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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Note Card Party Invitation

Is there writing on the wall, Fioré?

Oh, yes!

A friendly invitation to all to join this month's Note Card Party. It's fun; it's easy; the more the merrier! Clicking on the button to the right will take you to all the pertinent information.

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you between 8 and 8:30 tonight and all day tomorrow. Mr. Linky will close Thursday morning around 10 a.m.


  1. Him, I wonder what it says? Looks very intense though! Pretty comfy looking bed I must say!

  2. Fioré. is. gorgeous.

    See you at the party, Vee (and Fioré)!

    (Such a pretty quilt and pillow sham on which Fioré is resting.)

  3. You can almost hear him purring (: Do I spy April Cornell?

  4. I am going to have to pass on this for a while. I've got too much going on, with a HUGE backlog of photos to process, blog posts to write, and photoshop training. And every now and then I have to get out of my chair and step away from the computer, LOL.

  5. Oh, boy! A whole day to make decisions! LOL!!!!

  6. I'm going to get mine ready early this time...I hope! lol Enjoy your day!

  7. OHHHHHH, what a lovely photo of Fioré!!! What a beeeeeeautiful Header Pic it would make!!!

    And if the effect is too dark, for your Header preferences.... You could simply crop the dark headboard. And then it would be soooo purrrrrfect.

    ~~Your beautiful kitty, a sweet part of your life...

    ~~Your soft, soft green colors...

    ~~And it would thus be the purrrrfect rectangle shape, for a Header Pic.

    Oh please consider it...... Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar (or Splenda) on it.

    Regina: "Magic here is unpredictable."

  8. Fiore is a gorgeous cat!

    With just a few more days to go until my daughter's wedding I won't be able to visit other blogs, so I will miss this note card party round, Vee. Enjoy all the wonderful photos everyone shares!

  9. Hi Vee, I am ready to link up, Fiore is a beautiful cat, and I love that name! xo

  10. I've picked out my photos and I'm all ready to go. : )

  11. Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful. I've always loved calico cats. Don't they say that less than 2% of calico cats are males? Oh...I guess I need to go back and read your post. I got too caught up in Fiore's picture.

    By the way, how is it that you can put the accent mark over the e?

  12. Beautiful kitty and a beautiful name.

    One of my husband's many hobbies is to teach the ancient art of Fiore style late 1400s Italian style rapier fencing. (Fiore with the accent but I forget the code for typing that and too lazy to look it up.)

  13. Oh how beautiful. Thanks for the invite. I am ready this month. Love that comforter too.

  14. Oh, I hope to get some photos together tonight and join in the fun this month! I've got to get outside now and help hubby plant some more garden after he finishes the tilling.
    Your Fiore is a beautiful kitty!

  15. Yay! Waiting to link up.....
    Yellow is my favorite color. Beautiful.

  16. hahhhaaa....we both are thinking of food this month.
    Your cards are beautiful and I will buy them if you start selling. :))
    Such a fun party, Vee.

  17. I love how Fiore almost blends into the comforter; I also love the vibrant colors of the pizza. Good shot!

  18. Sweet kitty found the most comfortable spot in the house.


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