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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snack Mat Tutorial

Don't get too excited. There are marvelous ones all over the internet. This is how I did mine.

This is totally incorrect. The next time, I will place the raw edge of the trim on the front side, sew and fold over to the back side. I'll show this step correctly done at the end.

Now that was rather fun for a lazy, rainy afternoon. Here is another idea.

The blue colors are more true in the early part of the mosaic. The purples not so much.

And, finally, *here* is a sweet set of snack mats, mug rugs, whatever you prefer to call them.  (I don't know if I'd ever have the patience or focus to make a set. I like trying all different kinds.)

Still pouring this morning so I'm going to do some much-needed housework. How about you?


  1. I love the combination of fabrics you used and the pretty pink trim. I've made several...all different! They are fun to make and handy, too. We use them to put our two coffee cups next to the coffee pot...to be handy! Enjoy your day! I'm busting out of this place..I have cabin fever!

  2. I adore your snack mat. I wouldn't have the patience (since I am not a very good seamstress) to tackle one of these.


  3. Awesome!

    Great tutorial, if only I had the patience to do it, and I don't - so I will have to live and admire through your work.

    Well done, crafty gal!!

  4. You make it look easy....but, wow I don't have a fancy machine. My MIL gave me a sewing machine that goes forwards and backwards....that's it! Not even a button hole can be made. Lovely mats!

  5. Great tutorials, Vee! You were a busy gal yesterday! I may put snack mats of my list of summer projects...I am making quite a list, determined not to fritter away my time as I have the past two summers.

    Today? I am both school teacher and kitchen remodel assistant. I have my work cut out for me!

  6. Good morning! I LOVE this...and you did a great tutorial. I am definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you have a good day!

  7. In the #4 picture of your stash is that a double wedding ring quilt on a bed? I have one on my bed just like that. My mom made. Now, that is a great tutorial. I don't have as many fancy stitches on my machine as you but some that would work. I have made one of those. I am trying to get some children's stories I wrote for my grands years ago published. May or may not happen.

  8. Precious project!

    And you know, why make a matching set anyway? Wouldn't a set of different ones, be cuter, in the long run? Oh yes, they would! :-)))))

    Today... Continue bits of house stuff... Have hair trimmed! Yes! I must, must, must keep this Judi Dench cut, trimmed! It's been a month. Perhaps next time, I'll go back at 3 weeks instead. ,-))))

    I have a very easy relationship with Patricia, and don't mind going to the hair place. Which helps. :-)

    "Oh! yet
    Stands the church clock at ten to three?
    And is there honey still for tea?"

    ~Rupert Brooke

  9. Oh dear me...you lost me at tutorial. :0)

  10. Your tutorial is wonderful AND it just might be my first quilted piece! Are you a quilter?

    I've resisted quilting, but this would be such a fun project and way to use the leftover scraps from the dresses I've made Abby.

  11. Those are very cute and a pretty step up from a plate and a coaster.

  12. Now I think I could do that. And I would like to. I know my 41 year old sewing machine isn't going to make quite such pretty stitches though. Fun idea. Thanks for sharing! (If only I could buy me a little more time:)

  13. Now if that's not the cutest little snack mat!!! I love the little flowers that adorn it...and cookies too!!!

    Sweet...what a wonderful job you do.

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself one fine day!!! :o)

  14. That is truly amazing Vee! I wish my sewing machine had all those lovely stitch patterns.
    I'm working inside today (painting) even though the sun is shining. I spent the entire day outside gardening yesterday and my body is paying for it.

  15. Very nice! So pretty! Would work great for all sorts of other mats too, like you said. I once made a quilt using that technique, although I didn't do the fancy machine stitching along the seams.

    As always, Vee inspires!

    Enjoy a happy and peaceful day!!!

  16. It turned beautiful....Thank you for the idea!!!

  17. your snack mats look good enough
    to eat!!!! thank you for the tutorial.

  18. Thanks for sharing that tutorial! What a fun project!

    Today, I had a routine yearly check up, took Emily to work. Came home, took Lindsay to work, went by the bank, came home again, took Rachel to her first cello lesson. Now home again for a bit...trying to get my bearings as I help Kyle and Sarah prepare for a two night stay at Grandma and Grandpas, get Rach and I ready for an overnight trip to our home school convention, keep the house from looking like an explosion happened!

    Oh, my!


  19. Your tutorial makes it look so easy, Vee. If I could just "hot glue it" I might give it a try! xo

  20. Lovely snack mats. Certainly looks better than just putting the cookies on a paper towel like I do!! : )
    We have a sunny day so I'm getting my laundry done.

  21. How cute is that...that would be fun. It is a lazy, cool day here...and I am soaking it in before more heat

  22. Thanks for the tutorial! I have yet to try something like this. I do have a vintage machine, but it has 20 some stitches on it that I need to try out. Enjoy your rain if you can -- we are trying to get some!

  23. What do you mean, don't get too excited? these are great Vee.
    Who wouldn't like having a snack with a cup of tea on your sweet mats?
    I checked out the link-lots of ideas floating around my head now.
    I'm not sure that's at all good.
    Take care-Kimberly

  24. You could go on and make placemats. These are so cute. I really had never heard of them before. I like the colors and embellishments! Thanks for the post, it had to have taken a bit of time!

  25. I love this, and I am excited about them! =) Such great color combos and unique to use for serving your snacks. I am not a seamstress at all, but would love to try this with the girls this summer.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  26. I love the insouciant tone of this tutorial - very pleasing! And the results equally so. From the size of your scrap bag you could make quite a number of snack mats!

  27. You had me at the pic of the COOKIE! YUM!
    Sew cute the snack mat. I grab ah paper towel but this is classy I think. My sew priority list is pot holders as now I am using towels. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry I haven't been visiting much. Garden, health well I am catching up ah bit. Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. I can think of lots of uses for these pretty snack mats, Vee. They look like a nice way to use up fabric scraps. Your sewing nmachine does very pretty embroidery, and I like your embellishment touches.

    PS: Yes, my future son-in-law is a very good cook! :)

  29. Vee,

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I have book marked this post and hope to make some of these as gifts, great idea!

  30. I am totally in awe of such handiwork. You make it sound so easy Vee! It turned out just adorable and I love the concept.

  31. I love this little snack mat! I'm a newbie quilter and this looks like a fun project! It has a sort of "crazy quilt" look to it which I love. Great tutorial and I will be trying this.

  32. Cute cute. Love that you used different fabrics.

  33. Oh how I dream of a sewing mentor girlfriend. I love the peak at your sewing and your machine (looks fancy!)

    I've been playing around with a block a month quilt class...I have so much to learn still.

    I am awful with patterns, that is why a mentor would be the answer to prayer. (that and someone who has time to give ;-)

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  34. Hi Vee, these mats are so cute! I love them - those would make a great rainy-day project. I need some new placemats for my kitchen table. Will have to keep this in mind, altho the prediction is for NO rain for at least the next 10 days... :(

  35. Well these sure look like a lot of fun to make. Thanks for the pictures (I need them). I'm off to see what your note card party is all about. Rainy here today. ~ Abby

  36. I forgot to say, I "pinned" this. Thanks. ~ Abby


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