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Saturday, May 5, 2012


The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. ~Albert Einstein

Perhaps I can come in for a landing with my deep thoughts of the day. This morning I was thinking that I would not leave this page looking like error messages in quadruplicate for another day. No, no, I would toss in a pretty picture making everything a little brighter and better. Then, as things so often do, one thing led to another and pretty soon I was thinking about quotes themselves instead of quotes on beauty.

I have a nice selection of quotes in my home. Three journals of hand-written ones gathered over my adulthood and a book known to many — Familiar Quotations by Bartlett. Bartlett once said, "I have gathered a posie of other men's flowers, and nothing but the thread that binds them is mine own."

A tiny little journal of John's quotes sits nearby because he has a way with a phrase that makes me laugh. Now I see that I am going to have to keep a journal of the grands' quotes as well. Do you love quotes? I know many bloggers who do because they incorporate them into their posts often and some even on a daily basis. Perhaps now is not the time to say: He who trains his tongue to quote the learned sages, will be known far and wide as a smart ask. ~Howard Kandel (with minor changes...what a difference an "s" makes...see what I mean?)

Note leather bound journal to the right above given, *as promised,* to my son on his birthday. I would like to suggest to him that if he has no words of his own, which I know is not true, it would make a handy spot for collecting other men's flowers so he, too, can be thought of as a smart ask.

Is that plane anywhere in sight? 

ETA: If you have some time, please visit Quill Cottage where you can see the art of quoting taken to a whole new level. No smart ask there! It took my breath away...


  1. I so love both your wisdom & humor, Vee. I am sure your son will be the most sought after smart ask, ever. :)

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Great post and wonderful photo there at the end. No surprise, I have several books of quotes. Sometimes I wish I could say something quotable, but at least I can enjoy the wisdom of others! Your wit is always a pleasure!

  3. You brought a huge smile to my face this morning. Love this post.

  4. Ha! I like that quote by Bartlett. That leather bound journal looks very cool...

  5. I love quotes and had over a hundred on my computer at one time...then, during THE CRASH OF 2000, I lost them all. If I had not been such a smart ask, I would have put them somewhere else as well.

  6. You know I like quotes. ,-)

    Why can't you write "ASK," the way it was written? How *terrible* is that?

  7. Good morning! I so enjoy your humor! This post was great. I have been known to call my hubby a "smart ask" a time or two, haha. He'd loved the book of quotes. Enjoy your week-end!

  8. Happy Saturday to you!

    I like quotes but usually forget to write them down. My grandmother used to say things in a funny way - we all quote them often and refer to them as "Lily-isms". I miss her!

    I'll leave you with a gem - "you just don't never know."


  9. I write quotes down in a special section of my journal and even wrote one in a comment yesterday on Sunshine Bliss! I love quotes! I'll go follow the link...enjoy your day, my smart friend!

  10. As always, I begin most mornings with a cup of coffee and your blog. What a great post! You add smiles to my mornings. Thank you!

  11. I desperately need to "clean" house like this. It was my spring cleaning chore when I wasn't working. Now, I spend weekends doing laundry, chores and grocery shopping. I'm getting emails from the Purple Heart pickup that they haven't heard from me in awhile. That's it, I've got to make time - certainly not next weekend, Mother's Day, then Memorial Day, Maybe in June...too hot? We'll see. Thanks for the motivation Vee, you did great job with yours!

  12. My smile for the day...words of wisdom and humour from Vee's Haven. What a great idea...journaling all those precious quotes!

  13. fun post..and I love quotes, and I really enjoy writing down sayings from my kids...too precious

  14. I love your sense of humour! I think it's wonderful that you have kept a journal of quotes. I see so many here and there now and wonder where people actually get them. Your vignette is sweet. I love the old pages attached to the frame. Enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Pamela

  15. Keeping a journal of quotes is a wonderful idea and one I wish I'd thought of years ago because my dad was full of quotes. I've been known to call my son a "smart ask" a few times, he's good with quotes, too. Of course, I say it with a smile.
    Great post, as always, Vee. Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. You're so full of fun and humor! Oh, to be a fly on your wall sometime. =) Like your picture, and the frame so lovingly adorned with buttons!

  17. I love quotes, too. I jot down the grandkids sayings in my journal.

    "Is it GOOD? Then I'll HAVE some!"
    Levi when I asked him if he wanted some peach cobbler. He was 3.

    There is something comforting about caressing a meaningful quote in our mind.....

    I LOVE the Blog Look you have going on. Very classy! Just like you!

  18. Yes I love quotes that are inspirational and the quotes of the Grands.
    In the middle of winter on a very cold day 2 year old Bekah asked for ice-cream. Jane said don't you think it is a bit cold for ice-cream. We could just put our coats on she replied. (A problem solver in the making!)

  19. Love quotes- especially when paired with a photo- but alone works well for me too. Have a great weekend Vee!

  20. Love quotes, especially by a loved one. I very seldom have any on my own, but am privileged to live with someone who is always coming up with one of his own. I am now motivated to write his quotes in a journal.
    Thanks for sharing , and for the idea! Your vignette is lovely, so fresh and spring looking, you have been busy.

  21. Hi Vee!

    I've always been a smart ask!!

    I've always loved quotes, and use them often in my everyday life - thanks for some new ones!!

    Your son is lucky to have you for a mom... :0)

    Have a wonderful Saturday!


  22. What riches there must be in those journals. I like the idea of writing down the interesting things your partner and children say - I can never remember them!

  23. I do love quotes. My daughter Kati does too. We have recently laughed about a Winnie-the-Pooh quote that she came across...
    "If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear." It sort of reminds us of a person (who shall remain nameless) who lives in our house.

    Bekah has supplied us with quite a few quotes over the years. Just yesterday we were cleaning out the medicine cabinet and came across some colonoscopy prep meds including stool softener. "Stool softener?, she says incredulously. "Why don't you just get a pillow?"
    The girl cracks me up!

  24. Vee,

    I too am a quote collector. I have a journal my daughter in law gave me that I like to collect quotes in, lines from great books or movies, etc.

    I have two favorite quote books:

    The Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations By J. K. Hoyt, it has English, Latin and Modern (if you consider 1896 modern) Foreign Languages with names, dates, and nationality of quoted authors, with copious indexes. The topical index has cross references and it is a big thick book you can take a life time to read.

    The other is Roses Everyday by Margaret Moore Jacobs. She was (is?) a native of my home state and woman of deep faith who wrote of her observations of nature in her garden and how what she observed were lessons for her life of faith.

    Thank you so very much for the link to my art book. You were a huge help and encouragement to me in getting it done!

    Have a beauty filled day!

  25. You certainly know that I love quotes!!
    Love your photo.

  26. I had a lot of catching up to do on reading your 'words of wisdom'.... I've missed you. I'm hoping I can sit down at the computer long enough to read and comment.

    I love quotes!!! I need to check into the one you mentioned.

    Your de-cluttering sounds wonderful. I'm the de-clutter queen.

    The picture of the moon shining through your kitchen window is gorgeous!!!!

  27. Smart ask. Great quote right there.
    I have a book that tells Chickie about her growing up, from babyhood on, favorite memories as they happened, a couple of pictures she drew in it, her pre school foot prints.....and her quotes!
    Still documenting the quotes, but the great thing is that it is HER book, not for general perusing, except by the author - me.

  28. We love quotes in this house too! Have them in all manner of places. Always enjoy finding out what catches the fancy of others... because you just never know when you'll meet another good quote for your own collection!


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