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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Before and After

Oh I can't leave that nasty former post sitting there staring at me and you. My mood is swinging improving as I count my blessings instead of the raindrops.

Thought I'd share a quick before and after today. You may remember that I had to dig out all the Lily of the Valley because it took over the front garden. I'm happy to report that, though my back hasn't gotten over it yet, so many of the plants and flowers are happier and doing better than they've done in a long while.

So while John was building the planter, I finished digging up the garden and replanting displaced plants. Then I thought that the crimson azalea should be replanted. The one logical spot for it was under the path to the front door. True! So I dug out the asphalt leaving dirt and amended the soil and then John came to help me dig up the azalea and give it a new home. One additional benefit is that that corner has stopped flooding. How odd!



I reset the stones making a little path instead of the little landing or whatever it was before; I made a big boo-boo with the distance between the first and second stone, but I must wait for a stronger back to do it right. John helped me set in edging and the little fence to keep the critters out. So far so good!


  1. Looks lovely Vee! Your grass is so green and healthy looking. Must be all the rain you've been getting. Have a delightful day!

  2. So glad to hear that things are looking up for you. Removing all of the lily of the valley sounds like a big job. We moved and removed a lot of thing last fall and are currently enjoying the fruits of our labor. Day lilies that hadn't bloomed well are happily blooming away now that they're not so crowded.
    Your before and after is lovely. I think the little path you created is charming.
    Hope you are able to relax the back today.

  3. Glad you are feeling a little bit perkier!!

  4. What a difference! Great before and after shots. In spite of the bad back you must be smiling. Glad it's a better day.

  5. A bit of garden re-arrangement is always a great antidote to a bad mood. If only it was also an antidote instead of a cause for bad back flare up.

  6. Your yard looks so good, and you are right--that azalea looks so much better at the side of the steps. Have a peaceful day.

  7. Great job. Lily of the valley although looks and smells so pretty can get too happy to take over the garden. Sorry about the back though. It kind of comes with the territory. Valerie

  8. I have not been able to grow lily of the valley, so I am a tad jealous you have too many! Your yard looks lush and green.

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better Vee. Your front garden looks great and I like the azalea by the front step and the stones making a path. Very cottagey looking. Enjoy the rest of this overcast day.

  10. Love the way it all looks...GOOD job. It all looks so healthy and lush. Hope you have a good day!

  11. Looking good Vee. I am always going out to my garden and wishing I could just move over a plant a smidge to the right or left. It is always amazing to me how things grow in during the summer. I should know by now.
    The landing to path is a great switch up.

  12. Hi Vee, I see someone besides me has been using her back to move and change the garden. Great job!

  13. Your lawn and flowers are so beautiful.

    Everything you mentioned yesterday makes most of us feel just like you were so I believe we were all sending prayers and empathy.

    I'm glad that you're feeling happier. Remember, friends are the ones who share the good times and the bad times. Thank you for sharing both with us.

  14. I was so frustrated yesterday wanting to leave a comment for you. Just before I read your post I was bemoaning the fact that my hair needs to be colored and cut. It is growing out and looks awful. So, when you said you were having a bad hair day I could sooooo relate.

    I love what you have done in your gardens. Beautiful!!

  15. Looks great Vee!! A job well done. It is so nice to see before and after pictures.
    Glad your mood is improving. Think of me and smile. : )

  16. You did a nice job on your garden, Vee. I like the stones places as steps.
    My daughter wanted Lily of the Valley in her wedding bouquet, but the florist told us it as $100 a bunch in the NYC flower market right now so she passed on that. I bet you didn't have flower gold growing under your feet....lol! It doesn't last long when cut, so that is why the price is so high.

    My back has also aching a bit lately...so have my knees...too much dancing at thw wedding, I guess. We had a few days of high humidity that wiped me out..too early in the season for that!

  17. I wanted to leave you an encouraging word too!

    The change you've made in your garden looks wonderful! Isn't it amazing how a little change can make a huge difference!

    Take it easy with that back!


  18. It's all looking so fresh and pretty and green - must be all the rain! It's good for something! We're socked in here today (and yesterday and tomorrow). So I feel your desire to see some sunshine!

    I sometimes get frustrated with myself because I'm not as strong as Tim and want to do things myself, and not wait or ask for help. But in the end, it's not worth it for my back, and Tim is always willing to help.

  19. Oh Vee, I think your little garden is so pretty. And it is definitely thriving! As my trainer tells me at the gym: "no pain, no gain", so maybe the summer blooms will make your back feel so much better. =) I am sorry you have had some dreadful days. It's amazing the seasons in our own lives that cause those. It also never ceases to amaze me at the changes that happen seemingly overnight to make us feel better. Instead of venting (which I probably should have) I hid away for the last two weeks, not posting, not socializing and definitely being ugly to my family. Now that mood has passed and I don't quite remember why it started! LOL =)

    As women I guess we are entitled, RIGHT????

    Feel better soon!

  20. I don't know what's happening with google and blog comments. It's not just with your blog. Many times I write my comment and then I'm taken to google where I have to sign in, which I do, but my comment is lost forever. What will happen with this?
    I was just complimenting your garden and it's lovely look full of promise.

  21. It looks wonderful Vee! Digging and planting and moving large slabs of rock is hard work!!

  22. Your property is beginning to resemble a beautiful park. Will you be my neighbor? :D
    What kind of vitamins are you and John taking. I will get them!

  23. I came back on line in the evening, and Hooray! Your mood is improving.

    Excellent gardening work. Much more extensive than I'd ever attempt. No wonder your back has been *complaining,* though. ,-)

    "To read a writer
    is for me
    not merely to get an idea of what he says,
    but to go off with him
    and travel in his company."

    ~~Andre Gide

  24. How lovely and so green! The little fencing looks great, too!

  25. What a busy bee you've been. You have that magic touch, everything you do looks perfect. It's (once again) very beautiful, be proud Vee!

  26. I do love some before and after shots! And your changes are lovely...the azalea in its new home, as well as the meandering path. It all looks so cheerful, and so do you. ♥

    Let John pamper you as you allow your back to mend!

  27. Your garden looks great. Nothing like some garden therapy to make you feel better - except for your back that is! Hope you are feeling much better.

  28. Vee
    It looks great. But it does look like it would be back breaking!
    I do like an old-fashioned stone path-charming.

  29. I think it was a great move - hope your back feels better. sandie

  30. YOUR grass is what MINE wants to be when it grows up !!!

    I am wondering...do azaleas like full sun, part sun, shade some....I have a tiny one in a pot and would like to plant it but....where?? Oh, don't rush back home to answer my little question...on with your adventure. :)))


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