quite a few times already. But your pictures remind me of the pictures I take, all of my hubby doing the work and yes, me in the kitchen cooking for him! Enjoy your day!

  20. I have 2 mowings under my belt at this point. The dandelion removal count would involve a great many more digits!

  21. Only twice so far...it's just starting to warm up and the ground is getting drier from the onslaught of winter rain.

    Hope all is well with you Vee :)

  22. I have mowed here about 6 times, and may soon be needed to do it 2 times a week.

    Everything is green here too, because we have been getting rain, rain, rain as well. Today, I mowed and finished just in time...it's raining now.


  23. Only two times that I mowed at the old house but it has been many times here at the townhouse, but I don't have to mow it!!
    It is raining now here again too.
    I do the yard work at our house. Maybe I should get Ken to bake the cookies for me! : )

  24. John may be glad if the rain starts up again. He could enjoy a break from the chores while enjoying your homemade cookies.
    I don't know how many times we've mowed so far, but it started in early March or maybe even late February.
    We got a light shower today which is sorely needed.

  25. LOL! Well my lawn has been getting mowed since Feb/March! It started getting hot so early this year.

  26. I've done it 3 times. And nary a cookie crumb for my trouble.
    'Course it's only a 10 minute job...but still...
    What a beautiful sunny day! We are promised some sun end of the week. Can't wait!

  27. Mercy! We've been mowing for a month here in Md. Mowed right up to Dec. 1st ... crazy weather ...

    TTFN ~

    GIVEAWAY ends 5/13

  28. We mow once a week but it could use it twice a week. In just one day it grows and it a lovely green. Not as lovely as yours..and the heat is already beginning to do damage..so we have raised the mower to try and prevent burn. Going to be a hot summer here too.
    Aha! So you use the old "cookie" hook too! :) We women are not so dumb. :) I am just hoping for more rain before the real heat begins. Today we are already up to 93 and the hottest time of the day is just approaching!

    Vee, thank for becoming a follower!
    Thank you so much!

  29. Omigosh. Making hay is certainly the right term. I cannot keep ahead of mowing, the rain just won't get me breathing (or mowing) room. By the time I get a chance it's grown up horribly and I'm left with long rows of "hay".

    Your guy is a gem. There's nothing in this world like a handy husband that is willing to jump in there and tackle projects, especially yard work.

  30. He's such a hard worker! I don't remember how many times the lawn service has come to mow this year now. I think they started the first week in April or the last week in March. After us mowing and trimming 6 acres for 17 years, it's really nice to have someone else do our major yard work now, LOL!

  31. We're on the rainy Saturday and Sunday schedule around which makes yard work harder - who wants to do it after working 8+ hours a day. Certainly not me!

    Thanks for the prayers for my BIl Frank - the surgery went well!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  32. We'll be mowing once a week until June, when the drought starts. After that we may mow once a month....or not at all.

  33. Ours has been mowed twice. We have been in a drought for several years, last year being the absolute worst. We are seeing a little rain this year so I'm praying that we have to mow it regularly because it will start to grow again. Feel free to pray your extra rain to south Georgia.


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