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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Stuff and Things Post

Such a beautiful string of days we've been having. Today, we are off to run a load of errands. The first stop is the lumberyard where we're picking up the lumber for a raised bed. It'll be three feet high so it will be quite a lovely one I hope. Then we're off for the compost and dirt to fill it and then the plants and then the mulch. Busy day. I think that many are having busy days like this, especially those in the north.

My daughter stopped by yesterday on her way to a baby shower. She has been using her gift of Christmas (a sewing machine) and this is what she made.

The cutest little pair of baby booties I've ever seen. Edited to Add 5/30/2012: Just getting back with the link for the blog where my daughter found the pattern at StardustShoes.

I had her stand out beside the white lilac because she gave it to me in 1995; it has never done as well as this year. It was in a bucket not up to her knees when I first planted it. Yesterday the sun was so bright that it washed out everything so here's a better look at the important subject.

I still can't see her...

Ahhh...Much better

So that's it for today. I have Note Cards waiting in the wings, dastardly Lily of the Valley that I want to discuss, and who knows what else will pop into this old head of mine through the week. And, if John does a good job, I may even show you a raised bed. What's on the docket at your place?


  1. Those ARE the cutest baby booties ever!


  2. Cute booties..I will be looking forward to seeing the progress of the raised bed. I miss mine.

    Today I am off hunting for more things to put in my booth. I was there yesterday and much has sold, to my delight.

  3. What a beautiful daughter you have, Vee. And so talented. I love those baby booties.
    Today I'm working on my garden on the deck and going to walk in water for an hour at the Natatorium near my home. I'll be cooking a lot of veggies I got from the farm I belong to and reading a mystery by Lyn Hamilton in the hottest part of the afternoon. It's really beautiful here, but will be pretty warm later on.

  4. Morning Vee, Such a lovely daughter and I adore those booties for the baby shower. That's a gorgeous lilac, also. We had a terrible thunderstorm during the night; my plans are to pick up small limbs etc. today. Don't work too hard!

  5. Your daughter is lovely! and how fun to have constant reminder of her, your lilac! The booties are darling! A lucky baby who wears those! I am off to work, but wishing I was staying home, lots that I want to do here.

  6. My white butterfly bush looks like that lilac, The booties are so darling. A very vibrant and pretty daughter you have there. Isn't it wonderful what joy they bring us. Can't wait to see the raised bed.

  7. She is so adorable, Vee. Very pretty young lady. And....she even sews. Awesome.

    We have worked in our yard day and night. It was 9:30 before we came in last night for dinner. My goodness...we are SORE this morning. We must be getting old!!:)

  8. I don't think I have ever seen a white lilac before! Oh, how I wish they grew well here in the south, but they don't. A bouquet of lilacs in the house is divine.

    I've been knee-deep in photoshop training. I am remiss in my clutter removal campaign. So perhaps I have muster up some enthusiasm for that chore. I get to have lunch with a dear friend tomorrow, so there is a little bright side of the week ahead!

  9. Your daughter is absolutely lovely. Not only is she pretty; she also has a kind face. That's lasting beauty!

    The booties are adorable. Does your daughter have a blog? I need some sewing inspiration. Please continue posting her projects.

  10. Got the invitations done for daughter's wedding. All boxes are unpacked. Going shopping later today to start working on centerpieces for the tables. We still have trim to put up around here...and I have quite a list on the fridge of things I want to pick up for our new home. Yep...I will be busy too!!

  11. Oh-my-gracious! Those booties are the cutest-ever!!!!!! I can't imagine doing work, that tiny.

    Lovely tree... Exceedingly lovely giver (a while ago) of that tree. :-)

    Have fun with the raised bed!

    We are actually getting and planting some Impatient(s) today! Must get 'em in now. Last year, we didn't get them planted, till too late, and they never really *mounded.* Like they are supposed to do. :-)

    "Home is the most popular,
    and will be the most enduring
    of all earthly establishments."

    ~~Channing Pollock

  12. Your daughter is beautiful! And I'm glad she's putting her sewing machine to such good use :) There is lots of gardening activity at my house, plus my daughter fractured her ankle last Friday so we will be making some orthopedist visits.

  13. The first stop today will be the treadmill and then maybe I'll open up my sewing closet. We have rain here today so I'm happy to stay indoors. I love the lilac photo and your daughter and her sweet baby booties.

  14. When you say 'raised bed'...you really mean it! My raised beds are 1 foot high...with a ledge all around to sit on. You won't even need to bend over! (But you will need a lot of dirt to fill a three-foot high raised bed.)

    Adorable daughter...sews cute booties...and poses next to lovely lilacs on a beautiful spring day!

  15. Your daughter is lovely. The baby booties are adorable. I can't wait to see your raised flower beds. Busy day ahead for you. It is raining off and on here so no yard work today. xo

  16. Your daughter is so pretty! Love the sweet booties she made.
    A raised bed is on our agenda, but so many other things need our attention that it's been put on the back burner.
    Have a great day and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  17. Those little booties are adorable. Your daughter is very pretty. A lovely smile!!
    Sounds like a busy day for you and John.

  18. Your daughter is so beautiful! What are my plans of the week? Shaking sand out of everything, yes I went, and I think we brought back a large portion of beach with us. I will be in touch via email later.

  19. I am so jealous if your lilacs, they are my all time favorite flower.

    ...and your daughter is very lovely!


  20. Darling little booties. Your daughter is not only pretty, but talented too.

  21. Beautiful daughter!!

    The booties are super cute! Did she have a pattern?

    I am in my 'office' today. (Amber's hospital room.)
    As I leave each morning to come up here LD sees me off as if I were going to work!

    Have a good time doing all those errands! They even SOUND like fun!

  22. What cute booties and a beautiful daughter!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!

  23. Your daughter is beautiful Vee. I love the sweet little baby booties she made. We've had a busy weekend which you can read about and I'll be doing more posts this week. Doing yard work today. Cut down an ugly cedar clump (saved the wood for an arbour someday) and planted a hydrangea. I'm anxious to see your raised garden. Sounds like my kind of gardening! Hasn't the weather been spectacular???

  24. Your daughter is a beauty Vee and she looks right at home with the beautiful lilac. Love the booties and hat. Hope John is having success with that raised bed. Blessings...

  25. Ah Vee, how beautiful!! The Lilac is lovely too!!! Taking a quick friends check in then it's back to the foot in thw Air!!

  26. I love the scent of lilac coming in through the open window.
    Your daughter is beautiful!...and turning into a gifted seamstress.
    Me? I'm baking, gardening and just now taking a break while TGD has the little boys out to the fair.

  27. Precious baby booties!! Beautiful daughter and lilac bush...... you can't get 'much better' than that!!

    A friend of mine is having a garage sale this weekend and she ask if I wanted to put anything of mine in with hers.... YES! I'm going through drawers and closets.

  28. Darling baby booties, and a beautiful daughter who made them. How fun to take the photo of her with the lilac bush she gave you.

    I hope your raised bed project is coming along nicely. I have so many things going on this week - work is getting in the way of the things I really want to do - like create a gallery wall on my staircase, sew an activity quilt, and apply further coats of paint to our china cabinet.

    "Do the next thing..." is a quote I first heard from EE. So glad for that prayer request. Do you have any updates? I checked the website but it said no more than you did.

  29. Cute booties and very talented daughter! Up next at our place is a pergola for grapevines.

  30. Vee,
    Your daughter did a great job on the booties!
    I am going to get out my sewing machine soon....we'll see what happens.
    The lilac looks wonderful. 1995 was a long time ago....Chickie was 3, so I would have been 34. wow.

  31. Hi Vee, your raised beds will be wonderful I'm sure. Love the white lilac. I had one at my previous home. It came from a start from my sisters home. Yours is definately happy this year. Your daughter is one cutie!

  32. OK...what's with dastardly lilies? I can't get them to grow, my next door neighbors yard has been taken over by them, and


    The lilac did grow, but your girl's beauty outshines even the most bounteous blooms.

  33. So I am here at the end of the day, and wondering if you were able to check off the things on your list. That raised bed sounds promising. I really like raised beds, particularly because of my aversion to slithery, crawly creatures that may be lurking between rows. With raised beds, you can just sort of stand on the outside and tentatively reach in to do your work. (Can you tell that I am a pitiful gardener?)

    Vee, your daughter is beautiful! You must have taught her your tricks with the sewing machine...those booties are wonderful. And I love that you photographed her with the lilac that she gave you.

  34. Trying to be better about blogging!! That's what is on my docket.

    Ah, a visit from the beautiful daughter. Yes, the lilac and the booties are wonderful too, but the beautiful daughter... God is gracious!

    Blessings, Debbie

  35. The raised bed! Raises my curiosity to see the finished product. The booties are sweet and you have a very pretty daughter!

  36. Wow catching up on a ton of stuff. Praying for E.E. and husband. Your daughter is adorable. Her lilac is lovely, and her booties are very charming! I am trying to spread my lily of the valley's . Good luck on the new planter. That John of yours works so hard!

    Learning German... of coarse you are. You are one of my hero's !!! Seriously ...you go girl <3

  37. Your daughter is lovely, and I like that pair of booties!


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